Although Celestials are not as proficient in magic as Jerry, they each have powerful abilities when they are born, which is also the origin of their titles. Arishem’s title is the Judge. He can judge whether a planet has the value of existence and whether it can be destroyed to give birth to new Celestials.

At the same time, as long as he made a judgment, that person will not be able to escape from his sight in any way before the judgment is over, even if that person’s magic is powerful and he can even escape to other multiverses. At the beginning of the battle, he had already used his ability, so Jerry now had no choice but to fight him head-on.

“You are indeed worthy of being the leader.”

Jerry had learned about it before in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice World. However, Arishem’s power was much stronger than what he had seen before. Jerry directly activated the strongest Protego Charm, and at the same time, a giant golden armor glowed and appeared on his body.

This set of giant golden armors is a combination of twelve sets of armors that he has been collecting from various worlds during this period, adding countless defensive magic to it. There is nothing special about this giant armor. It just has one feature, which is a super strong defense.

Both of them exploded like two planets colliding together. It was generated because of Arishem’s fist and Jerry’s shield. In the end, Arishem’s fist was clearly superior. Jerry’s armor turned into fragments and disappeared under the impact.

The huge fist hit Jerry’s body, turning him into a meteor at the speed of light. He breaks through dozens of huge meteorites and hits a planet. With the protection of a magic shield spell and golden armor, Arishem’s punch was not able to knock him out in a single blow.

However, Arishem had no intention of letting Jerry go just like that. His judgment continued to be activated, and his figure appeared above Jerry again. He was about to punch Jerry to death completely.

The principle of the Celestials has always been to either not mess with them or to kill them all if they are disturbed to prevent future problems.

“You really think I’m a piece of fish on the chopping board, huh?” Looking at Arishem, who was about to attack, Jerry sneered and chanted another spell.

Just now, he took Arishem’s punch forcefully, not because there was really no way out, but because he wanted to test how strong Arishem’s punch was and whether his magic could block it.

Having just tested Arishem’s attack, he knew roughly what the power was. As Jerry’s magic was activated, the asteroid behind Jerry suddenly and rapidly collided with Arishem in front of him.

Erza’s mother invented the magic he used. It can summon a huge asteroid from the sky to attack the enemy. Under the influence of Jerry’s magic powers, the power is greatly increased, and it can directly summon a planet-sized meteor to smash the enemy.

Facing an asteroid that was ten times larger than himself, Arishem did not dare to be careless. He gave up attacking Jerry and punched the asteroid with all his strength.

“Not that easy!” Jerry moved his hands, and a huge portal appeared in front of the asteroid that was about to hit Arishem. The asteroid went into the portal and reappeared behind Arishem.

This time, it was Arishem’s turn to be knocked out. However, Arishem’s defense is good. Even if he was hit by an asteroid ten times larger than him, he seemed not to be hurt at all. But Jerry’s attack clearly angered him. When he saw the asteroid hitting him again, six red lasers shot out from his eyes.

Jerry wanted to use the portal to change the direction of the laser beams and attack Arishem himself, but his portal was destroyed by the laser beams and continued to shoot in his direction

Obviously, the lasers Arishem fired were not ordinary lasers. They might be his own special lasers that could ignore the laws of space, or they are too powerful and exceed the limits of Jerry’s magic.

The laser beams hit the asteroid, and the asteroid instantly disintegrated and turned into a piece of debris floating in space.

“Your attack power is really good. Fortunately, I am also good.”

Seeing Arishem destroying the asteroid with one blow, he aimed his head at him. He was going to kill him in the same way. Jerry immediately activated the magic that he had been preparing in secret since he first came here.

“Fairy Law!”

Arishem saw that nine huge circles appeared above him. Each magic circle had a diameter of more than 100,000 meters. At this time, under Jerry’s control, the nine magic circles collected all the energy in the surrounding area and converged it to attack Arishem.

Facing this dazzling light, Arishem felt powerlessness for the first time. Unlike the asteroid just now, which only made him feel some back pain, if this attack hit him, he felt that he would be seriously injured.

He immediately raised his head, shot out lasers again, and rushed forward. The white light and the red light collided, and it felt like they were evenly matched.

Just when it was a draw, Jerry immediately teleported to the back of Arishem’s head. The activation energy of the magic mainly comes from the energy absorbed around it, so Jerry does not need to control it. He can continue to release other magic after releasing it.

Of course, it takes time to collect the energy. If you can’t attract the enemy’s attention in advance, it will be easily avoided.

With his hands crossed, Jerry instantly put all the magic power in his body and converted it into a new and improved Killing Curse. A huge green energy beam spurted out, directly hitting the back of Arishem’s head as he raised his head.


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Published On: April 27, 2024

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