During this period, Jerry gathered his helpers, Clow Reed, Yuuko, Zeref, Mavis, and August, who had the potential to help him create planets and life. It is estimated that it is unlikely to be able to create planets and life as skillfully and well-organized as the Celestials.

After all, it is not that easy for him to create planets and life by himself. He has just created a planet now and moved Ego’s planet in from the outside. But it doesn’t matter; he is not skilled, but there are beings in this universe who are very skilled in this kind of thing.

That is the group of gods who have been busy since the birth of the universe. It’s just that they have the strength of a universe level on average. Even if they are a single universe level without their own world, with their numbers, Jerry couldn’t bother them even if he wanted to.

Fortunately, there is an embryo of the Celestials within the earth that has not yet awakened. What’s even more wonderful is that this Celestials embryo has to grow by devouring the entire earth’s life. As the earth’s superhero and guardian, it would be normal for him to prevent this from happening.

Even if the other came over afterward, with his current strength, they would have some struggle against him.

The Celestials created the Eternals, so it would be unreasonable for them to prevent them from appearing. But Jerry is a real earthling and has been defending the earth. It is logical to prevent the Celestials from appearing.

At least in this way, in the eyes of the Celestials, Jerry was not deliberately provocative but just protecting his own planet. After getting rid of the Celestials, he can put the Celestials’ embryos in his own world and see if he can find a way to control them to grow up and serve him.

If there is really no way to control it in the end, find a way to get the information that comes with the embryos of the Celestials and then teach it to the others.

“Dad, I’m going out for a trip. I may not be back for dinner tonight.” After making a new plan, Jerry immediately stood up and prepared to leave.

Haas was sweating profusely in the gym and working on his body. After hearing this, he poked his head out of the gym. “Contact Hermione when you have time and invite her to my house for a meal. I haven’t seen her for a long time.”

“Yeah, Hermione hasn’t been here for a long time. I’ve recently researched a lot of ways to make cakes. I must bring her over to try them next time.” Belle walked out of the kitchen.

Because of her special abilities, in addition to working separately, taking care of her children, and accompanying Haas, she also created a clone that studies recipes and cakes. Her cooking skills have improved recently, and she is confident about the food she makes.

“Alright, maybe I will invite her over for dinner in a few days.”

Jerry grabbed Charlie, who was floating in front of his eyes, handed her to a clone of Belle, turned around, and left the villa.

After the panel cools down in a few days, he will go to the Harry Potter world as soon as possible to obtain the coordinates. Once he gets the coordinates, he will no longer be restricted by the panel’s cooldown and can transport Hermione to this world at any time.

When Haas asked him to invite Hermione, he agreed immediately.

Leaving the villa, Jerry was about to teleport to find the embryo of the Celestials that was about to take shape when suddenly a familiar voice came into his mind.

“Jerry, do you have time to come to Asgard?” The voice is none other than Odin.

“What is he doing at this time?”

After thinking for a moment, Jerry suddenly had a guess in his mind, temporarily put aside his plan to find the embryos of the Celestials, and stretched out his hand to draw a portal leading to Asgard.

In the hall of the Rainbow Bridge, as soon as Jerry appeared, Heimdall walked over with a solemn expression, “Master Carmen, The All Father is waiting for you in the Palace.”

“I see.” Looking at Heimdall’s expression, Jerry spread his wings and flew towards the back of the Palace.

In the Palace, Jerry looked at Odin, whose life breath was almost exhausted, and couldn’t help but sigh.

“King Odin, has the time come?”

“Yes, if nothing else happens. My soul will enter Valhalla tomorrow, so I will ask for your help.” Odin smiled and nodded.

“I see. I promised you before, and it is not my problem.” Hearing Odin’s answer, Jerry knew that his guess was correct. Odin asked him to come because he was about to die, and he needed Jerry’s help to deal with the trouble of Hela breaking through the seal after his death.

With Jerry’s current strength, dealing with Hela is certainly not difficult.

“Actually, if necessary, I can help you extend your life for a while.” After hesitating for a moment, Jerry added.

Asgardians have a lifespan of 5,000 years, and Odin is no exception. However, with Jerry’s current ability, he can break this limit and help Odin live for several hundred more years.

After hearing what Jerry said, Odin shook his head, “Forget it. If I live, Thor and Loki will always be children who will never grow up. Our destination of Asgardians is always Valhalla, where I will see my father. “

Jerry didn’t say anything about this because he knew that if Odin wanted to continue living, he himself should have a way to extend his life. Death is something he had been longing for.

Just like the Ancient One, she appears to be dead, but she is actually traveling through the multiverse.

“Tomorrow afternoon, I will take Thor and Loki to Norway. After I die, Hela will break through the seal. If possible, please don’t take action first. I hope they can feel some pressure from her. “Seeing that Jerry agreed to fulfill his agreement with him, Odin made a special request.

Loki has been locked in the dungeon because of what happened a few years ago, and he will inevitably have some grudges in his heart. Odin also hopes that the relationship between the two brothers can be repaired through the pressure brought by Hela.

“Take action later, got it. Don’t worry, I will take care of it.” Jerry understood Odin’s intentions and nodded.


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