“Who is it? How dare you break into the palace without permission?!”

Jerry took Mavis and walked straight toward Zeref’s location in the palace without any worries. All the palace guards who wanted to take action along the way were knocked to the ground by him. Because of this, an alarm soon sounded in the palace, and more palace guards began to gather towards Jerry.

Jerry didn’t care about this. He did not teleport directly with Mavis but chose to spend a few minutes wandering around. He wanted to make some noise and attract the others so that he would not have to wait for Zeref after him, but also to find August, who was Mavis’ son, so he could kill two birds with one stone.

Turning on the Protego Charm to defend against all long-range magic attacks and controlling a sleeping spell around the guards, Jerry walked leisurely with Mavis in the palace. Countless palace guards surrounding them fell down one after another, unable to cause any harm or block their way inside.

“You dare to act recklessly in the palace. Let me come and kill you with my own hands!”

A wild voice came as soon as he walked through the square in front of the palace. Jerry looked up and saw Ajeel, who was the first to come over. Ajeel’s magic is sand magic. At this time, he used sand to condense a huge flying dragon. He was standing on the dragon’s head, looking down at Jerry and Mavis.

“Oh, there’s Lord Ajeel here. With Lord Ajeel taking action, these two intruders will be dead!” Upon Ajeel’s arrival, all the palace guards showed their expectations.

The Spriggan 12 are the twelve most powerful mages in the empire. This is not a name they brag about but a name they gained during the war to unify the empire. Each of them has an extremely good background. Ajeel once used sand magic to kill tens of thousands of mages who dared to resist the rule of the empire.

The palace guards already knew the result the moment they saw Ajeel arrive. However, there was obviously a huge gap between the real results and the results they expected, which frightened them so much that they almost fell to the ground.

“I don’t like people looking at me like that.”

Seeing that it was not August but Ajeel, Jerry waved his hand, and a terrifying storm mixed with lightning instantly formed and swept him and his dragon together.

Ajeel was trapped by the lightning storm and wanted to rely on the magic power in his body to control the sand and forcefully break away from the storm. But every time he used up his magic power, the lightning in the storm would hit him, scattering all the magic power he had gathered.

Looking at the palace getting further and further away from him, Ajeel couldn’t figure out why he was defeated by that man with just one move.

“What? Ajeel lost in one attack?” In the palace hall, Invel listened to the report of his guards with a look of shock on his face.

“I will stop them first to prevent them from disturbing His Majesty. Notify other members to come over as quickly as possible for support. The enemy this time might be difficult to deal with.”

After saying that, he condensed a pair of ice crystal wings behind his back and flew in Jerry’s direction.

Invel used very common ice magic, but he amplified its power to the extreme. He froze the air that exceeded absolute zero, changing a country’s season directly from summer to winter.

“Lord Invel is here!”

The guard had just seen Lord Ajeel being blown away at the square. Before they could recover from the shock, they saw Invel flying over, and their hope suddenly rose again.

“What?! Lord Invel passed out?!”

The magic from Jerry was too fast for him. When Invel got close to releasing his attack, he didn’t pay attention to his surroundings. He was hit from behind, and he fainted directly.

A lot of the magic that Jerry uses now has been changed. Just like this spell, on the surface, it is no different from the usual Stunning Charm, but in fact, it is the evolved form of it.

“Lady Brandish is here!”

A green-haired girl named Brandish is good at form magic and can change the location of items at will. She once transformed a city into a palm-sized one and easily annihilated all the enemies inside.

However, Jerry had studied this kind of magic thoroughly before, so her magic had no effect on Jerry. Instead, he was turned into the size of a thumb.

“Lady Dimaria is here! Huh?! She is immobilized?!”

Dimaria is good at time magic and can freeze the enemy’s time, but Jerry is better at this.

“Lord God Serena, Lord Bloodman, Lord Jacob, Lord Neinhart, Lord Wall, and Lord Larcade are all here. We will definitely be able to stop them now!”

As Jerry defeated several of Spriggan 12 members in a row and was about to approach Zeref, more mages of the Spriggan 12 appeared, and this time, they appeared together to stop Jerry.

“Being able to defeat Ajeel, Invel, Brandish, and Dimaria all by yourselves. It seems that you are quite strong, but you have no chance of winning.” Serena took a step forward and pointed at Jerry confidently.

As the strongest mages can use eight different types of dragon-slaying magic, he is confident in facing anyone and even thinks he can defeat Acnologia alone.

“Serena, Lord August said the enemy is very strong. Let’s take it down together!” At this time, a man in a suit who looked very gentlemanly reminded Serena.

Serena heard a look of fear on his face when he heard August’s name. He laughed and said, “Of course I know, so I’ll take the first shot. Cavern Dragon’s Earth Collapse, Purgatory Dragon’s Blazing Inferno, Sea King Dragon’s Encircling Deluge, Gale Dragon’s Song of Moon and Wind, Diamond Dragon’s Fortress Crusher and Spark Dragon’s Augite Heavens!”

Before his other colleagues took action, Serena released all of his strongest dragon-slaying magics in a row.


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