Jerry successfully avoided the missile attack by quickly changing the course of the broomstick. Despite evading the rocket, it continued to pose a threat when it unexpectedly circled in midair before striking him once more.

“They can track me? Fuck.”

After cursing, Jerry waved his wand and shouted at the rocket that was once more barreling toward him, “Immobulus!”

The rocket was heading toward him, and a flash of light appeared in front of the wand.

The Freezing Charm is a particularly unique spell that can be found in the second-year spellbooks for wizards. Unlike the body-binding spell, which only attacks one person at a time, and the stun spell, which targets the spirit instead of the physical body. There is a unique area-of-effect spell called the Freezing Charm.

As long as the person is protected by the magic light when the spell is cast, they will be at the wizard’s command. It will feel like time has halted and prevented it from moving.

However, wizards don’t typically employ this spell in combat. For wizards, humans, or slightly larger creatures, this spell is not very effective because of its drawback. It works better when dealing with some little species, such as Cornish elves and similar animals.

Of course, this is not what Jerry values most, but this spell has a very special quality in that it has the power to non-living things.

Stun and body-binding spells are unable to accomplish this. For instance, if you use a body-binding or stun spell on an alarm that suddenly goes off, the alarm will still ring.

However, if you use a Freezing Charm on it, it will end right away. Similarly, if you use a Freezing Charm on a rocket that is heading your way, it will cease working right away and be held in midair.

Jerry was aware that, as a resident of the Marvel universe, he would eventually have to deal with this sophisticated weapon. Particularly considering that he was still in Manhattan, a haven for crooks.

He has therefore been searching for some magic spells that can deal with cutting-edge weapons at this time. The most effective spell he can find to counter advanced weapons is this Freezing Charm. The second-year spell is the key, and it’s not especially challenging.


“What happened?!”

When the leading man in a suit on the building’s roof noticed that the rocket had halted in front of Jerry without moving, he instantly exclaimed.

He was aware of the opponent’s odd skills, but as one of the best mercenary squads in the world, they frequently encountered individuals with such superpowers.

In actuality, they think that as long as they are aware of their traits, the amount of danger is not significantly more than that experienced by average people.

Considering that they have some expertise in the field and are undoubtedly knowledgeable on how to care for someone with such a skill. If they have weapons like firearms or rockets, they can kill them if they so choose.

This is another justification for their courage in accepting this order after learning about wizards’ prowess. However, they were astonished because they had never seen somebody with this talent before in their research on the Wizard’s footage.

“Dana, take him out!”

“Got it. Watch me blow his head off!”

The red-haired woman firmly pulled the trigger after locking the sniper rifle between Jerry’s eyebrows in midair. A horrific bang was followed by an armor-piercing bullet that was longer and thicker than a finger and was traveling at a speed of almost a kilometer per second as it was directed directly toward Jerry’s eyebrows.

When Jerry experienced the second deadly sense warning, the magic power rapidly surged, and the magic wand contacted the wizard’s robe on his body, unlocking the Protego Charm’s second defense.

Jerry added the Protego Charm to this wizard robe, giving it a total of two defensive settings.

The first is that the spell completely encases the wizard robe, acting as super body armor. The benefit is that nearly the whole body can be shielded. The drawback is that it is entirely difficult to defend the head and neck above the wizard robe.

The second is that Jerry actively casts the spell associated with the wizard robe. It will transform into a translucent shield, much like a normal cast, and cover the full side of Jerry’s body.

Attacks from one direction can be totally protected, which is a benefit. Attacks from the other three directions cannot be fully mitigated, which is a drawback.

Jerry’s eyebrows were less than one meter from an armor-piercing missile as the transparent Protego Charm shield was raised. His head might have exploded like a watermelon if he had been slower at that moment.

Wizards can be healed back even if they are severely injured, have missing arms and legs, or even have half of their bodies hacked off. However, if the head is totally blown open, the only option is to pass away.

Alternatively, you can decide to live forever and become a ghost right away. However, this is not recommended because fewer wizards would want to do so.

Unexpectedly, the Protego Charm came into contact with the armor-piercing missile. The semi-transparent shield from the spell entirely blocked it.

The Advanced Defense Spell is deserving of its designation as such. Even though it is a castrated version that is less potent than the typical wizard’s power, it nonetheless provides a flawless defensive effect against this physical armor-piercing bullet.

Jerry continued to undervalue the wizard’s magic. Magic is referred to be magic since, in some places, it is no longer capable of being explained by science.

Although missiles that penetrate armor are strong, the wizard’s sophisticated defensive magic is not ineffective. With the exception of the Killing Curse, the Protego Charm is a powerful defensive spell that can block almost all spells.

Jerry’s heart pounded as he noticed that the armor-piercing missile was positioned outside the charm’s protective shield. He then swiftly ordered the broomstick to drag him backward. He gave the impression that even though the armor-piercing missile was blocked, it nevertheless impacted him with its kinetic force.

Jerry burrowed himself and his broom in a heap of garments after crashing into a closed clothing store and knocking over a stack of hangers.

He swiftly removed the suitcase from the wizard robe, pulled out the potion, and covertly poured it into his mouth just a few seconds after his body was buried in the heap of clothing.

His taste buds began to swell from the mildly sweet aroma of strawberries. His internal organs started to churn before he could enjoy it slowly. In addition, a burning sensation swiftly traveled from his stomach to the rest of his body, including his fingers and toes.

He couldn’t help but gasp amid the heap of clothes as his skin suddenly began to feel as though it were melting and bubbling like hot wax.

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Published On: March 28, 2023

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