Jerry couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth as he noticed that the young man over there began to cry as well.

They recently came face to face with a little girl who had a fierce look and did not spare them when she was on top of the structure. This is definitely the best time to use this kind of trick on him right now.

“You shouldn’t cry until a casket is placed next to you.”

After picking up his wand, Jerry wasted no time in approaching the ideal candidate for dealing with, “Imperio!”

The young man was transformed into a joyful moron by the Imperius Curse in a matter of seconds. “Who are you, and why did you attempt to kill the wizard?”

The young man quickly smiled and began to speak, “We are the Red Dragonfly Mercenary Squad, one of the top ten mercenary groups in the world. All year long, we accept a variety of assassination missions from all over the world. The job to kill wizards was posted on the dark web a week ago, and since the payment was very big, we accepted it.”

“Dark web, Red Dragonfly Squad, and mercenaries. Do you know your employer?” Jerry scowls.

“You need to ask our leader, I’m afraid.” The young man responded.

Jerry withdrew his wand and turned to face the man in a suit after observing that the young man didn’t know anything. Is it still possible for the man in the suit to cast the Imperius Curse at this point, given how he currently looks?

The man in a suit has a much stronger will than most people because he is a skilled mercenary with a long history of killing people. His pupils shrank when he noticed Jerry’s Imperius Curse in action.

“Who is it?” Jerry walked over.

The man in the suit immediately put a smile on his face, “They were anonymous, and I have no idea who they are. But I suppose there’s a good chance it should be Kingpin. He is connected to more than half of the criminal activity in Manhattan. You fought his men here every day, and he has suffered the most losses.”

The man in the suit gave out all the things he knew and assumed very quickly since nobody wants to have their thoughts controlled.

Jerry wouldn’t let him leave. He placed an Imperius Curse on him just to be safe.

However, Jerry didn’t anticipate that the Imperius Curse he cast would only hold the man in the suit under control for less than 10 seconds until he forcibly escaped.

It seems that you can actually withstand the Imperius Curse if your willpower is strong enough.

Jerry recalled the information about the Imperius Curse from Quirrell’s notes as he stared at the man in the suit who had become normal.

The Imperius Curse, one of the three unforgivable curses, has some influence over the caster’s thoughts, but it does not have total control.

Even if the Imperius Curse is successfully released, if the controlled person’s will is strong enough, it is quite likely to be freed from it. If the Imperius Curse is cast on the same person more than once, it will also develop resistance, which will lead to failure.

Additionally, if the Imperius Curse had been a complete success, the Death Eaters would not have tortured Neville’s parents with the Cruciatus Curse during the First Wizarding War.

Although he doesn’t now appear to be extremely powerful, the man in the suit in front of him has the potential to lead one of the top ten mercenary teams in the world.

He once resided in the Siberian training camp, endured genetic medical experiments, and had countless body counts. How could someone with that kind of willpower be weak?

Jerry’s Imperius Curse was unable to affect him for more than a few seconds because of this.

He didn’t focus too much on this, though. When he goes out to fight criminals every day, it is common for him to be targeted because he is a superhero.

He is actually not that interested in the mastermind who is working behind the scenes. He won’t really come to the door and shoot them all if it’s the underground people in Manhattan.

It’s not because he is a good man with a unique ideology like Batman or Spider-Man, but merely because he felt it was a bad idea at this time.

These underground organizations are complex and even have strong connections to top government figures. Simply put, attempting to fix them all is unfeasible.

New groups of the same kind will form even if everything is truly wiped away. This entire world is quite murky. You need to eliminate the majority of the population if you want to entirely address every issue without a shred of evil remaining.

What about his red star? That is the most crucial thing. From a self-interested standpoint was that he actually made Manhattan a place free of criminals.

He won’t go out of his way to do anything wrong, but he still needs to receive red stars because this is basically how he got his power. It’s quite severe, and the outcome can be like fishing in a dry marsh with no chance of sustainable development in the future.

In the event that this assassination is unsuccessful, what if they strike back later?

From this point forward, everyone will believe that Jerry is a young girl, nobody will be able to discover his true identity, and Haas and Aisha won’t be in any danger. They can only focus on attacking Jerry himself.

As Jerry’s strength increases, he will only grow more composed in the face of this sort of attack from the underground organization.

“Locomotor Mortis!”

After putting down the bazooka man, he cast the Leg-Locker curse to bind their legs and stop them from moving around inside the suitcase, even though they were also unable to escape.

Jerry exited the suitcase up the stairs, took a network cable from his room to the lawn below, grabbed a laptop out of the suitcase that he had purchased privately from the villa, connected it in, and then stood four people in front of them.

Jerry applied the Imperius Curse to the young man despite the fact that the other four people were still pleading.

Then, using the laptop, the young man asked for the passwords to all of his accounts and sent the vast sum of money contained within to a website account called “Save the Children Foundation.”

“Not bad. There are red stars can be gained.” Seeing that a lot of red stars in his panel, Jerry nodded in satisfaction.

It is particularly odd that when he donates using his own money, there are no red stars, but when he uses these mercenaries’ money forcibly, there are red stars.

Jerry approached the bazooka man after casting the Imperius Curse, disregarding the young man.

Money is the most essential thing to a mercenary. They perform such hazardous labor, frequently straddling the line between life and death. Jerry wants to steal all of their money immediately.

The bazooka man is obviously not as strong-willed as the man in the suit leading them. He later submitted to the Imperius Curse’s influence and openly gave him access to all of his finances and secrets.

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Published On: March 30, 2023

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