For Jerry, collecting all the same planets has another advantage; it will make it easier for him to integrate with his world. It does not mean that moving the planet to the ring world will immediately increase its strength. If it is the same planet, then as long as the first one is integrated, it will be much simpler to integrate others later.

In the parallel universe of the Marvel world, there is no guarantee that other planets will have the same characteristics. Still, the Earth, moon, and other planets in the solar system basically have some similarities. The only thing to note is whether Eternity will interfere with his actions.

Jerry has also thought about this, and he thinks it should not be the case. After all, it’s okay for Dormammu to be devouring many worlds, and Kang the Conqueror has been causing trouble on countless planets, changing the timeline, and so on.

Chthon spread the Darkhold, allowing Doctor Strange to exist in other universes, not only destroying the Earth but even destroying the universe and living beings there as well. Eternity would not meddle in the affairs of a low-level being. For him, even if one universe is destroyed, a new one can be created.

Furthermore, Eternity himself also has some things to deal with. There are many beings at the same level as him and those at a higher level than him in the entire Marvel world.

Flying above the Embryo, Jerry gave the highest level of contract magic before hatching it. The strength of the hatched Celestial will basically reach the universe level. If he wants to use contract magic on it at that time, even he will have a hard time doing so.

At present, the power of the Embryo is at most the heavenly level. Jerry’s level is one level higher than the Embryo, so there is basically no problem in making a contract with it.

“It’s done.” Sensing that he had established a connection with the Embryo, Jerry knew that his contract magic was successful.

He took out the rice cooker that had previously sealed Hela and began to carve a magic circle around the Embryo. At the same time, the magic in the world also mobilized to help the Embryo successfully absorb Hela to complete its transformation.

Originally, the Embryo needed to completely absorb a planet and a large amount of life on the planet in order to complete its final transformation. But now Jerry has replaced it with Hela. Fortunately, an embryo relies entirely on itself. When the time is up, and the conditions are met, the Celestial will begin to appear.

Just like in the movie, the Embryo was supposed to appear long ago, but it had to be delayed for a few years because Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half of all life on Earth.

In Jerry’s world, Jerry mobilizes everything, coupled with the advanced incubation magic circle he created. Even if it’s not enough after sacrificing Hela, he can still make up for it and let it hatch smoothly.

“I am Hela, the goddess of death, the true ruler of Asgard. I am the leader who will unify the Nine Realms. Let me go!” Jerry took Hela’s soul and body out of the rice cooker and placed them into the magic arrays on both sides of the Embryo. However, during this process, Hela kept shouting angrily.

She couldn’t help but be angry. She managed to survive until Odin died and was rushed out of her seal. After that, Jerry sealed him again.

“Well, Goodbye then.” Ignoring Hela’s words, Jerry waved his hand to activate the magic and began to start the process.

As the magic circle was activated, Hela’s body and power were all extracted and slowly sent into the Embryo. The Embryo slowly stretched out, and its figure grew at a speed visible to the naked eye.

About an hour later, the body was almost 100,000 meters long. Hela’s body completely disappeared, leaving only a few traces of memory left. Withdrawing the magic, Jerry took Heal’s memory into his hands and mobilized another magic to continue the incubation process.

Ten minutes later, when the height reached 110,000 meters, it finally stopped absorbing energy and slowly opened its eyes.

“It is I, Tiamut, who have been born in this world.”

Looking at Tiamut, Jerry called him a few times and took him to see Clow Reed and others, asking them to help start the task of creating a new planet and life. After getting all this done, Jerry created a new human being based on Hela’s soul and put it into the Eastern Continent.

“Because you’re Odin’s daughter and Thor’s sister, I’ll let you just be an ordinary person.”

After all, they are relatives. Jerry feels that Odin has sealed Hela for so many years, while it is possible to kill her, and he may not be able to kill her completely. He left Hela’s soul to survive in his own world as a way of repaying Odin for the help he had given her.

If Odin misses his daughter in the future, he can also go to his world to have a look.

“The cooldown is over, and I can travel through worlds.”

At twelve o’clock at midnight, Jerry looked at the cooldown prompt on the panel and entered the world of Harry Potter. After remembering the coordinates, he travels back and forth again using his own magic. After this, he finally no longer had to worry about losing contact with the people in that world.

After getting the coordinates of the Harry Potter world, Jerry did not immediately return to the main Marvel world. Instead, after anchoring the time, he stayed in the Harry Potter world. He had promised Haas to invite Hermione home for dinner and wanted to meet the creator of this world for a while.

He thought about whether he could establish a good relationship with the creator of the Harry Potter world and discuss something with each other like he had done with Ankhseram before.

He doesn’t know how strong the creator of the Harry Potter world is. Looking at how the Harry Potter world is filled with many magical things, its creator might be really strong. Although there are a lot of normal magics, it is still far behind Fairy Tail, where many powerful people can destroy a city easily.

Jerry is not sure now what level the creator of this world is.


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