After some time had passed and the body had successfully undergone a complete transformation, Jerry firmly believed that his usual body had abruptly changed into something unusual. Short brown hair began to become longer, thicker, and more unruly.

All the muscles he had worked on at this point vanished, and the upper body began to slightly swell. The great physical strength that did not belong to adults now resembled that of typical young girls.

Even more challenging to express in words is the lower body. In other words, Jerry, who was previously hidden beneath a pile of clothing, has entirely transformed into Hermione.

Instead of picking up the hat and mask that dropped into the pile of clothes, he pushed away the clothing that covered his body. He dashed out of the clothing store on a broomstick while acting furious before rising back into the air.

Jerry was recently blown away, which inevitably caused the Freezing Charm to vanish and the rocket it was suspending to burst in midair, rousing the nearby neighbors from their slumber and the reporters camped out on the sidewalk.

Lucy is not far from the explosion because she has been following Jerry’s course.

Before the explosion, she noticed Jerry in the distance, appearing to have been struck by something and falling to the ground. She instantly let the driver proceed in the direction of the street where Jerry had fallen.

Lucy’s automobile had just pulled up to the clothes store’s entrance when Jerry hurried out on the Nimbus 2000.


When the flash activated, Lucy’s side-shot of Jerry flying into the skies on a broom without a wizard hat and with long hair in a mess was clearly captured.

Lucy whispered, her eyes ablaze, as Jerry’s figure vanished completely into the air. “I wasn’t expecting that… I was genuinely surprised to learn that the wizard is a girl. This is significant information that will make tomorrow’s headlines!”

Yes, Lucy reasoned for a moment that every time a wizard showed up, he would wear a mask with only two eyes and a large wizard robe, making it impossible to identify whether it was a boy or a girl.

Simply put, she never denied that most people think of the wizard as a boy.

Jerry discreetly approved of the female reporter’s recent act of capturing images. He only chose to use the Polyjuice potion to morph since he knew there were numerous reporters hiding in Manhattan and they were going to covertly record some images and videos of him battling crime.

When he first came out, which was precisely what he wanted, he didn’t anticipate being met by such a face. In fact, he thought that S.H.I.E.L.D. satellites in the sky could still capture images of him even if these reporters weren’t taking pictures of him at the time.

They differ not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of their genders. Will S.H.I.E.L.D. continue to question his wizard status?

From this point forward, everyone in the globe is aware of the wizard’s gender and appearance. No one will ever question his identity again, at least not for a while.

This, however, is not a permanent fix. After all, the potion can only be used for an hour, and as he gets older, it will be easier to see his manly traits. But that doesn’t matter; all he needs to do is conceal it for a while.

Due to the fact that his strength will only increase, there is no need to conceal anything once he reaches a particular level of strength.

Hermione wasn’t created by him out of thin air, either. Bringing Hermione to the main world for a stroll in the future is not, at worst, impossible.

“Dealing with the men who dared to attack me is the next plan.”

Jerry, who was riding a broomstick, didn’t fly too high. Instead, he quickly moved between the other structures before charging the one that had just attacked him.

Even if it would be safer for him to wield the Disillusionment Curse right now, he still doesn’t want anyone to be aware of his invisibility.

The enemy is just a few Muggles, even without the Disillusionment Charm, they can easily find him. Wizards can indeed be in risk from modern weapons, but that only applies to covert attacks. It will be too tough to kill a wizard with guns once the wizards knew about it.

Jerry  is not your typical wizard. He lacks the same knowledge of contemporary weapons as other wizards. He is adept at avoiding danger and dealing with foes more effectively.

“What a monster, even bullets capable of penetrating armor can’t get through his layer of protection!”

Using binoculars, the leading man in a suit saw Jerry riding a broom with his hat and mask sliding off but his body still intact. He hurried out once more and couldn’t help but frown.

He persisted, anyway. The enemy’s defense was formidable, but it was not impenetrable.

In the first place, the fact that the opponent did his utmost to stop the rocket from bursting meant that the rocket still posed a threat to him, and the armor-piercing bullet was unable to pass through his defense before slamming him into the room below.

Therefore, killing each other is not difficult as long as they work well together.


“It is challenging for me to aim at him because he has been dodging my shots, and a building is in front of him. I can hit him with my weapon, when he is within 100 meters and away from the building.” The red-haired woman continued to aim her sniper rifle at the moving Jerry.

“You use the rocket launcher when Dana strikes the target. Then use the drone to self-destruct and blast it to get him.”

The man in a suit turned his head as he heard the response from the woman in red, spoke to the burly man holding the bazooka, and then provided instructions to the young man controlling additional drones.

Both of them nodded.

However, within a hundred meters of the tall buildings Jerry was passing through, there was no longer any protection. He suddenly waved his magic wand, enveloping himself in a cloud of smoke.


Jerry grinned and waved his wand once more after casting the Smoke Curse and looking at the four persons on the roof of the building in front.

The four persons who had been staring at the smoke screen on the spot suddenly closed their eyes as brilliant, tiny sun-like rays of light flew out of the smoke into the pitch-black night.

It can emit a brilliant light similar to the sun, an advanced spell that shines as brightly as daylight and flashes fluorescently. In Jerry’s current suitcase, a ball that appears to be floating in the air like the sun was created by combining alchemy and magic.

“Petrificus Totalus!”

Jerry hurried out of the smoke barrier as soon as all four of them closed their eyes. He turned to face the group of four, waved his wand, and cast a full-body binding spell on the bazooka-wielding man.

His Protego Charm is impenetrable by the sniper rifle, but he is unable to say the same for the bazooka. Therefore, it is crucial to deal with the most dangerous first.

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Published On: March 28, 2023

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