This secretary shares the same bald head as Kingpin. But when compared to Kingpin, his figure resembles a tiny bean sprout.

The secretary presented Kingpin with something resembling an iPad after adjusting his gold-rimmed glasses and courteously remarked, “This video was captured by the monitor on the top floor, boss. Those mercenary missions were unsuccessful, and the wizard appears to have taken them away.”

Kingpin watched the movie that was playing on the iPad while holding it in his large hands. The film showed Jerry fighting the four mercenaries throughout.

“All of the top mercenary teams in the world failed and were caught. This wizard’s strength is exceedingly difficult to overcome.”

“Why don’t we handle it ourselves, boss? assemble our troops, and use numerous heavy weapons to immediately kill her.” The secretary’s bald head suggested.

“Don’t push yourself. I don’t get the impression that this wizard is as straightforward as she appears to be.” Kingpin said while waving his hand.

Kingpin is an extremely intelligent man who, by himself, established the entire underground empire. He also possesses full-scale military prowess. He would rather stay hidden and control everything than charge into war.

He won’t personally dispatch someone to act until he completely comprehends all of this wizard’s capabilities.

“But boss, many of our businesses will be impacted if she stays over every night.” The secretary couldn’t help but smirk bitterly at this point.

They had all of their in-person transactions during this month disrupted by the wizard, and their human trafficking transactions were repeatedly stopped.

Even though the police who responded to the call for help captured their men, they had some means of escape. However, this was not his preferred method of operation.

After giving some thought, Kingpin gave the following order, “Inform them that all future significant deals will take place outside of Manhattan. Additionally, it should be decided on a daytime rather than a nighttime for the transaction.”

Jerry essentially arrived in Manhattan after midnight to fight criminals in accordance with the wizard’s rules of action. The issue would momentarily be resolved if they moved to another time.

The Kingpin added, “Now that we know what she looked like, let everyone know. Of course, this is not a long-term solution. I’m interested in learning the genuine identity of this Miss Wizard as well as all of her details.”

Kingpin continued, “Even though this girl loves to be a superhero, no matter how powerful she is, she has to have some kind of weakness. I don’t care if she is only a child. Find her family and friends. Until then, you know what to do, right?”

“Yes, boss. Understood!” When the secretary heard this, his eyes lit up, and he knew what Kingpin meant.

Despite the wizard’s strength, her friends and family cannot possibly match her in power. It will be much simpler to kill her as long as they are able to track out her family and friends.


Jerry entered the room through the window, lifted the Disillusionment effect, and emerged with his figure visible.

“It’s almost four, it appears like I’ll remain up late tonight.”

He shook his head and glanced at the time before pulling out the suitcase and opening it on the floor. He spread his feet out and proceeded to climb the steps inside the suitcase one step at a time.

He needs to be careful because the Polyjuice’s duration is still in effect and he is still in Hermione’s body.

Four bodies lay on the ground, seemed to be in a deep sleep. It was the group that Jerry joined after casting a Sleeping Charm on them.


Four ropes shot out of the wand after it waved four times, tightly restraining all four of the victims in a coma on the ground.

Wizards created the Incarcerous Spell, an extended version of the Transfiguration Spell, as a binding spell to deal with magical animals that have a high level of magic resistance.

Many magical animals in the wizarding world have great magic resistance. As a result, spells like Body-Binding and Sleeping Charm are occasionally ineffective against them.

This Incarcerous Spell is essentially difficult to escape from as long as the opponent’s power is not exceptionally strong, like the centaur.

The Incarcerous Spell also has the benefit of restraining the enemy while avoiding rendering him silent. It is a great tool to utilize while interrogating someone.

Soon after casting the spell, Jerry felt an odd sensation flow through his body. He then realized that his body had transformed once more, and the familiar body had finally returned.

It turned out that the Polyjuice effect had worn off, and his body had once more assumed its previous form.

“Good thing nothing bad happened to my body.”

Jerry couldn’t help but smile while touching the entire body. His overall impression was that Hermione’s body was far too frail, which gave him great discomfort.


The four individuals who were restrained by the rope slowly opened their eyes as the wand waved four times in succession.

Because of the snake poison on his body, the man in the suit wasn’t dead, but his body was still frail. The moment he woke up, he began to watch my surroundings carefully. He couldn’t help but exhibit doubts on his face when he met Jerry.

The young man made no attempt to approach him, while the red-haired woman kept a close eye on her surroundings. Even though his body was restrained by the rope, only the bazooka man boldly leaped at the first opportunity, trying to escape. He jumped in Jerry’s direction and landed on the ground.

“Wingardium Leviosa!”

The bazooka man was immediately suspended upside down in midair by an invisible force once Jerry casually pointed at him. No matter how hard he struggled, it was to no avail.

The other three were also discouraged from making any unexpected movements by this scene. Thus, the kid in front of them, who is clothed identically like the female before him, is also a wizard endowed with magical powers.

The four of them have already been eliminated by a girl, and with the addition of a kid who possesses the same skill, there is very little chance that they will attempt to flee.

“I’ll be the one asking you some questions. I’ll kill you right now if you dare to lie to me.” Jerry appeared cold.

The man in the suit consented on the surface but rolled his eyes when he saw Jerry’s appearance. It is quite challenging for them to feel afraid when confronted by an eleven-year-old child’s threat. They are currently considering verbally misleading this child.

“What compels you to murder the wizard? Who sent you here?” Jerry scowled but continued to ask directly after observing their expressions.

“My friend. We were coerced, but we are all nice people. Every night, that wizard girl ventured outside to fight criminals. Of course, the criminal group wanted an act of revenge. I don’t want any of it, but they kidnapped our family. So…”

The red-haired woman began to cry as the man in the suit was about to start crying. She didn’t have the ferocious appearance of someone who had just shot him in the head with a sniper rifle. Instead, she appeared like a vulnerable woman.

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Published On: March 30, 2023

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