Upon seeing this, everyone followed Jerry through the portal and returned to Gilgamesh’s house. Under the guidance of Phastos, they went to the place where Ajak lived.

“it’s there.” Over a horse farm outside a small town in South Dakota, Phastos pointed to the exquisite two-story building.

“Because Thena has been relatively stable over the years, Ajak has recently started to travel around the world frequently. When she gets tired, she will go back to this farm and rest. I talked to her on the phone a few days ago, and she just came back not long ago.”

At this time, Sprite looked at the large piece of grass behind the small building and said, “I see her!”

A middle-aged woman in jeans was riding a black horse on the grass, followed by several horses on the back.

“Hope we’ll have a nice conversation.” Jerry snapped his fingers, and everyone flew towards Ajak.

Except for Ikaris, no one in the Eternals can fly. Although Ajak’s horse farm and Gilgamesh’s house are in the same state, the distance is still quite far. After returning to Gilgamesh’s house, Jerry used his magic to create a magic flying carpet and flew over with the others.

“What is going on?”

Ajak, who was galloping on her horse, looked at the flying carpet falling from the sky. She pulled to control the horse to stop. She showed a look of surprise, and her face was full of doubts. Since the team was disbanded before, except for her contact with Phastos and Ikaris, she has yet to take the initiative to contact any other members.

It’s not that she doesn’t miss them. They have been partners who have fought side by side for so many years. She has deep feelings for every team member. But she was afraid that she would tell the truth about their whole mission and would be unable to complete the mission given by Arishem.

This is why when she saw her friends on the flying carpet, her first reaction was shock, and it turned into confusion. What she was confused about was why everyone gathered together and came specifically to find her, with someone who was not the Eternals.

“Ajak!” Sersi and Sprite jumped off and jumped directly into Ajak’s arms.

Ajak’s does not have any offensive power and is purely a healing ability. However, it is precisely because of her existence that during the thousands of years of war between the Eternals and the Deviants, no one died.

Ajak is also the leader of the Eternals. She has a mature way of thinking and has always taken care of everyone like a mother. Aside from other things, Sersi and Sprite still respect Ajak very much.

“Long time no see, Sersi, but who are you?” Ajak and Sersi hugged each other and then looked at Sprite in confusion.

Sprite spoke and behaved felt familiar to her, but she really didn’t recognize her appearance.

“Ajak, I am Sprite. He used magic to transfer me into a human body. I can finally live like a normal person.” Sprite recounted the process of how she turned into a human.

However, Ajak’s expression changed after hearing what Sprite said, “But how can you do that?”

Ajak is not opposed to Sprite turning into a human and living like a normal person, but the premise is that she turned into a human just to live a couple hundred years.

According to her calculation, it is still a few months before the Celestial appears. By then, the Earth will be destroyed, humanity will perish, and Arishem will recall everyone. However, once Sprite becomes a human, she cannot return and will only die together with the Earth.

Sersi observed Ajak’s expression and guessed what she was thinking. She took a deep breath and said slowly.

“Ajak, we all know about the Celestials. We came here this time hoping that you could help us talk with Arishem to see if we could give up the idea so that the Earth and humanity could continue to survive.”

Kingo, Thena, Gilgamesh, Druig, Makkari, and Phastos jumped off the carpet and looked at Ajak.

Ajak was startled when she heard this, sighed, and said, “I originally wanted to hide it from you until all this is over so that you don’t have to bear the pain and guilt.”

Ajak is the only Eternal among all whose memory has not been deleted, so she knows how painful it is for everyone every time it happens. She is actually conflicted, and she does not want the planets that have been guarded for thousands of years to be destroyed, but for the sake of the Celestials and the entire universe, she must make a decision.

She has been traveling in various countries on the Earth over the past few years, and when she saw people living happy lives, her heart was shaken.

“Ajak, the Earth is a planet worth saving. There are many beautiful things here. It should ball into their hands.” Sersi said with a serious face.

Ajak shook her head, “It’s useless. He will never agree to stop the process. After killing the last Deviants that year, I asked him to let go of this beautiful planet Earth. But he refused because, in his eyes, only by sacrificing a planet and humans to give birth to a Celestial who can create countless planets and humans can the universe become a better place.”

“Killing one innocent person to save ten other equally innocent people, is that fair to the innocent person who was killed?” Jerry came to Ajak’s side.

Jerry knows that this is a matter of view. From the view of the Celestials and the entire universe, there is nothing wrong with this approach, but from the view of the Earth and humans, are they willing to be sacrificed?

This is the same with the Ultron incident. Facing Sokovia that is about to fall, destroying Sokovia may save the Earth from being destroyed, but the entire residents of Sokovia will be killed.

From the view of humanity as a whole, Sokovia can be destroyed, and they could be sacrificed to save humanity. But from the view of the Sokovians, they don’t want to be sacrificed.

Hearing Jerry’s words, Ajak fell silent. Because in her heart, she felt that what Jerry said was right. Over the years, she had been asking herself, was what the Celestials did justified?


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