“Erza, Natsu, I got your mother and brother back!”

In the afternoon, Jerry took Zeref, Mavis, August, and Irene, walked over the portal, and returned to the Fairy Tail Guild from the Alvarez Empire.



Erza and Natsu, who were making a fuss then, were immediately confused by what Jerry said after he appeared. The other mages, like Lucy and others, were also surprised and focused their attention on Jerry.

“It’s up to you to explain it yourself.” Looking at the confused Erza and Natsu, Jerry turned to Irene and Zeref.

Jerry had not told them before regarding Erza and Natsu. Erza didn’t know that her mother was still alive, and Natsu didn’t know that he had an older brother who was over 400 years old and a nephew.

Irene and Zeref heard this and walked to Erza and Natsu, respectively, taking them to the corner to have a heart-to-heart talk. In this regard, Jerry didn’t care about them anymore but greeted Makarov and disappeared on the spot again.

From Zeref’s mouth, Jerry knew where Acnologia was sleeping, so he planned to capture this person whom even Zeref could not defeat.

Acnologia, a dragon-slayer wizard who completely transformed into a dragon, single-handedly destroyed all the dragons 400 years ago. He is immune to all magic and can swallow all magic. He is currently the strongest individual in this world, except for Ankhseram. Natsu and the other seven dragon slayers later killed him.

However, Jerry felt that Ankhseram was afraid of Acnologia’s growth and deliberately helped a little in the process. Otherwise, he felt that it would be almost impossible for Natsu and the others to kill Acnologia.

Between Ishgar and the Western Continent, on a small island made entirely of stone in the depths of the sea, a huge dragon covered in strange patterns was sleeping with its eyes closed. Suddenly, it seemed to sense a powerful magic power that could suffocate him.

He immediately opened his eyes, flapped his wings, flew up, and began to look around.

“You are Acnologia, right? I hope you can come to my world and work for me someday.” Jerry looked at the dragon.

Hearing Jerry’s voice, he quickly locked onto Jerry’s position, and obviously very angry at Jerry’s request, “How dare you, a small human being, make such a rude request?”

The dragon can’t communicate like normal people at all. Jerry had no choice but to teleport, appear on the back of the dragon, and open his own ring world.

“Since we can’t communicate normally, don’t blame me for being rude.”

He thought that if the dragon could communicate well with him, he could capture him without much resistance, but this was obviously not possible now, so he decided to take him away forcefully. He has done this kind of thing many times before, but this one is much stronger now.

The ring world opened, and a black hole instantly appeared above the dragon’s head. A powerful suction force directly sucked the dragon into the ring world. The dragon is very strong, especially in that it is immune to all magic attacks, but a little bit worse than Dormammu and Ego that Jerry fought before.

Jerry’s strength is much stronger now than when he dealt with Dormammu and Ego.

After taking him in, Jerry himself returned to the ring world instantly and turned into a 10,000-meter-tall giant. He held the dragon in his hand and used a contract magic on him that he had not used for a long time.

The dragon never expected that he would be taken advantage of so easily today. He didn’t even know who Jerry was in front of him.

After the contract was successful, Jerry did not explain anything. He ordered the dragon to stay on Ego’s planet and leave the ring world. He felt that when Zeref and others had done their things, he would naturally tell about it later.

“Miss Fairy Tail Contest, the first place will receive a reward of 500,000 jewels. I hope that the female mages of the guild will participate. It will be held at 9 a.m. at the Fairy Tail Guild Hall tomorrow!”

When Jerry returned to the guild again, he found that everyone was gathered in front of the announcement at the guild entrance. He looked up and saw that it was the Miss Fairy Tail Contest held by the Fairy Tail guild every year during the Harvest Festival that Mirajane had mentioned before.

“Will the Battle of Fairy Tail start later?”

If he remembered correctly, when the Miss Fairy Tail Contest starts tomorrow, it will also be the day when the Battle of Fairy Tail breaks out. At that time, Makarov’s grandson, Laxus, will lead his Thunder God Tribe to launch an attack and seize power by force.

However, because of Jerry’s intervention, Fairy Tail’s strength and members are much stronger than before. He wonders if Laxus will launch an attack war as usual.

“Guild master, it seems that I haven’t seen Laxus for a long time.” After thinking for a moment, Jerry asked Makarov, who was drinking at the bar.

Makarov’s smile suddenly turned unhappy after hearing Laxus’ name.

“That brat has never come back since the last time he had a fight with me. He is getting more and more ignorant as he gets older.”

After Laxus heard that Makarov was going to pass the position to Jerry, he came back and had a quarrel with Makarov, left angrily, and has not come back to this day.

Mirajane, pouring wine on the side, smiled and said, “I heard from the others that they saw Laxus and his Thunder God Tribe appearing in the town last night. They must have rushed back to participate in the Harvest Festival.”

“So, he will come back.”

However, when Makarov heard Mirajane’s words, his expression changed, and he murmured. If Laxus came back at another time, he would be happy, but if he came back tomorrow when he was going to pass the position of the guild master to Jerry, he would feel slightly uneasy.

Since Laxus’s father, Ivan Dreyar, was kicked out of the guild for trying to steal the Lumen Histoire or Fairy’s Heart, Laxus has never participated in the Harvest Festival.

But this time, Laxus would take his Thunder God Tribe to the city and may visit the guild by himself.


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Published On: March 24, 2024

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