“Ajak, make a choice. Help the earth and humanity, or side with the Celestials and destroy the world?” Jerry asked, staring into Ajak’s eyes.

Ajak’s answer is not important. It is best for her to help. If she still chooses the Celestials, Jerry will directly imprison her and Ikaris and release them after the matter is solved.

The other Eternals members were, which was enough to attract Arishem’s attention. However, Jerry’s request to Ajak is more likely to be realized. According to the movie, she had already been leaning toward the earth and humanity. After Thanos snapped his fingers to delay the appearance of the Celestial, she might give up the idea.

“Perhaps Arishem’s are not the right one. At least the earth should not be destroyed. But with our ability, how can we prevent it from happening?” After struggling for a while, Ajak finally followed her heart, but she was confused.

“Can’t we put him to sleep? Using Druig’s power.” Sersi took a step forward and suggested.

She has discussed this issue with everyone before. They think they can use Druig’s ability to put the Celestial into a deep sleep and prevent it from growing.

Ajak shook her head, “No, although the Celestial is still an embryo, its spirit cannot be controlled by Druig.”

As an Eternal whose memory has not been erased and who has a clear understanding of the power of the Celestials.

“can make a device to transmit all our energy to Druig so that his ability will be amplified many times,” Phastos suggested.

But Ajak continued to shake her head after hearing this, “Even if Druig’s ability can temporarily put it to sleep, we cannot always provide energy to him. Once our energy is exhausted, the Celestial will still wake up and complete the process.”

“I don’t think you should pass your energy to Druig but Sersi.” Jerry saw that everyone was still unable to think of a solution, so he spoke.

Sersi pointed to herself in surprise, “Me? But my ability can only change inanimate matter and cannot affect living matter.”

“That’s just because you haven’t developed your abilities to the limit. If you can absorb other people’s energy, I believe you can directly transform anything.”

Jerry reached out and pointed at the horse next to Ajak and used a spell to turn it into a stone horse, “Believe me, I am a professional in this matter, and I will also help you when the time comes.”

“I think I can give it a try. But if it doesn’t work, I’ll think of other ways. There are still a few months until the process is finalized.”

Sersi gritted her teeth and nodded, “I’ll try my best.”

Seeing Sersi agree, Jerry smiled on his face because he knew that things were basically done at this point.

Sersi can definitely handle the Celestial, not because she did it in the movie, but when the time comes, Jerry could amplify her power if she needs it. Sersi’s abilities could do all of this as long as she had enough energy to support it.

“Ajak, do you know where it is hidden?” At this time, Druig asked.

Ajak nodded, “I know. But before we act, we need to go back to the house to talk to Ikaris. He may not agree with our action.”

“Ikaris is here with you?” Sersi looked at Ajak in shock.

Ikaris suddenly disappeared from her a hundred years ago, and she unexpectedly ended up living with Ajak.

Ajak waved his hand quickly, “Sersi, it’s not what you think. Ikaris left you because he knew the truth about it and told you that he was afraid that you would stop its appearance. He didn’t want to lie to you, so he hid with me. He is very loyal to the Celestials, so it may be difficult to convince him.”

“Let me handle him.” Sersi turned around and walked towards the two-story building in the distance. The others looked at each other and followed closely.

Only Ajak grabbed Jerry, pointed at the horse that Jerry had turned into stone, and said, “Can you turn Nicole back? She is my favorite horse.”

“Oh, of course. Sorry about that.” Jerry was stunned for a moment, waved his hand, and the horse instantly returned to its original state.

Ajak jumped on her horse happily, extended her hand to Jerry, and invited him, “Care for a lift?”

“Well, thank you.” Jerry did not refuse, got on her horse, and chased the crowd.

“What? You want to prevent the Celestial from appearing and killing them?” In the living room, Ikaris’s face changed drastically after he learned from Sersi about their plan, and Ajak agreed to the plan.

Ignoring Sersi’s dissuasion, he flew directly through the house and reached the sky. His eyes were shining, and he burst a laser at Phastos.

“I can’t let you betray the Celestials. I’m sorry.”

Phastos can make instruments that connect everyone’s energy; as long as he is killed, they can no longer prevent it from happening, even if they want to.

Ikaris’s actions were so fast that all members of the Eternals were unprepared. They knew that Ikaris might not agree with their plan, but they didn’t expect that his reaction would be so fast and cruel that he would directly kill his former colleague.

Fortunately, Jerry had been standing nearby and well prepared. When Ikaris flew up, he cast a Protego Charm on everyone. Ikaris’s laser hit Jerry’s shield without causing a scratch.

“Since you don’t agree, we’ll take a break first.”

Ikaris was surprised that his attack was stopped when he suddenly heard a strange voice coming from behind, and he fainted. Jerry apparated behind him and gave him a Stunning Charm.

Although Ikaris is the strongest among the Eternals, in the eyes of Jerry today, he is just a shrimp who can be easily dealt with.


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Published On: April 21, 2024

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