Several old people are sitting on benches in the park, enjoying the sunset. Young and beautiful women push their strollers on the paths. Office workers walk out of office buildings, and the city becomes crowded in an instant. But on such an ordinary day, an extraordinary thing happened.

Sitting on the south of the Thames River in London, Jerry stood up slowly on the Shard, the tallest building in London, and raised his eyes to look high in the sky.

The red sky was suddenly filled with a huge head. While it is said to be a head, it is more like the six-sided die, but it has been enlarged countless times. This head belongs to none other than Arishem, the leader of Celestials.

“Wow, it’s really big.” Looking at Arishem’s head, which was blocking the sky and the sun, Jerry couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

But it was nothing for him. After all, he had been to Knowhere before, and Knowhere was built by hollowing out the head of a Celestial.

Just as Jerry was thinking, the citizens below noticed something unusual in the sky. However, they were not very scared. Instead, they took out their mobile phones and started taking videos.

Humans on Earth who have experienced events such as aliens and demons have now gradually accepted some events that appear from time to time. Because they believe that even if something goes wrong, the Avengers can always deal with it.

“It seems that nothing was found.”

Jerry had been observing silently since Arishem appeared and discovered that after Arishem appeared over London, he had just taken back the wristband that he had thrown into the Thames River. Arishem did not sense the Eternals, nor the three he turned into humans.

However, when Arishem left the Earth, Jerry did not stay where he was. Instead, he used his magic to follow him carefully. After Arishem was far away from the Earth, and even far away from the galaxy, he changed his appearance and suddenly appeared and blocked Arishem’s way.

“Excuse me, are you Arishem from the Celestials?”

“I am Arishem. Who are you?”

Arishem was stunned for a moment when his way was suddenly blocked. He looked at the small ant-like creature in front of him with a puzzled expression.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. I heard that Arishem is the strongest Celestial, and I want to have a friendly spar with you.”

Jerry would not reveal his identity. He stopped Arishem because he wanted to help Ajak and others run further and delay them some time. Also, he wanted to see Arishem’s strength.

Ever since attaining a universe level power, Jerry has had no concrete idea of his own strength. The enemies he encountered were either too weak and could be defeated in seconds, or they were too strong, like the Gods of the Fairy Tail world.

Now that he has encountered Arishem. Jerry feels that he can test it on him. He can still escape even if he cannot be defeated.

“A friendly spar? I’m busy right now, and I’m not in the mood. Get out of the way quickly.” Arishem could tell at a glance that Jerry was a universe-level creature with good energy in his body.

There are many beings of this level in the universe. Some are present where the universe was born, and some were born and grew up on the planets they created. For creatures of this level, the Celestials generally do not provoke them. Their duty is to create new Celestials and create more planets and life constantly.

Of course, if there is any hindrance, they will take proper action.

He is going to find those Eternals who have betrayed and fled the Earth. He has no time to spar with this strange universe-level creature.

“Well, that’s not up to you to decide.” Regardless of whether Arishem was willing or not, Jerry directly expanded his magic and enveloped Arishem’s body.

He did not try to suck Arishem into his world. He might not be able to suck Arishem in due to his strength. Also, there are the embryos of a Celestial in his world. If Arishem is sucked in, everything will be known unless he is confident that he can kill Arishem in it.

He felt that even if Arishem was sucked into his world, it would be difficult to kill him, even with the help of others.

“You asked for it.” Seeing that the small creature dared to attack him, Arishem was angry. He directly raised his giant fist and hit Jerry.

Faced with Arishem’s fist, Jerry did not dare to block it. Even with his body that is immune to magma, given Arishem’s fist was hard, he would probably be beaten to death. Fortunately, a strong all-rounder wizard, he used a Time Magic to stop the time in Arishem’s surroundings.

His time magic is at least three times stronger than when he used it before. After it was activated, Arishem’s figure was frozen in place, but to Jerry’s surprise, his magic could only freeze Arishem for less than a second before he broke through it by force.

“Being able to destroy my magic with one swing is definitely something.”

Although he calculated Arishem’s power, Jerry did not give up. He immediately added a lot of magic power to slow down Arishem’s speed. However, Arishem still broke through with all his strength and continued to move his fist.

Seeing that Arishem’s fist was about to come, Jerry quickly used space magic to teleport behind Arishem, hoping to avoid it.

“I have killed quite a few beings who are proficient in the laws of space.” At this time, Arishem let out a noise and appeared behind him after Jerry teleported.


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Published On: April 22, 2024

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