Taking out a special double-layer rice cooker, Jerry first sealed Hela’s soul, which was still struggling to break through, and sealed her body. After completing the seal, he threw the rice cooker into his own ring world and lifted the magic.

“Alright, that’s it.”

Loki looked at Hela, who was just sucked into the rice cooker and disappeared. Hela, who could easily crush Mjolnir with one hand and knock down Thor and him, was easily subdued in place by a person from Midgard and sealed in a rice cooker.

The process took less than three seconds, and he didn’t have time to react. He knew Jerry was very powerful. After all, he fought with him before. Now that he has grown up for a few years, he must be even more powerful. Just from healing his injuries in an instant and repairing Mjolnir, it must be very telling.

But he never expected that his strength would be this powerful. In just three seconds, he easily subdued Hela, who gave even Odin a headache when he was alive.

He would not be so shocked if he had been with Hela for three days and three nights and barely defeated Hela with the help of him and Thor.

What happened outside during the years he was in the dungeon?

“It seems that even if I become the king of Asgard, I won’t mess with this guy in the future.”

“Jerry, I’m sorry to trouble you again this time.” At this time, Thor summoned his hammer and walked over, rubbing his sore stomach that Hela had just kicked.

He was not as surprised as Loki. He and Jerry had experienced many things, and he knew how strong he was. Especially when he took Jane back to Asgard, Odin said that Jerry’s strength might have surpassed his own. So, he felt that Jerry’s ability to deal with Hela did not surprise him.

If he did not have confidence in Jerry, he would not ask Jerry for help. He is not the kind of person who drags his friends to die together.

“We are all friends, and according to you, Hela is a threat to the earth.” Jerry waved his hand, indicating Thor didn’t need to worry about anything.

Jerry would not let Hela go if it weren’t for Odin and Thor. Not only could he use her later, but mainly because of Hela’s character, her next action would be destroying the whole world if she took over Asgard.

“I’m going to go back. King Odin has passed away, and Asgard needs you two to take charge of the overall situation.”

“Wait until I take care of Asgard’s affairs, and I’ll come back to meet you for a drink!”

After saying goodbye to Jerry, he picked up Loki and shouted for Heimdall to open the Rainbow Bridge. Seeing Thor and Loki leaving, Jerry also disappeared.

The promise with Odin is finished, and the goal has been achieved, helping Thor awaken his power. It is up to the two to decide who will be the king of Asgard.

What he needs to do now is to go to the Eternals first to see if he can collect the embryos of the Celestials today. Why not go directly to the Indian Ocean near the place where it might appear, and move the embryos of the Celestials that has buried deep underground to the ring world?

Of course, it’s because Jerry is still wary of those people.

Arishem from the Celestials will sow the seeds of the Celestials on a suitable planet, and every billion years or so, he will absorb all the life on the planet and hatch out a Celestial.

These groups of gods will create more planets, more suns, and more lives, allowing the universe to continue to expand. So, the birth of every member of the Celestials is very important to them.

If Jerry had just taken the soon-to-be-born Celestials embryo into his own ring world and used magic to make it his own, the Celestials would definitely go after him.

It can be seen from the plot in the movie that although Arishem had to go through the Eternals to know what was happening on the Earth when the embryo of Tiamut was destroyed, he immediately sensed it and moved to Earth as soon as possible.

If Jerry wants to take Tiamut, he must be prepared to fight a multiverse-level being like Arishem and many other Celestials.

With his current strength, he will definitely not be able to defeat him if he fights, but he can escape him. But he is afraid that the Celestials will disturb the Earth. The destruction of the Earth by the Celestials is not the outcome he wants to see.

After thinking about it, he felt that if he wanted to avoid trouble from the Celestials and obtain Tiamut, the Eternals would be the way.

In London, England, Jerry transformed into an owl and flew toward a building in the south of London through the owl’s talent for finding people. Two minutes later, he landed in front of the window on the second floor of the building and saw a young woman inside, telling the students below about ecological balance.

This young woman looks less than thirty, but Jerry knows she is older than Odin. She is one of the Eternals sent to Earth by Arishem in 5000 BC to eliminate the Deviant race, Sersi.

The gestation and growth of the Celestials require them to protect the creatures on the planet. They invented a kind of creature called a Deviant race to kill the apex predators on the planet and prevent the apex predators from killing too much.

But later, the Deviants rebelled and were no longer controlled by the Celestials. Instead, they evolved and became the most powerful predators on the planet.

The Celestials designed and created the Eternals to eliminate the Deviants, a creature that could never evolve. They sent them to various planets to hunt Deviants and protect the Celestials from completing their manifestations.

However, these Eternals will have their memories erased every time they complete a mission. Except for the leader, while the others do not know their true mission. They just think that their mission is to kill the Deviants and protect the growth of intelligent life on their planet.

Sersi is not the leader, but she is indeed the kindest and most fond of humans among the Eternals. She is also the person to kill Tiamut in the movie.

Jerry made her the first Eternals he came into contact with, and she was also the most important part of his next plan.

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