“Why do I feel that he can deal with the Celestials alone?” Looking at Jerry moving toward Ikaris with one move in the air, Kingo’s mouth twitched.

Although they have seen a lot of reports about the Wizard in the news, those were just some short videos and pictures. Only today did they really realize his strength.

“Probably not. Otherwise, he wouldn’t come to us, and the power of the Celestials is far beyond your imagination.” Ajak shook her head after hearing this.

She has met many beings. The true strength of the Celestials is beyond everyone’s imagination. Compared with the Celestials, Ikaris’s strength is like that of an ant.

You must know that most of the Celestials are more than 100,000 meters tall, and Arishem is 320,000 meters tall. He can crush them to death with just one stretch of his hand. Although the Wizard is powerful in the Sokovia incident, he grew several kilometers and held the entire city, but compared with Arishem, he is still too small.

“Don’t worry. I just used magic to make him faint. Once the problem is solved, he probably won’t fight anymore.” Jerry picked up Ikaris and gave it to Sersi, who looked worried.

At this time, Ajak said, “We need to act as soon as possible. Arishem can check our situation at any time. If he finds out that we want to prevent the Celestial from appearing, I’m afraid it will be too late.”

They learned from the Deviants’ problem. When making the Eternals, in order to prevent them from rebelling like the Deviants, the Celestials left something on them.

First, as long as the distance is close enough, they can directly teleport the Eternals to their side and imprison them. Secondly, the Celestials can check the situation of the Eternals at any time through the communication device, but the Celestials are always busy.

When they want to create planets and life, it is not something that can be completed in a short time. Therefore, they will not take the initiative to check the situation of the Eternals. They will always contact the leader of the Eternals to report if something happens.

Ajak was worried that a new Celestial was about to be born. If Arishem checked them out on a whim, he would know that they were planning to prevent the Celestial from appearing, and he would be furious about it.

“However, making the device takes time and cannot be completed so quickly,” Phastos replied helplessly.

Ajak closed her eyes after hearing this. After a moment, a small metal ball flew out of her chest and landed on her hand.

“This ball can establish a connection between me and Arishem and can also unify the thoughts of the Eternals. Do you think we can use it as a medium to create the device?”

“Yes, if you give me a few minutes to tinker with it. I can turn it into a connector.” Phastos took the metal ball and checked it.

“We will try to end it all this afternoon.” Hearing that Phastos could modify the device in a few minutes, Jerry had a satisfied smile on his face. It was not in vain that he said so many words to make Phastos change his mind.

Ten minutes later, Phastos transformed the metal ball into a metal ring and wore it on Sersi’s wrist.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, next to a volcano on a coastline of the Indian Ocean.

“Under this volcano is the location of the embryo of the Celestial located.” Ajak pointed to the volcano in the distance.

She turned to look at Jerry and said, “The next step is up to you.”

The embryos are hidden in the center of the earth. With their ability, they cannot reach the center of the earth and get it, so they need Jerry’s help.

“Wait here for a moment. I’ll help you with it first.” Jerry nodded and casually drew a portal leading to the center of the earth.

Everyone felt an extremely hot breath spurting out from the portal in an instant. After a closer look, they noticed that the other side of the portal was filled with magma with a temperature of thousands of degrees. In the center of the magma sea, a figure who has begun to take shape and is ten thousand meters tall is sleeping with its eyes closed.

Jerry didn’t care about the magma at all and stepped directly through the portal. Although his body is not as good as the Celestials, it is not something that this normal magma can harm. Even if he takes off his clothes and takes a bath in it, it won’t be a big problem.

After Jerry stepped into the sea of magma, he directly parted it. The magma seemed to be separated by an invisible hand in an instant, completely emptying the not yet fully formed figure. Jerry waved his hand, and a stone bridge appeared from the portal to the embryo.

“Alright, you guys can come over.”

The Eternals were amazed at Jerry’s magic, and they did not waste any time. They quickly crossed the portal and followed Jerry along the bridge.

“Let’s start.” Ajak looked at the embryo and gave instructions to Phastos with a complicated expression.

For millions of years, she has helped the Celestials, but this time, she has to lead a team to kill them. But if she doesn’t kill this Celestial who has not yet awakened, the earth and the humans will be killed by it.

Phastos heard Ajak’s order and immediately activated the bracelet. All the Eternals were suddenly enveloped in a golden light and floated up, including Ikaris. The energy in the Eternals was extracted, and all merged into Sersi’s body under Phastos’ control. Sersi’s whole body was suddenly enveloped in energy.

In Jerry’s opinion, even if the energy of the Eternals has been gathered, Sersi’s energy at this time is not strong. At least, it cannot be compared with the embryo. The reason why she might have a chance is mainly because the energy of the Eternals and the energy of the Celestial are from the same source.

“I’m sorry.” Sersi jumped into the embryo of the still sleeping Celestial and was about to put her hands on the head of the Celestial.

However, at this moment, Jerry suddenly activated his magic and halted all the time around him. He quickly took out the figure that looked exactly like the embryo from the ring world, switched it with the real one, and continued the time.

The time is moving again. Sersi pressed her hands on the fake embryo, and the fake embryo quickly changed, turning into a huge stone in just a few seconds.


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