Being attacked on the back, Arishem immediately let out a scream. The red laser in his eyes disappeared, and his body was immediately enveloped by the light emitted by the magic circles.

In a full ten seconds, when the magic was exhausted, the surface of Arishem’s body had become somewhat damaged.

“No matter who you are, you are dead.” Arishem, who was covering his head and gradually returning to normal, looked at Jerry floating in his mouth and was extremely angry.

? How many years has it been since he suffered such a serious injury? The previous time was the battle with Gnar at the beginning of the universe. The being he faced today was only a universe-level being, which was a whole level lower than him.

“Don’t be angry. It’s just life, and we met because of fate. I want to have a spar with you, and now it seems that you are amazing. I am far from being a match for you, so I admit defeat, and we will meet again in the future if we are destined.”

Jerry saw that Arishem still maintained his posture despite being injured. He quickly opened a portal and disappeared on the spot.

Arishem was stunned when he saw Jerry disappear. He was not stunned by the nonsense Jerry said. He was stunned that his ability failed, and he could no longer locate his position. It was as if he did not exist in this universe at all or even in other multiverses. This was the first time he encountered this kind of thing.

“Who is this person?”

At this time, Arishem already felt that Jerry might not be just a universe-level being but perhaps some ancient existence in disguise.

“I’ll go back first and ask for aid.”

Due to his injury, Arishem decided not to hunt down the Eternals for the time being and went back to recover from his injuries. At the same time, he told other members of the Celestials what happened today to make them more aware.

Given his strength, he suffered some injuries today. It would probably be dangerous if those Celestials who were just born encountered him. Just four or five hours after Arishem disappeared, a portal was opened, and Jerry walked out of it.

“It seems like he’s leaving, so I should go back too.” After sensing his surroundings, he found that Arishem had left, and Jerry teleported back to his home on Earth.

Just now, he opened the portal to leave. He did not leave this universe but directly left the Marvel world and went to the Fairy Tail world. That’s why Arishem couldn’t find him.

This is also the reason why Jerry dared to fight Arishem. Once he couldn’t defeat him, he could go to the other worlds to hide.

Now that he has remembered the coordinates of the Fairy Tail world, he does not need to worry about the red star or the cooldown. He can enter and exit at any time, which is equivalent to a temporary escape shelter. It’s just that this time, he didn’t anchor the time.

“It took a while, but it went smoothly.” Returning to his own world, Jerry nodded with satisfaction as he looked at the Celestial embryo.

With the first Celestial in this world, he is on the right track of his plans. It would be a waste of time for him to take Crowrido and others to take care of creating a life here. Letting the Celestial lead Clow Reed and others to create new planets, suns, and life is the first and most important thing to do.

But this still does not meet Jerry’s requirements. It just means that he has made progress and at least relieved himself from it. At the same time, he has been preparing a backup plan. If it goes as he expected, it will be possible to quickly grow the dimensional world, which is a shortcut.

The embryo is just like how he brought Ego here. He wants to move a whole set of planets, lives, and suns in the universe into his own world. Of course, this kind of thing is not easy to do. Not only does he need to put it inside, but he must integrate it to merge truly.

Furthermore, there is another problem: where to move these systems of planets and life. The Earth in this universe is not a good spot. It has many gods and beings. Other planets in this universe are easy to deal with, such as in the fourth Thor movie, where we see that many planets have their own gods. Although they are not powerful, they cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, the Celestials in this universe are the ones who created life and the planet. If Jerry shows himself doing it, he will definitely become the enemy of the Celestials. He plans to open the multiverse later, enter other Marvel universes, and find the perfect place.

The reason why he chose Earth when he was planning to go to another universe is because the technological level of Earth in most parallel universes is not advanced.

As an Earthling, he still hopes that his world will have more humans like the Earth. It is interesting to bring the world to other parallel universes. When he becomes stronger later, he will also recycle the Earth in the main universe.

In this way, he no longer has to worry about the danger to your relatives and friends on Earth.

Fortunately, the Earth in most parallel universes is not as dangerous as the Earth in the main universe. But there are many ancient gods and many powerful beings hidden.


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