At the same time, Arishem suddenly froze and murmured, Strange, why has the aura of Tiamut disappeared?”

According to Ajak’s last report, Tiamut should be born in a few months. He is planning to make a sun before welcoming the birth of the new Celestial.

“I’ll see what’s going on.”

He stopped making the sun in his hands, activated his ability, and set his sights on the Earth using the communicator as a medium.

He looked surprised, “Ajak betrayed? What is going on?”

Just as he saw through the device that the Eternals who were sent to Earth to guard the Tiamut were trying to kill Tiamut, which surprised him.

Since the creation of the Eternals, there have been no problems so far. Every mission that the Celestial gave to them has been completed very well. Ajak is a person with millions of years of experience and the perfect Eternals for the job.

There are many powerful beings in the universe, including ancient beings. Although the Celestials are powerful, when creating planets and life, they often have conflicts with these beings and even die. It takes much effort and time to give birth to a new Celestial.

Now that the new Celestial is about to die, as the leader, he must figure out what caused it and whether there is any problem in the Eternals like the Deviants so as to avoid the same problem from happening again. He will personally go to the Earth, recycle all the Eternals, read all their memories, and re-examine their bodies.

It took four hours to complete the new sun. Arishem flashed and moved across space towards the location of the Earth.

“We killed it!” Sersi raised her hand and looked at the embryo below, which was completely turned, with a bit of trembling in her voice.

Phastos stopped controlling the metal wristband at this time, allowing everyone to return to normal and fall down.

“As soon as the Celestial dies, Arishem will be able to sense it soon, and it may not be long before he comes to Earth. We need to make the next step as soon as possible.” Ajak helped up Sersi and took everyone along the bridge to leave.

“Where’s Jerry?” At this time, everyone realized that Jerry was missing.

“I’m here. I’ll come out in a moment!”

As if he heard everyone’s voices, Jerry’s figure slowly appeared at the portal at the end of the bridge. It turns out that not long after Sersi turned the embryo, Jerry sensed something. He knew it must be from Arishem, so he teleported away as soon as possible.

Everyone didn’t think much when they saw this and hurriedly walked along the bridge to the portal.

Back in the house again, after some discussion, Ajak looked at everyone and said, “Arishem should soon find out that Tiamut has been killed and will come to Earth, so we now have two options. The first is to ask Mr. Jerry to help us, giving up our identity as Eternals and becoming human beings on Earth to hide. In this way, even if Arishem comes, he will not be able to find us.”

“The second is to leave the Earth, go to other planets to find our Eternals companions, and tell them the truth. As long as we throw away this communicator, it will be difficult for Arishem to find us.”

“I choose to stay on Earth. I don’t want to leave my family.” Phastos was the first to make a choice.

“We choose the one where we rescue other Eternals.” Druig took Makkari’s hand and said.

Phastos, Sprite, and Kingo choose to stay on Earth and continue living as humans. Phastos could not live without his family, Kingo loved his career, and Sprite wanted to live like a normal person. Druig, Makkari, Thena, Gilgamesh, Sersi, and Ikaris chose to follow Ajak to leave the Earth. They wanted the others to know the truth.

“Okay, then I will help you all to create a new body. If you have any specific request, you can tell me in advance.” Seeing that the Eternals had made a decision, Jerry came to Phastos and Kingo with a smile.

Ajak looked at Jerry and thanked them, “Thank you for the help.”

If it weren’t for Jerry, they might not be able to successfully prevent Tiamut from appearing, and Phastos and Kingo might not be able to stay on Earth.

Jerry shook his head, “No, I should thank you. It was you who prevented Tiamut and saved the Earth and mankind.”

Actually, Jerry has another thing he wants to say, that is to thank them for giving him the Celestial to his world.

Taking a hair from Phastos and Ginger, Jerry quickly created two new bodies according to their requests. Phastos’ new body is no different from the previous one. He feels that his body is in good condition and does not require any changes.

Kingo’s new body has no difference in appearance, but he hopes his private parts are bigger and stronger. After all, he has more interest in life because he is in the entertainment industry. Jerry fulfilled his wish.

“Let me add some magic to your ship so that Arishem will have a harder time finding you.”

Outside the house, before Ajak and the others left, Jerry added a variety of concealment and hidden magic to their spaceship. He doesn’t want Ajak and others to be found so easily by the Celestials. Even if Alitham finds Ajak and others and probes their memories, Jerry would not be known.

But it would be better if they did not get caught later, delaying Arishem for a little longer, and when he becomes stronger, he will take care of the Celestials easily.

After saying goodbyes, Ajak took the other members of the Eternals, piloted the spaceship, and left the Earth. Jerry also sent Kingo and Sprite back to Bollywood and Phastos back to his home.

After finishing all this, he teleported to a glacier. A huge meteorite fell from the sky, melting the glacier, and all the Deviants froze in the glacier.

The Deviants in the glaciers are the last Deviants on Earth. They will reappear on the Earth in a few years when the glaciers melt. These guys are not strong, but they can evolve by absorbing the ability of other living things. If they multiply in the future, they will cause trouble for the Earth, so he needs to take care of them.


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