Realizing that his targets this time, Zeref, August, and Erza’s mother, Irene, had all gathered together, Jerry stopped talking nonsense and directly cast his magic to cover the entire palace.

In an instant, all the eight dragons that Serena cast dissipated. The others felt that time and space were frozen. Apart from their senses, they could do nothing.

“Just wait a while. We don’t mean any harm.” After saying this, Jerry and Mavis walked past the Spriggan 12 mages and walked into the room where Zeref was.

“I can sense their magic.”

Unlike the people outside, who have completely suppressed magic except for their senses, the three people in the room are much better in terms of magic.

Zeref, the most powerful dark mage in the legend, uses his powerful magic to isolate himself from Jerry’s magic so that he is not affected by it.

August used his special magic, transforming his body into a special state that would not cause any harm to him. Although he could still not mobilize much magic power due to the spell, he could move around.

Irene was standing on the other side of Zeref, directly transforming herself into the form of a dragon, relying on the dragon’s powerful body and huge magic power to resist Jerry’s spell.

Based on the state of the three of them facing his magic, Jerry roughly judged that Zeref was on the peak of heavenly level strength, while August and Irene were on the lower level of heavenly level strength.

At this time, Jerry couldn’t help but sigh that Ankhseram was a little too cautious. Maybe it’s because Ankhseram broke through the boundaries of the original world, killed the previous God, and created the current world. He seems to have secretly manipulated those talented geniuses in the world to make their lives miserable and eventually die.

“Who are you?” Seeing Jerry appear in the room, Zeref solemnly stood up from his seat.

It was the first time that he felt such a strong power from a person. Even the magic power of Acnologia was not at the same level as the magic power of the person in front of him now.

“I’m just going to let her explain the situation.” Jerry did not explain slowly but stepped aside, revealing Mavis.

“Zeref, how are you doing lately?” The moment Mavis saw Zeref, her eyes were already filled with tears.

After Zeref saw Mavis, his pupils shrank, and he entered a state of disbelief, “Mavis, is it really you?”

In Zeref’s heart, Mavis died many years ago when he finally regained his humanity and plucked up the courage to find a way to undo the curse. At that moment, he also went completely crazy and gave up all his previous persistence.

After so many years, he saw Mavis again, still alive and without any curse on her. How could he not be shocked?

August also froze when he saw Mavis because this was the first time he had seen his mother with his own eyes.

“Okay, you can explain the specific situation. I’ll go to Irene first.” Leaving Mavis and the others, Jerry carried Irene, who had transformed into a dragon and entered his own world.

Irene is the Queen of Dragon, the founder of dragon slayer magic, and the biological mother of Erza.

Four hundred years ago, she was the Queen of the Dragnof Kingdom. To save humans and the dragons, she fought against the evil dragons of the Western Continent and created dragon-slaying magic that added the power of the dragons to the human body.

Later, due to the overuse of dragon-slaying magic, she began to transform into a dragon, and from time to time, she would turn into a dragon.

After the war, because of her identity as a dragon, she was abandoned by her husband and country. She was detained in a dungeon and tortured for years. Finally, she suffered a mental breakdown and completely transformed into a dragon in anger. She destroyed her country and hid in the forest.

Hundreds of years later, she met Zeref. With the help of Zeref’s magic, she could temporarily transform into a human being and give birth to a child, Erza.

Affected by the power of the dragon in her body, she lost her sense of taste and could not sleep after transforming into a human. She wanted to possess her daughter’s body but gave up because of maternal love. Worried that one day she would be unable to control it, she took Erza and abandoned her in a small village.

Because of his friendship with Erza, Jerry felt that he could help solve this problem before he left this world.

Irene will transform into a dragon because of her magic and the influence of dragon genes. Jerry only needs to shave off the genes from her body and extract the dragon power from her body. This way, she can return to her original human state without worrying about transforming into a dragon.

Of course, without the dragon’s body and power, Irene’s strength will definitely decline. But Jerry believes that she does not care about her own strength and just wants to become a normal human being.

In this way, Jerry made a quick operation using the magic in the ring world. When he brought Irene out, she had transformed back into a human.

At this time, Mavis also told Zeref about her situation and learned about her son. Zeref knows that his curse can be lifted and will no longer harm any living beings. Mavis has also been resurrected and has a son. His mental mind has finally returned to normal.

“Okay, now that I’ve made it clear. I’ll cast a shielding spell on you first to prevent the curse from breaking out again, and we’ll return to the Fairy Tail guild to participate in the Harvest Festival!” Jerry cast a shielding spell on Zeref and opened a portal to the Fairy Tail guild.

The curse on Zeref and Mavis is magic specially set by Ankhseram to prevent the birth of an existence that is too powerful in this world and threatens his safety.

As long as Zeref and Mavis are in this world, they will definitely be affected by the curse unless their strength exceeds Ankhseram’s. Although Jerry has a good relationship with Ankhseram, he is not allowed to lift this magic.

But this is also good for Jerry, giving him an excuse to bring Zeref and Mavis into his world. Because only by living in Jerry’s world will they never have to worry about being affected by the curse, nor will they worry about harming other lives.


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