The school bell rang, and after all the students left, Sersi packed up her things and prepared to go home to find her friend and go shopping with Sprite.

Because, as Eternals, she and Sprite have endless lifespans, to prevent the people living around them from discovering the anomaly that they do not age, they must live in a different place occasionally. Just a month ago, she and Sprite moved from Birmingham to London and became a school teacher as a history professor.

“Do you have time to chat, Miss Sersi?” Just when Circe walked out of the classroom, a voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

“Who are you?”

Looking at the figure wearing a handmade suit standing in the corridor, Sersi had a puzzled look on his face because she didn’t know this person.

“My name is Jerry Carmen. You can call me Jerry or The Wizard.” Jerry smiled, and then he introduced himself.

But when Jerry said the word “the Wizard” himself, Sersi suddenly froze. It seemed as if some kind of seal was unlocked in her mind, and memories about the Wizard and related situations suddenly emerged.

“I know you, but what does The Wizard want from me?”

ten Eternals have been on Earth for more than a thousand years. In addition to killing Deviants and protecting humans, they also participated in many events, such as helping Odin fight the Frost Giants in Norway.

Many people have abilities; they have naturally been paying attention to the Avengers and the Wizard as well. It’s just that Sersi didn’t understand why the Wizard from the Avengers suddenly appeared here and went to find her specifically.

Jerry looked at Sersi in front of him and directly stated his intention, “Miss Sersi, I know that you are an Eternal, and I also know that you were sent to Earth by Arishem of the Celestials to eliminate the Deviants more than thousands of years ago.”

“But as a human being born on the Earth, I don’t want to see the Earth and its population perish because of the appearance of the Celestials. I want to talk to you.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I am indeed an Eternal, but what are you talking about? We are here just to kill Deviants and protect the human civilization.”

Hearing the Wizard’s words, Sersi was stunned. She felt that the Wizard must have misunderstood something.

Jerry frowned deliberately and asked in a serious tone, “You don’t know about the appearance of the Celestials? In the past few years, I have traveled around the universe and learned a lot about the deeds of the Celestial. Every once in a while, Arishem will drop a seed of the Celestials on a planet.”

Jerry told Sersi all the information about the Celestials. After hearing this, Sersi’s face changed, and she looked doubtful. After staying on Earth for thousands of years, she has been invested in humanity and the planet.

Now, someone told her that they were not here to protect the planet or the humans on the planet but to sacrifice them all to the Celestials.

“I don’t know where you heard these lies, but I can tell you for sure that they are not true.”

“I also hope that’s not true, but many planets have been destroyed because of the Celestials. There is no need for me to lie to you. Lying to you won’t benefit me much. I just want to protect the Earth.” Jerry replied sincerely.

For the Eternals, the Celestials are their creator. If they rebel them, it means they’re fighting their own creator.

After hearing Jerry’s words, Sersi hesitated in her heart. She knew very well what the Wizard did, and there was really no reason to lie. Moreover, if what he said was true? Many doubts over the years could be explained.

For example, the leader, Ajak, gave them some strange orders. For example, they eradicated the Deviant race a long time ago, but Arishem still refused to let them return to their home planet.

“I can take you to find Ajak. If it is like what you said, I am willing to stand on the side of humanity.” After pondering for a long time, Sersi made his decision.

When Jerry saw this, he knew that the matter was done and nodded with satisfaction.

“I think that maybe your colleagues, like you, don’t know about the emergence of the Celestials, and it might be better to take them with you.” Jerry suggested as Sersi walked outside the school.

Sersi can manipulate matter, but if he wants to turn the Celestials into a crystal-like in the movie, she must gather the power of other Eternals members. The key to killing the Eternals is not enough to be shouldered by Sersi alone. Only by involving all Eternals members will the possibility of Arishem causing trouble be small.

“But they are all located in different countries and cities on the earth, and it may take several days to find them all.”

Sersi did not reject Jerry’s proposal. She felt that if everything was really as Jerry said, then her colleagues who did not know the truth should have the same right to know everything. It’s just that she knows the approximate location of everyone now, and they are scattered around the world. If she wanted to take all her friends to find Ajak, she would probably have gone around the world first.

“I can help with that.” According to the address given by Sersi just now, Jerry teleported directly with her.

Each of the Eternals created by the Celestials has its own special abilities, which are somewhat similar to the Inhumans created by the Kree before. However, the Eternals have no lifespan and can’t grow old, get sick, or die.

However, not all Eternals have combat-type abilities. Many Eternals have abilities that are more suitable for auxiliary purposes, just like Sprite. She can create illusions. While her body is stronger than normal humans, she has her own limits.

“Hello, Sprite.” Jerry said hello to Sprite, who was sitting on the sofa watching a movie. Sprite’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw Jerry and Sersi suddenly appearing in front of her.

“Sersi, are you dating again?”

“What do you mean? Just because Ikaris suddenly disappeared a hundred years ago, you think I’m going to get someone else?” Sersi replied angrily.

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Published On: April 4, 2024

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