“I am the God of Thunder!” Thor roared and jumped up, bursting out all his power, turning into violent thunder and lightning and striking at Hela.

Hela waved her hand, and dozens of swords behind her shot towards Thor simultaneously, hoping to kill Thor before he went to her position.

But at this time, Thor was much stronger than before. He moved his hands to both sides, and powerful lightning instantly pushed dozens of Hela’s swords from the middle to both sides. He didn’t get injured even a little bit.

The two met head-on, and the result was that Hela was directly knocked away by the power that Thor unleashed at this time. After hitting Hela away, Thor thought everything was over. He returned to Loki and picked him up again.

“Loki, I don’t want to be the king of Asgard. If you don’t die, I will pass the throne to you.”

“If you say that, I think maybe I can still be saved.” Hearing Thor’s words, Loki opened his eyes again as if he was having hope.

“Loki, you are still alive!” Seeing Loki open his eyes again, Thor became excited.

Loki weakly replied,

“I feel that if you can’t think of a way to save me, I’m going to really die later.”

As the prince of the Frost Giant, although his body is much shorter than a normal Frost Giant, his body is no weaker than the average Frost Giant. Hela’s sword did penetrate his chest, but he used the Frost Giant’s power to freeze the wound and save his last breath.

He wasn’t really dead just now; he was just pretending to be dead. Hela is strong. Thor will definitely not be able to defeat her. He pretended to be dead, escape, and avenge Thor in the future.

However, the action he took to block Thor was really his doing. Although he regretted it after blocking it, that’s why he pretended to be dead. He didn’t expect that Thor’s strength would suddenly increase greatly and would give up the throne of Asgard to him. Of course, he could no longer continue to pretend to be dead.

“I will immediately take you back to Asgard to find a mage to heal you.” Hearing this, Thor quickly hugged Loki and was about to summon the Rainbow Bridge, but a voice interrupted him.

“You are quite good, but compared with him, you are still far behind.” Looking back, Hela had just been slashed away by him with all his strength, stood up again without any damage, and walked towards them with two swords in hand.

“Thor, then strike her with lightning!” Seeing that Hela was not dead, Loki’s expression suddenly changed.

If Thor loses this time, he probably won’t even be able to pretend to be dead.

Thor twitched his mouth helplessly, “I just struck her with the biggest lightning in history, and she didn’t even flinch?”

Seeing that Hela was fine, he knew his lightning had not broken through her defense.

“It seems that we are going to die now. You have been in Midgard for so long. Don’t you have any friends who can help you? Forget it, even if you have now, it’s too late.” Loki muttered in despair upon hearing this.

Before he was imprisoned, a Destroyer was sent to kill Thor. At that time, many mortals from Midgard went to save Thor. The one flying around in a steel suit, one holding a shield, one shooting an arrow, and the most memorable one was the Wizard who foiled his plan.

These words made Thor’s eyes suddenly light up. With his intelligence, if Loki hadn’t said it, he really hadn’t thought of this. As a member of the Avengers, he has many powerful friends, and there is one among them who can rush over immediately and defeat Hela.

“Hela, I’ll give you a dance. This is the dance I learned in Midgard.”

Looking at Hela, who was walking towards his side, Thor suddenly remembered that Quill had told him about his most admired idol saving a town through dancing. With a thought in his heart, he put down Loki and danced the moonwalk he had just learned recently while secretly taking out the magic mirror.

Hela was holding her swords and preparing to kill them when she saw Thor suddenly dance strangely and was confused.

“What are you doing?”

“Dance, this is the most popular dance in Midgard. Loki, do you want to join?” Thor answered Hela’s question with a serious look on his face and looked at Loki on the ground.

Loki stayed silent for three seconds, seemed to understand Thor’s intention, and replied weakly, “I would, but I seem to not be able to do it now.”

“What the hell happened to both of your brains?” Hela looked at Thor and Loki and felt that they were weird.

At this time, Jerry was laughing so hard. Just now, he saw that the time was almost right, and was about to show up to deal with Hela, but he did not expect that Thor actually tried to do a dance.

It can only be said that Quill has influenced many people during his two years on Earth, especially Thor and Peter.

“At least I don’t have to find a reason why I’m here.” Looking at the flickering magic mirror, Jerry put away the magic camera that had been recording, entered the mirror dimension, and responded.

“Oh, finally connected. Jerry, I need your help, my sister is going to kill me.”

Looking at Thor dancing in the magic mirror and asking for help, Jerry suppressed a smile and replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon.”

On the other side, Hela saw the magic mirror in Thor’s hand light up. After hearing Thor’s words, she finally understood the reason why Thor was dancing. She immediately stopped hesitating and rushed forward.

She was only halfway through when a strange figure suddenly appeared next to Thor. It was obviously Thor’s backup who had arrived.

“An arcane mage from Midgard?”

Feeling the flash of powerful energy when Jerry appeared, Hela immediately stopped moving forward with a solemn look on her face.

“Arcane mage? Sounds good enough.” Facing Hela’s question, Jerry smiled and nodded without explaining.

Loki, behind Thor, was slightly relieved when he saw Jerry arrive. Jerry defeated him in the first place, so he still recognized Jerry’s strength.

However, Jerry feels that it is difficult to defeat Hela.

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Published On: April 1, 2024

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