After Sersi’s explanation, although Sprite did not fully believe Jerry’s word, she was willing to go with Sersi to find the others and ask Ajak for details. Because Sprite cannot grow up physically, she always wants to return to her home planet as soon as possible because everyone will treat her as an adult there.

If it is true, she could return to her home planet in a few years, which is good for her. If it is fake, she can also take this opportunity to contact Ajak to contact Arishem and ask when she can return to her home planet.

Only Ajak can get in touch with Arishem among the Eternals.

“Okay, who should we go to next?” Seeing that Sprite joined, Jerry looked at Sersi.

When Sersi was about to speak, Sprite interrupted, “Go to Kingo; I know that guy is a star in Bollywood now.”

Because Sprite lived with Kingo before, but Kingo quietly left Sprite one day, and Sprite came to seek to live with Sersi.

“Let’s go there then.”

It doesn’t matter to Jerry. It’s just a moment for him anyway. Putting his hands on the shoulders of Sersi and Sprite, Jerry directly teleported to Mumbai, India. After entering a building, Sprite immediately used her illusion ability to make himself, Sersi, and Jerry invisible.

The three of them walked around the film base for twenty minutes and finally found Sersi, who was filming “Shadow Warriors 2”.

Kingo can condense the energy in his body into a highly destructive beam and fire it out from his arm. He is a long-range shooter type of Eternals. After the disbandment of the Eternals, he lived with Sprite. Later, because he was tired of moving every five years, he secretly came to India and became a movie star.

He continued to be active in the Bollywood scene under the false identities of his son, grandson, and great-grandson. After hearing Sersi’s explanation of his purpose, he hesitated for fear of delaying the movie’s filming progress. Finally, he chooses to go with Sersi and others to find Ajak and find out the truth.

If the earth is really going to be destroyed, his career will also be over.

“Can I bring my assistant, Karun? He wants to make some documentaries about Eternals.” Just when Jerry was about to open the portal and go to the next location, Kingo quickly pulled over a man in his forties holding a camera.

That was his assistant. He once discovered his identity and thought he was a vampire and almost stabbed him with a stake. But after knowing his story, he became his most loyal follower.

“If I can shoot a documentary about the Eternals and The Wizard, my life would be complete.” Kingo’s assistant is holding the camera with a look of excitement on his face.

Jerry shrugged, “I don’t care, just ask Sersi and the others.”

Jerry can cast a spell and wouldn’t appear in Kingo’s documentary. Sersi and Sprite were unwilling to let Karun be involved, but for Kingo’s sake, they finally agreed.

Jerry opened the portal and went to the next location. In Australia, in a seemingly desolate area far from human interaction, a house built entirely of mud stands.

Jerry and his group stepped through the portal and appeared in front of this house. Kingo explained excitedly to the assistant holding the camera,

“You will meet two of our most powerful warriors next, our legendary and deadly female warrior Thena and her best friend, who is so terrifying and powerful that he can kill a mutated beast with just a few punches, Gilgamesh”.

After saying that, he shouted loudly towards the house, “Gilgamesh! Your best friends are here to see you!”

As if he heard Kingo shout, the wooden door was pushed open instantly, and a man wearing an apron and holding a spatula emerged.

“Kingo, keep your voice down. Thena is sleeping. If you wake her up, you’ll be in trouble.” Gilgamesh waved the spatula and warned Kingo, then looked at Sersi and Sprite.

“Oh? We haven’t seen each other for hundreds of years.”

“Yes, how has Thena been doing these years?” Sersi had a smile on her face.

Then, Thena went crazy because of Mahd Wryry and injured all her companions. She asked Ajak to send her back to the spacecraft for treatment and to cleanse her memory, and later, Gilgamesh saved her life.

He took Thena to hide in this remote area far away from all humans, protecting Thena and preventing her from harming others.

“She is doing much better. She has been recovering well over the years. Who are these two?” Gilgamesh looked at Jerry and Karun with some confusion.

Sersi introduced, “This is Jerry Kamen, the wizard, and Karun, Kingo’s assistant. We have something very important to tell you this time.”

Sersi was about to tell Gilgamesh the truth about the Celestials when the wooden door over there was opened again, revealing a woman in white.

“Long time no see, everyone.”

“Thena!” When Sprite saw Thena, she rushed up to hug her in surprise, just like a child hugging its mother.

“I made a lot of delicious food. Let’s talk about it while we eat.” With his bare hands, Gilgamesh took out a hot pan from the stove next to him.

“Now that you mentioned it, I’m a little hungry.” Seeing the apple pie in Gilgamesh’s hand, Kingo couldn’t help himself.

It was noon, and it was time for lunch. Everyone ate unique ancient-era dishes at a long table in the house.

“What? You said that they sent us to the earth to sacrifice the earth to give birth to new Celestials?”

At the table, Gilgamesh had a look of shock and disbelief when he heard what Sersi told about the truth. Gilgamesh is the most powerful and defensive warrior among the Eternals but also the kindest and best-tempered one.

He never participated in the quarrels between his companions but silently guarded everyone and Thena. So, he cannot accept the truth of it.

“This is news from The Wizard. Whether the facts are like this is still uncertain. I want you and Thena to accompany us to find Ajak to confirm it. I don’t want us to end up being the executioners who destroy the earth and mankind.” Sersi explained.

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