Let’s break down the strength of the mages currently on Jerry’s side, excluding Zeref and Mavis, who are unable to exert their full power due to his spell.

At present, there is someone who claims to be proficient in all magic from ancient to modern times, Irene, the founder of dragon-slaying magic who has lived for more than 400 years, and the second guild master Hades or Precht, who is proficient in all kinds of dark and lost magic.

All of them have S-Class strength. There are also the former members of the Ten Wizard Saints, Jellal, and the members of the S-Class assassin trio. These do not include Natsu, Gray, and others that came with the original Fairy Tail guild.

So, Laxus and his group may not clearly understand the overall strength of the Fairy Tail mages under Jerry’s leadership.

“Okay, everyone. Calm down, especially you, old man!” Looking at Makarov, who had jumped onto the judge’s table, Laxus put his hand on Lucy’s head.

“We’re going to play a game. The game is very simple: the strongest person is selected through battle, and that strongest person will lead the guild’s future. These stone statues are hostages. If one of you doesn’t abide by my rules of the game, I will crush one stone statue.”

“This sounds interesting. Then let me defeat you, Laxus!” Natsu below heard Laxus’ suggestion and immediately burst into flames. He rushed towards Laxus as he spoke.

But before he was halfway through the charge, he was knocked to the ground by Laxus’ lightning.

“Natsu, I like you. But I don’t like your big talk.” After defeating Natsu with one move, Laxus laughed proudly.

However, before his laughter ended, it suddenly stopped because Erza’s roar came from behind him.

“Laxus, how dare you betray the guild?” An oversized spear was inserted from behind Laxus, and they quickly dodged to the side.

The spear was inserted into the audience stand, leaving a large crater four to five meters deep.

“As expected from Erza.” Looking at it, the Fairy Tail wizards below couldn’t help but take a breath.

“How is it possible?”

At this time, Laxus and the Thunder Gods looked at Erza and other female mages who had all been lifted from petrification, and their expressions changed instantly.

Evergreen magic can only be lifted by herself or someone who is stronger than her. Although Erza is S-Class, theoretically, she shouldn’t be able to lift the magic.

“How dare you try to hurt my daughter?” At this moment, a woman with red hair came out of the crowd.

She is Erza’s mother, Irene, and it was she who had just used magic to lift all Evergreen’s magic from Erza and others, returning them to normal. Irene’s strongest form is her dragon form, but in addition to transforming into a dragon, her magical knowledge is also the world’s best. ˆ

Even Jerry, who had already understood magic at this moment, gained a lot when discussing magic with her. In addition to being proficient in flying and other magic, Irene has researched and developed the magic she invented to the extreme, allowing it to do many unimaginable things.

Her magic can add hardness to all things. It can add hardness to wooden sticks, making them harder than diamonds. It can warm the Earth, turning the ice and snow into spring.

She can add heat to form huge fireballs to attack enemies, add vibrations to cause terrifying earthquakes and reverse the positions of everyone on a continent.

She also has a super destructive move, the Star Collapse, which directly controls the meteorite falling from the sky and is more than ten times more powerful than Jellal’s magic.

Jerry actually didn’t care too much. He knew a lot of powerful destructive magic. What he cares about is that Irene’s magic can add things, change appearance and magic power, separate magic, and lift any negative magic.

“Who are you?”

Seeing Irene appear, Laxus had a solemn look on his face. He didn’t know Irene, but he could sense the huge magic power in Irene’s body.

“I am Erza’s mother and a new member of the Fairy Tail Guild.” Irene smiled and showed the Fairy Tail crest on the back of her hand.

“Erza’s mother?” Laxus’ mouth twitched. He hadn’t returned to the guild for a while, and Erza’s mother was here and joined the guild.

“Laxus, I have already prepared the spell. Let’s retreat. There is no chance of winning if we stay here!” At this time, Fried whispered in Laxus’s ear.

He had already noticed something was wrong at the beginning. There were many new faces in the guild that he had never seen before. There were also the previously dead first and second guild masters sitting on the judge’s table.

However, he is very confident in his magic, and even if there are some new members, he is still sure that it will be stable.

“In this case, I will use the entire city as hostages. We have opened the Thunder Palace above the town. If you don’t follow my rules of the game, the entire town of Magnolia and its inside will be destroyed, and all the residents will die!” Laxus grabbed his teammate, left his last words, and disappeared from the stage into a bolt of lightning.

“This guy actually opened the Thunder Palace? What on Earth is he going to do?” Makarov said loudly when he heard this.

The Thunder Palace is a special magic composed of more than hundreds of magic crystals that store thunder. When the thunder is released at full power, it can instantly turn a town into ashes. Furthermore, each of the crystals has been cast with Organic Link Magic. As long as you attack the magic crystal, you will receive the same degree of counterattack.

“It’s okay. The guild hasn’t been so lively for a long time. Let’s go out and check the situation first.” Jerry stood up, comforted Makarov, and led everyone out of the guild.

When Makarov saw this, the anger in his heart dropped a lot because he knew that with Jerry and so many powerful mages here, even the Thunder Palace couldn’t do anything.


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