Despite the fact that the wizard in “Harry Potter” does not appear to be very strong, this is primarily because both sides of the conflict are wizards. Many spells can be broken and have counter-spells.

If you give it some careful thought, you will discover that many spells that are insignificant to wizards are exceedingly lethal to normal people or others who are not spell-savvy.

In particular, wizards have unlimited spells at their disposal. You can learn and produce countless spells with various functions as long as you study and specialize. It will be quite uncomfortable to engage in combat with a wizard if you are unaware of their capabilities.

You’ll never know just how many strange abilities skills they’ve learned. Some have the ability to breathe fire, teleport, or turn invisible, but they all only have one skill. Every spell a wizard casts might be viewed as having some sort of superpower.

Fiendfyre Spell, an upgraded version of the Fire-Making Spell could obliterate everything. Invisibility spell, Full Body-Bind Curse, Teleportation, shape-shifting, the flying spell invented by Voldemort, Imperius Curse, etc.

There’s just too much.

As long as the understanding of magic is powerful enough, it has every superpower you can think of, and it appears that it can be developed. The wizard’s inability to perform super magic that will end the world owing to his own ancestry may be his only shortcoming.

But among all the superheroes in the entire Marvel universe, Jerry’s current wizard should be regarded as the most adaptable player in terms of comprehensive skill.

He might be able to study more advanced and dangerous magic when the second parallel universe opens in the future. He has endless potential.

Looking at the man in a suit who had been bitten by the black mamba snake and had just managed to stand up and advance towards him through the gap in the wizard’s robe.

“Serpensortia! Serpensortia!” said Jerry as he lifted his hand.

Two black mamba snakes came in a row, one slithered over to the man in a suit, the other to the young man still using a gun to shot Jerry.

Too many snakes would be tough to control if Jerry weren’t at his current level. He would cast a swarm of venomous snakes with the spell.

The man in the suit countenance abruptly became stern as he witnessed the appearance of two more black mamba snakes.

He was injected with an experimental genetic medication while he was a child participant in the Siberian training camp. He had a stronger body than other individuals, and he could withstand poison better.

However, he can still withstand the venom of a single black mamba. If there are two, he probably won’t be able to survive for very long. If there are three, the situation is undoubtedly hopeless.

“Kill the snake first!” The man in the suit yelled at the young man who was still shooting at Jerry and quickly took a step back.

The young man then realized something was amiss and hurriedly fired at the black mamba that was advancing on him.

The young man’s shooting ability is not bad, despite the fact that he is primarily in charge of the team’s network. He couldn’t have hit Jerry’s wizard robe from that far away if he hadn’t.

The black mamba is not just known for its venom, but also for its swiftness. It moves on the ground at a crawling rate of 19 kilometers per hour and has a five-meter vertical jump time.

“Argh!” With a scream, the young man was directly bitten on the calf by the black mamba snake.

The young man, who lacked the strength of the powerful man in the suit, began to foam at the lips and soon collapsed to the ground. He should be dead within a few minutes if no medical attention is given.

Jerry pulled his fluffy hair back and gently approached the large man in a suit who was surrounded by two black mamba snakes while still wearing the wizard’s robe.

“Hey, you!” Jerry approached the man in a suit who wouldn’t dare move while holding his wand.

“Don’t you dare get any closer!” he said.

Obviously, this man in a suit is also able to sustain for a moment. There is currently no way to reverse the situation.


Jerry shocked the man in the suit with a Sleeping Charm without engaging in pointless conversation before throwing him inside the suitcase.

He approached the malnourished young guy and produced a bottle of antidote that he had previously manufactured, saving him momentarily from the horrible fate of being poisoned to death. He placed a Sleeping Charm on him before placing him in the bag.

He then put the bazooka man and the immobilized red-haired woman to sleep and threw all their gear into the luggage.

Nothing was missing upon further inspection of the area. He rode the broomstick out of Manhattan after using the summoning charm.


Manhattan, the basement of the building where Jerry was just fighting.

There is a large, bald man there. He was surrounded by more than twenty powerful individuals at this point. Even though they weren’t as obvious as the large bald man, these powerful men all appeared bulked up.

The way these individuals are positioned in their attacking positions indicates that everyone of the twenty strong men should be an expert fighter.


The roughly twenty strong men swiftly and ruthlessly attacked the vital areas of the bald man’s body as soon as he waved his hand indifferently.

The bald man didn’t care as more than twenty people attacked him. Only to discover that despite having a massive body, he moved extremely quickly and had astonishing strength.

Anyone he struck would lose their ability to fight nearly instantly, while those who attacked him would be powerless to do anything to him because they seemed to be having a hard time hitting the vital position of the bald man’s body.

Over twenty strong men were soon brought to their knees by the bald man, who then calmly slipped on a specially manufactured oversize suit and departed the basement.

Kingpin, the King of the American underworld, is none other than this bald man. He appears to be a very successful businessman in New York and has close ties to a number of powerful politicians and government officials.

Additionally, he trains in combat every day with more than 20 other top fighting masters from around the globe. He is a top fighting master himself. Usually, he can take all of these masters down in under 20 seconds.

Taking the elevator from the basement to his office on the top floor, Kingpin asked the secretary next to him, “What’s going on? is the fight on the roof over?”

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Published On: March 29, 2023

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