At nine o’clock in the morning, in the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

Today’s guild hall no longer resembles a tavern filled with drinks and seats. Instead, it was completely empty and decorated with various exquisite ornaments.

A gorgeous stage was set up in the center of the hall. A wizard wearing a purple suit was holding a microphone to introduce the opening before the game.

“Welcome everyone to the Miss Fairy Tail Contest. I am Max, today’s host!”

As soon as Max finished speaking, there was dense applause and cheers below. In addition to most of the mages in Fairy Tail, there are also ordinary citizens in the town today. They heard that Fairy Tail would hold a competition to select the most beautiful mages and rushed over.

At this time, there was a sea of people under the stage. Jerry also cast an Extension Charm on the hall, making the space of the hall ten times larger to prevent unnecessary accidents caused by too many people coming to watch.

“Today, in addition to our beautiful contestants, we also invited four judges. They are the first guild master of our Fairy Tail Guild, Ms. Mavis; the second guild master, Mr. Precht; the third guild master, Mr. Makarov; and the youngest and most promising fourth guild master, Mr. Jerry!”

Following Max’s introduction, Mavis, Precht, Makarov, and Jerry all stood up and waved to the people below. Jerry refused to serve as the judge before. After all, it meant nothing to him and would not improve his strength.

However, the three former guild masters agreed on it. So he couldn’t refuse it. Amidst the applause, Jerry sat down again and began to watch the show seriously.

His rule has always been to work seriously. Now that he has become a judge, he must fulfill his responsibilities as a judge. He must watch every contestant on the stage seriously and carefully and give them the fairest score.

“Now we invite the number one contestant, Cana Alberona!

“Extra points for the figure, extra points for the swimsuit, and eight points overall.” Jerry looked at Cana, who appeared in a swimsuit with a magic card in her mouth and scored eight points.

“Contestant No. 2, a woman with S-Class strength and as gentle as water, Juvia Lockser!”

“Extra points for clothing, extra points for the whole character, and eight points overall.”

Although she was tightly wrapped, Juvia was dressed like a special. Jerry also gave her an eight-point rating. After Juvia walked down, the person who came up was Mirajane, the number one Fairy Tail member in history and the extremely famous one.

Mirajane’s appearance brought the entire atmosphere to a climax instantly. Her appearance, figure, and character made Jerry almost give her a ten point. But he only gave it nine points in the end because she performed a special transformation magic during the show.

Although Jerry felt that Mirajane deliberately wanted to give up first place to Cana and Lucy, who needed a 500,000 prize, he must ensure fairness and justice as a judge after Mirajane is Erza, who is wearing armor and has an imposing aura.

During the showcase, Erza changed the armor she had worn all her life into a black gothic-style outfit, and she was wearing black pantyhose. Even Jerry, who has always been calm, was a bit quite shocked.

After Erza is Levy, and after Levy is Lucy, Ultear, and others. Everyone has their own characteristics and style, and the audience is excited.

Just when all the participants had finished their presentation and were standing side by side, the four judges were preparing their scores and determining the final winner, a voice suddenly sounded.

“The winner is me; I’m the most beautiful one; I represent everything!”

Evergreen, one of the Thunder God Tribe members under Laxus, walked to the stage wearing a long green dress and holding a cattail leaf fan, interrupting the show.

“Laxus is really brave.” Seeing Evergreen appear, Jerry knew that Laxus had finally decided to do it.

But it is understandable. During the several things Jerry conducted, Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe were not on site because they were performing S-Class tasks. Regarding many new members to Fairy Tail, Laxus, and the Thunder, God did not know about it as they just came back last night.

The most important thing is that the Thunder God Tribe is powerful. Even S-Class enemies can easily be defeated by them.

“Evergreen, what are you doing?”

Just when everyone was still confused about what Evergreen would do when she suddenly appeared, Evergreen had already taken off her glasses and cast her own magic on Erza and others.

Erza, Lucy, Mirajane, and others standing in a row were all petrified into stone in the blink of an eye. When the audience saw this, they were immediately frightened and fled the guild.

Evergreen magic is the Eye Magic. As long as her eyes face her target, even an S-Class mage will have difficulty escaping her magic. Of course, if you are careful not to look into her eyes, the magic will not work.

Erza, Mirajane, Ultear, and others, if it weren’t for the fact that they were not wary of Evergreen, anyone could defeat her.

“I advise you not to act rashly or don’t blame me for injuring you.”

Seeing Erza and others petrified, Fairy Tail’s mages couldn’t sit still, and they had to step forward to take Evergreen down and ask her to lift the magic. But Laxus appeared and fired several lightning bolts next to Erza and others, threatening everyone not to do anything.

Subsequently, Fried and Bickslow among the Thunder God Tribe also appeared behind Laxus. Seeing Erza and others being petrified, Laxus and others all appeared. Jerry sat in his seat without moving.

Because he knew that with Fairy Tail’s current strength, he didn’t even have to take action personally, and the Fairy Tail civil war initiated by Laxus and the others would soon end.


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Published On: March 24, 2024

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