Hearing Sersi’s request, Gilgamesh showed a trace of hesitation on his face. He agreed with Sersi’s words and felt that such an important matter should be asked. But he was worried about Thena’s condition. Although Thena had never gotten sick again due to his efforts over the years, it would be hard to say if she was okay to go out.

However, before Gilgamesh could express his concerns, Thena, who had been eating quietly over there, suddenly turned pale. She stretched out her hand to form a long sword and a shield and directly split the whole table in half.

“Everyone will die!” Thena murmured to herself, and after smashing the table, she stabbed Sprite with her long sword.

Thena’s ability is that she can shape the energy in her body into various powerful weapons and use her excellent fighting ability to kill the enemy. If Thena’s sword stabbed Sprite, she would probably be seriously injured even if she didn’t die.

“Thena, no!”

Seeing that Thena lost control while eating, Gilgamesh was immediately shocked and quickly moved to stop her. It’s a pity that things happened too suddenly, and because he was pouring wine on everyone, he didn’t have enough time.

Fortunately, besides Gilgamesh, there is Jerry. Jerry directly paused Thena and fixed her in place. Sprite screamed in fright, turned around, and ran behind Sersi. Her ability was only an illusion and had no defense or attack power.

“Thena’s condition is back again.”

At this time, Gilgamesh also rushed to Thena’s side. Looking at Thena, who was frozen in place, he asked anxiously, What’s wrong with her?”

“It’s okay. I temporarily stopped her time. What did Sprite say just now?”

Jerry pretended to be confused. Sersi quickly explained the explanation about Mahd Wy’ry that was circulated among the Eternals. It was roughly similar to the symptoms of neurosis, mental madness, and other things.

“If you don’t mind, I know some healing magic and can try to help cure Thena’s condition.” After listening to Sersi’s explanation, Jerry paused and replied.

Regarding the Mahd, he understands it better than Sersi. Arishem made mistakes when cleaning the memories of the Eternals who returned from the mission, causing their memories to become tampered with and their minds to become unstable.

Jerry naturally has a way of treating it. Regarding the research on spirit and memory, Jerry is definitely a true master of it.

In terms of strength, in terms of creating planets and life, Jerry may not be able to compete with those Celestials, but in terms of diversity of abilities, Jerry is a few steps ahead of the Celestials.

If he hadn’t considered that the Earth was too complicated and had many connections with many powerful ancient gods, he had previously considered directly bringing the Earth into his own dimensional world.

“Can you really cure her?” Gilgamesh had a look of surprise on his face and suddenly thought that the rumored wizard could do magic.

“All I can say is try it.”

Jerry walked up to Thena, put a hand on her forehead, spiritually invaded her mind, and began to help her recover all the memories deleted by the Arishem. Memory cannot be completely deleted. Arishem’s so-called deletion is nothing more than a seal. As long as this seal is unlocked, the deleted memory can be restored.

After about a minute, Jerry let go of his hand and lifted the magic on Thena.

“Okay, there should be no problem.”

Sure enough, Thena’s eyes were no longer white at this time but returned to normal. She also put away the sword and shield she had shaped.

However, her expression was full of sadness, “What Jerry said is true. Our home star does not exist at all. We are all beings created directly by them as cogs in this world.”

Thena recovered all her memories and told everything she knew. Listening to Thena’s memories and hearing that the planets they guarded were all destroyed by something, everyone fell into silence.

Jerry’s words before only made them half-believed. After all, no one wanted to be just a tool to complete the task. But their doubt is gone because Thena’s memory has proved everything. These are exactly the results Jerry wants. Thena’s memory will make the Eternals completely stand on the opposite side of the Celestials.

“There’s nothing wrong with their birth. At least we can leave the Earth and don’t have to live the life of a child and look like a freak.” When everyone was silent, Sprite spoke first.

Although she also likes the Earth, she has never grown up and has never been able to have a life like Sersi. She has had enough of being treated like a child.

“Sprite, didn’t you listen to what Thenasaid? Our home does not exist at all. What awaits us after the Celestial appears is to have all our memories deleted and be sent to other planets again to repeat the same thing.” Sersi replied with a solemn expression.

She doesn’t want the Celestial to appear. She likes the Earth, humans, and life, and she doesn’t want all her memories to be deleted.

“Sprite, if you don’t like your current body. I can help you with that.” Hearing why Sprite was acting like this, Jerry immediately spoke.

“If I just use magic to change my appearance temporarily, my illusion can do it. What I want is a truly grown-up body.” Sprite sighed. She thought Jerry helped to use illusion magic to change her appearance.

Jerry waved his hand, “Of course not. I can help you change into a human body. I have experience in this matter. The Vision from the Avengers knows that he was originally a mechanical body, but now he has become a human being. Just tell me what you imagine yourself to be like as an adult, and I can help you with it.”

“Is it really possible?” Sprite’s eyes lit up when she heard this, and she immediately used her illusion to create a figure she wanted to become.

She has imagined countless times what she would be like if she could grow up. This image now is the one she feels the best in the past few hundred years.


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