The Fairy Law is that as long as the caster is considered an enemy in their heart, they will be attacked by powerful magic, and no matter what magic the enemy uses, they cannot defend it. But if the caster does not think that the target is an enemy, the harm caused by the Fairy Law is zero.

After Laxus activated the magic, none of Jellal, Erza, Natsu, or others were injured, which shows that he simply didn’t mean what he meant. He said he wanted to kill all the weak, but in his heart, he didn’t want to hurt the Fairy Tail mages at all.

Jerry naturally did not agree with Makarov’s decision. After today, Jerry will be the fourth guild master of the Fairy Tail Guild. If Makarov wants to expel Laxus, he can bring Laxus back immediately after taking office.

Jerry also knew in his heart that Makarov was hesitant to expel Laxus. It was just that what Laxus did today was a little too much, and he had to make this decision.

“They are just playing around. There is no need to take it seriously.” At this time, Precht also spoke up for Laxus.

Laxus is the great-grandson of his former friend Yuri, and Precht naturally does not want him to be expelled from the Fairy Tail guild. As for Mavis, she was holding Zeref with one hand and August with the other, loudly cheering for Erza and others.

“Laxus has been defeated. According to the result, the final winner of this battle is Erza!” Laxus consumed a lot of magic power in his body because of the use of the Fairy Law and was finally knocked down by Jellal’s magic.

Over there, after Ur defeated Gray, she fought with the former Vice President of the Grimoire Heart. In the end, both of them exhausted their magic power and exited the mirror dimension. Natsu fought against Gajeel, and Natsu won. Erza fought against Ikaruga, and Erza won.

At the end of the battle, most of the mages exited the mirror dimension due to exhaustion of magic power. In the end, only Erza and Jellal were left standing.

Jellal has a strong and huge magical power, while Erza has different kinds of magic to help her. Besides consuming some magic power when changing clothes, she relied on her body and exquisite swordsmanship to defeat her enemies most of the time.

“Well, that punch looks somewhat personal.” Jerry looked at Jellal, whom Erza punched out, and almost laughed.

It turned out that when only Erza and Jellal were left in the mirror dimension, Erza actually took out the Armor that she had just bought a week ago. The so-called Armor is actually Armor transformed into sexy underwear.

This set of Armor has a special effect on the normal opposite sex, but the effect on Jellal is obviously much more prominent. After Jellal saw Erza put on the Armor, he was completely bewitched and could not resist. After that, he was knocked down by Erza’s punch.

“Erza! Erza! Erza! Seeing Erza win, the entire audience in town cheered loudly, especially the male residents.

Probably, the Armor she wore played a big role.

The Harvest Festival officially began after the Miss Fairy Tail Contest and the Fairy Tail Civil War.

The Fairy Tail mages, treated by Jerry and recovered all their injuries, showed off their talents and released their magic most gorgeously and beautifully, performing magical performances in Magnolia town.

At the end of the night, Makarov announced that he would pass the position to Jerry, and Jerry officially became the fourth guild master of Fairy Tail.

“It’s almost time to leave.”

Ten days later, Jerry looked at the Fairy Tail mages coming in and out of the guild, anchored the time, and opened the portal to return to the main Marvel universe. There are only a few days left before the next time the panel cooldown finished, and the purpose of coming to Fairy Tail this time has been achieved.

Since he came to Fairy Tail World this time, he used his own space magic to arrive and did not use the panel, so he did not consume the red star he had and could refresh the time for the next time he entered other worlds easily.

Once he uses the panel to enter all the other worlds and knows the coordinates, even if the panel disappears and even if he doesn’t have any red stars, he can still enter the world with his own magic, from now on, he no longer has to worry about the panel malfunctioning and not being able to see Hermione anymore.

Stepping through the portal, Jerry once again returned to the villa he bought in Queens according to the time coordinates he had anchored before.

Two days later, Jerry was sitting on the sofa at home, watching TV, and thinking about how to improve his strength quickly in the future. Now, he has reached the universe level and has his own world. According to normal development, he will continue improving his level and build more planets and lives in it.

Until one day, it can develop into the same universe as the one he is in now and find a way to open up a new universe.

Or become like the Creator in the Cardcaptor Sakura world and Fairy Tail World. You don’t need to improve and expand your own world but directly create a second world. This is simpler for Jerry; just make another ring and go through the process of building the second world.

Compared to the first method, the second method is much simpler, and he can advance to the multiverse level more quickly. However, the second method is more advanced and diversified, and the resources needed might be large compared to the first method.

Just like now, he has just reached the universe level, but the framework of the world is large enough, and the development potential is large enough.

After thinking about it, he felt that for the sake of long-term development, it was better not to take any other way and improve his strength first. How can he quickly create a planet that can breed life in his own world easily? he alone doesn’t know how long it will take him to complete it.

“Perhaps it’s time to take action against the Celestial embryo on Earth.” After thinking for a long time, Jerry finally felt that he still needed to take a little risk.


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