“No, Mr. Phastos, I think that if you had not helped humanity create an atomic bomb, the war at that time would not have ended. I don’t know how many more humans would die later.”

“Many countries will launch more attacks to win. The consequences would probably be more serious, far more serious than the death of the tens or hundreds of thousands of people.”

“I have always felt that evil people should be punished, and good people should not be allowed to sacrifice their lives in order to save evil people. It is precisely because of the atomic bombs and nuclear weapons that those people no longer dare to launch large-scale wars again.”

“Several decades separated World War I and World War II, but more than seventy years have passed since the end of World War II. The world has always been in a state of peace, and this state of peace will last longer. Because everyone understands that if World War III is coming, the entire Earth will be destroyed, and everyone will die.”

“It is precisely because you helped humanity invent nuclear weapons that humanity can live peacefully until now. Otherwise, it is estimated that the third, fourth, and fifth World Wars will emerge by now.”

“The death toll in World War I was around 16 million, and the number of injured was around 10 million. The death toll in World War II was around 6 million, and the number of injured was around 130 million people.”

“Now, Mr. Phastos, can you imagine how many more people would have died on the earth today without your help in the invention of nuclear weapons?” Faced with Phastos, Jerry’s expression remained unchanged, and he slowly gave all his reasons to him.

“Besides, the most important point is that you want to help human beings grow. You can’t blame a blacksmith for making a knife, and someone uses that knife to kill another person.”

After listening to Jerry’s reasoning, Phastos was confused. Although he has inherited the knowledge of the Celestials, he is like one of those scientists who is immersed in experiments.

He blindly felt that it was he who helped humanity invent nuclear weapons, which led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people. Still, he did not expect that it was he who helped humanity invent nuclear weapons that allowed humanity to enter the age of peace truly.

“I think what Jerry said makes sense.” Druig was the first to express his approval of Jerry’s words.

From beginning to end, he did not believe what Ajak said about the Eternals not being able to interfere in human wars. He felt that there was nothing wrong with Phastos helping humanity to invent nuclear weapons, and he should not blame himself for anything.

Like Jerry said, it is precisely because of the emergence of nuclear weapons that the world has maintained peace. This is something he has tried hard to do before but could not do. Following Druig, Sersi, Sprite, Kingo, Gilgamesh, and Thena also expressed their approval.

They did not fully agree with what Jerry said, but at this moment, it was obviously more important to motivate Phastos. Only when Phasstos feels that he has done nothing wrong will he be willing to use his abilities to help them again?

“Also, think about it clearly. If the appearance of the Celestials is completed and the Earth and humanity all perish, wouldn’t your partner and children not be spared later?” Jerry looked outside the house at Phastos’ husband and their adopted child.

During the few years that Phastos fell in love with someone. They even got married and adopted a child together.

“Okay, I’ll help you all.” Jerry’s words cleared up Phastos’ mind.

Whether it was right or wrong for him to help humanity create nuclear weapons, if the Celestial really appeared, his partner and children would die, and they would also recycle him.

After getting Phastos, who could create and connect all the Eternals’ devices, everyone came to the location of the last member, which was their spaceship called Domo, where they used to arrive on Earth.

The last Eternal is called Makari, a disabled person who has the same speedy ability as Quicksilver. It’s just that compared to Quicksilver, she is physically stronger and much faster. At least ordinary bullets won’t damage her body.

Makari is lively and optimistic and values the friendship among the Eternals most. After the team disbanded, she lived alone in the spaceship, looking forward to the day when everyone could come back.

When Sersi invited her to join, she agreed without hesitation.

Out of the members of the Eternals, two are missing. Ajak and Ikaris.

Ikaris has super speed, strength, and defense, and he can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes. He is the strongest overall strength among the Eternals. From Jerry’s point of view, Ikaris’ abilities are similar to Superman’s, but a weaker version of him.

Ikaris is Sersi’s ex-boyfriend. He suddenly disappeared a hundred years ago. They don’t know where he is now, so the others decide to ignore Ikaris and find Ajak.

They want to ask Ajak to see if they can communicate with Arishem to let Earth go. If that doesn’t work, see if they can put the Celestial’s embryos to sleep or directly destroy it. They can’t let them appear and destroy the Earth.

“Do you know where Ajak lives now?” When preparing to set off, Jerry asked.

Everyone looked at him. It was obvious that no one had contacted Ajak in the past few hundred years. In the end, it was Phastos who spoke up.

“She lived in South Dakota, and when the bombing happened that year, I went to find her to accompany me to Hiroshima.”

“South Dakota?” Gilgamesh had a look of surprise on his face. He and Thena had lived there for hundreds of years, and they never knew that Ajak actually lived there.

Phastos nodded, “Yes, she has been a little worried about Thena’s situation, so she chose to live not too far away from you. In case of an accident occurs, she can rush over to help in time.”

“Okay, let’s go to South Dakota.”

Jerry directly opened the portal to South Dakota. The seven thousand years of experience of Eternals could be recounted in a few hours, and he didn’t have time to listen to their stories.

If it’s possible, finish the matter with the Celestials today, and after the cooldown ends tomorrow, he can return to the Harry Potter world.


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