Jerry didn’t waste any time, took a hair from Sprite’s head, and instantly entered his own world. He used Sprite’s genes as a medium to quickly create a female body that was exactly the same as Sprite’s imagery. Because the base gene is still based on her body, and she has a special ability to create illusions.

It’s just that except for that bit of genes, all other aspects were created by Jerry’s own way of creating humans, not the way the Celestials created the Eternals. There is still a big difference between a normal body and Sprite’s body.

“Think about it carefully. This new body does not have eternal life. It can live for three hundred years at most, and it will contain much less energy, so your illusion will be greatly reduced.”

Appearing in the house again with a new body, Jerry informed Sprite about the things she needed to remember.

However, Sprite did not hesitate at all, nodded, and replied, “I have already thought about it. I don’t mind if it only lasts 300 years. It is the same life span as ordinary humans. As long as I can fall in love and get married, I am willing to do it, even if I can’t perform my thing.”

Jerry has a hard time understanding that Sprite is willing to give up her eternal life and abilities just to become a normal human being.

He once had a hard time understanding the gods, who would rather be stripped of their immortal status and turned into mortals with a life span of less than a hundred years in order to fall in love with mortals. But even though he didn’t understand it, he could accept it.

He knows that everyone’s experience is different, so the choices they make will also be different. No choice is absolutely right or wrong, only the one that suits you best.

His experience has made him never give up the pursuit of power because only increasing his power can give him enough security to protect the people he wants to protect, and Sprite has lived on Earth for more than seven thousand years.

Sprite has no pursuit of life or power. She just wants to fall in love like a normal person and live a happy life, even if it only lasts for a hundred years.

“In that case, let’s go.”

He stretched out his hand and patted Sprite’s forehead to remove her soul from her original body, and used magic to integrate Sprite’s with the newly created body perfectly. A new Sprite was born in here.

“Try to move your body.” After finishing all this, Jerry quietly took Sprite’s original body into his own ring world.

He helped Sprite change her body. He wanted Sprite to change her view on the Celestials and study her body more. The Eternals’ body created by Celestials has the same energy as the Celestials. They can live forever, which is definitely a good research value.

“It’s amazing. I’ve finally grown up, and I can fall in love like Sersi!” Sprite’s soul awakened in the new body. She opened her eyes and looked through the mirror, looking at her new figure and face. She immediately made a happy gesture.

“Why do you look familiar?” Kingo looked at Sprite’s body with a slightly puzzled expression.

Sprite proudly puffed up her chest when she heard this, “Of course, you’re familiar with it. Because I designed this look based on Marilyn Monroe, but I have made some changes.”

She has been a child and has been healthy for more than seven thousand years. What she wants most is a mature figure that is attractive to men, so she designed this appearance.

“I think no man can refuse you now.” Seeing that Sprite got her wish, Sersi stepped forward to hug her.

Thena’s symptoms were cured, and Sprite got a new body as she had wished. Everyone set off again to where the next Eternals lived. The next one is Druig. When he learned all the truth from Sersi, he was not particularly surprised.

He had long been suspicious of their purpose of coming to Earth. He quarreled with Ajak because of this. It was also because of that quarrel that Ajak disbanded the Eternals and let everyone go their own way.

At first, he was not willing to join everyone. Because after he left, he had been using his ability to prevent wars, but he found that with his own abilities, he could not prevent all wars. Over the thousands of years, human beings have always provoked wars for various reasons and in various ways.

Later, he became completely disappointed in human beings and lived in seclusion, where he had been guarding a tribe. However, he still loved this planet and the humans on this planet in his heart, and he agreed to join after everyone’s persuasion.

Leaving the area, they came to a place and found Phastos. He inherited a lot of advanced technological knowledge from the Celestials and could control objects with his mind. In the more than seven thousand years of development of human civilization, the emergence of many technological items came from him, including mankind’s most powerful nuclear weapons.

“I’m sorry, I can’t participate in your movements. My ability is a mistake. Since the incident in August 1945, I have vowed never to use my ability again. Even if my child’s bicycle breaks down, I would only use my hands to repair it.” Phastos was happy to see his former companions, but after hearing all the truth told by Sersi, he refused to join.

The reason is that he helped mankind invent the atomic bomb, and when the atomic bomb killed many people, it made him feel very guilty.

“I don’t think you need to feel so guilty. You should feel happy because I think you did the very right thing.” Jerry had been listening to Sersi and others trying to persuade Phastos to finally speak.

Hearing Jerry’s words, Phastos was stunned, became a little angry, and replied, “Mr. Jerry, I thought you were a kind person. My children have always admired you, but I didn’t expect that what you said was so cruel.”


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