Just as Jerry was finishing up with the man brandishing the bazooka, a powerful thrust from behind him threw him and his broomstick straight up onto the top of the building where the four of them were standing.

The young man who piloted the drone turned out to be responsible. He realized it and used the chance to take control of the drone from a distance, blowing himself up behind Jerry.

He was shielded by the wizard’s robe, and the impact wasn’t very strong. Only a small portion of Jerry’s thick hair was burned off, but he had no other injuries.

Jerry was being blown in his direction when the red-haired woman, who was also a high-tech sniper with a tacit understanding, shot him.

Jerry recognized that he had anticipated the red-haired woman’s shot in advance and avoided the projectile’s impending armor-piercing trajectory by hooking his feet onto the broom.

The five senses are still at their highest in his “Refreshing” state, despite the fact that his present body, Hermione’s body, is significantly inferior in every way. Despite the red-haired woman’s fast shooting movement, he managed to catch her.

“Petrificus Totalus!”

When Jerry, who had just fallen to the floor on the broom, noticed that the red-haired woman had just momentarily stopped after missing a shot, she quickly turned the pistol to him and cast the same full-body binding spell over her.

Jerry sagged and sat on the broom once more after defeating the sniper. Although he was prepared to deal with the other two, he discovered that the other two were currently walking straight towards the iron door on the roof.

“You want to run?”

How could he allow the opponent to escape at this point? The broomstick accelerated, and approached the iron door ahead of time. Then he jumped off to block the doorway from the roof.

He might not be able to locate the two by that point if they entered the building covertly through the door. The slender young man and the man in the suit exchanged glances as they saw Jerry leap off the broom and flash a deceptive smile.

It turned out that the two only intended to entice Jerry to descend from the skies rather than attempt to flee. After all, if Jerry were continually in the air, they would be powerless to stop him. The only way to kill the victim in close quarters is to lure him down.

The man in the suit pulled out two daggers and raced towards Jerry while the young man got out his two guns and rolled over to hide behind the water tank on the roof.

“Petrificus Totalus!”

After landing, Jerry wasted no time in casting a full-body binding spell and throwing it at the dagger-wielding man in a suit who was moving at him.

Generally speaking, it is advisable to avoid talking too much gibberish during a fight, such as “who are you,” “why did you murder me,” etc., unless you want to put pressure on the opponent. There won’t be any response at all. Doing so will simply be time-wasting and cause you to lose the finest opportunity to attack and flee.

Naturally, there will be plenty of opportunities to inquire after capturing the enemy. He continued to attack by casting the body-binding spell.

Because spells like the Full Body Bind Curse and the Sleeping Charm are most effective when cast on normal people, he currently uses them as his greatest and most proficient spells. He is used to casting these two spells first when fighting, unless there are unusual conditions.

Although he has since acquired some more potent dark magic. In general, dark magic is more deadly, difficult to control, and has the ability to murder common people instantly.

Some of this kind of black magic doesn’t fit his superhero identity and can be employed publicly or discreetly.

But if the circumstance is extremely risky, that is another story.

He believed that the situation wasn’t actually that dangerous right now. The other group was unaware of how many lethal powers the wizard they encountered possessed.

“That was fast.” Jerry couldn’t help but display a surprised expression on his face when he noticed that the man in the suit flashed his figure and effortlessly avoided his spell. He wouldn’t be as astonished if the opponent’s recent dodge had just foreseen the casting motion of his wand.

Because casting a spell with a wand and firing a gun are actually comparable under typical conditions. If you have a lot of battle experience, you might not be able to anticipate it and take preventative measures to avoid it.

The pace at which the man in the suit dodged was a little bit excessive and clearly not what a typical person would have.

“You are not the only special person in this world. Go to hell!”

The man in the suit scowled before sprinting in front of Jerry after covering a distance of more than 10 meters.

The young man who was hidden behind the water tank suddenly leaned forward partially, raised his hand, and shot Jerry twice in the head.

It is clear from the series of observations made so far that the man in the suit is aware of Jerry’s abilities and has developed a carefully thought-out strategy.

Jerry will likely end up getting shot in the head with two pistols if he utilizes magic to fight the man in the suit at this point because his wizard robe cannot shield his head.

Of course, the bullets won’t be able to hit him if he uses his wand to cast a protection over his entire body. But because he must retain the protection, he will also forfeit the opportunity to assault the man in the suit.

This allows the man in the suit, who is faster than most people, to quickly move around him and use a dagger to sever his head.

“Hehe, let’s see what you can do!”

Glancing at the young man over there who has already lifted his hand to aim at him while the man in the suit holding the dagger and wearing a severe smile. Jerry knelt down right after gaining insight into the opponent’s strategy.

Hermione’s body was considerably weaker than his, but because it was thinner, it was much easier to fit into the large wizard robe.

All of the Protego Charm on the wizard’s robe stopped all of the bullets from penetrating the wizard’s robe.

Jerry retreated behind the wizard’s robe before casting an Arrow-Shooting Spell while aiming his wand skyward.

As the man in the suit stood up and prepared to stab the wizard with a dagger through the opening above his robe, seven or eight black iron arrows erupted out of thin air from his magic wand.

The man in the suit was able to block all of the iron arrows because the powerful arrow was traveling so quickly that his arms were transformed into windmills.

But as soon as he touched down, he screamed. Because at some time, a two-meter-long black deadly snake arrived at his feet and bit his ankle.

After killing the venomous snake with all of his might with the knife in his hand, the man in the suit felt lightheaded as soon as he stood up and nearly fell to the ground.

Apparently, he was poisoned.

After casting the Arrow-Shooting Spell earlier, it came out that Jerry very cunningly extended his wand from the wizard’s robe and cast the Snake-Summoning Spell that Slytherin wizards prefer the most.

The Snake Summoning Spell, an extended variant of the Transformation Spell, can conjure a snake out of thin air to attack the opponent and what Jerry conjures is the famous African snake, known for its speed and toxicity, The Black Mamba.

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Published On: March 29, 2023

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