In the Western Continent, the capital of the Alvarez Empire.

“Wow, this place looks much more lively than Magnolia.” Looking at the lively streets with completely different clothes and characteristics, Mavis immediately got excited and looked around happily.

Jerry shook his head when he saw this and was also a little speechless. Just now, Mavis was extremely nervous because she was about to see her lover and children, but now she was distracted by the lively town.

He felt that after Mavis and his son saw each other, it would not be certain who would take care of whom. He took a quick glance at the capital city of the Alvares Empire, and it was indeed much larger and more lovely than any other city.

Perhaps for the people of the Western Continent, establishing the Alvarez Empire is not bad. Before Zeref went to the Western Continent to establish an empire, the Western Continent was pretty empty. The Mages Guild resolved the main affairs.

Even compared to the five hundred Guilds in other parts of the world, there are 730 guilds in the Western Continent, and they are in a state of chaos and fighting all year round.

It was not until Zeref appeared that the conditions in the Western Continent changed. With the group of terrifyingly powerful mages he recruited, he swept across seven hundred and thirty guilds and established the now peaceful and prosperous Alvarez Empire with his power.

However, Zeref’s original intention was not to bring prosperity to the Western Continent. His original intention was just to build a powerful magic empire to help him kill Acnologia, someone he couldn’t defeat.

Of course, Zeref has changed now. After the curse on him killed Mavis, he suffered from mental problems. Now, he wants to lead an empire he built, seize the Fairy Heart, transform it into something that can control time and space, and go back to the past to change everything.

“Mavis, we have to hurry up, or we will be late to the Harvest Ceremony, and Makarov will be mad again.”

After walking around the streets, experiencing the unique things in the Western Continent, tasting the local delicacies, and inquiring about the palace’s location, the two walked straight towards the city’s center.

Not long after, a luxurious and huge European-style palace appeared in front of the two of them.

“The royal palace is an important place, and those who trespass will die?” Just as Mavis was about to step forward, two mages wearing heavy armor from the Alvares Empire pointed their staffs with magic crystals at Mavis.

“Tell them that the first guild master of Fairy Tail, Mavis Vermillion, would like to meet with the Emperor of the Alvares Empire.” Jerry had already told them before Mavis could think of what to say.

He can sense the aura of Ankhseram’s curse on Zeref. He could have taken Mavis directly to teleport to Zeref in the palace, but considering that he came here this time to let Mavis recognize her partner and child, he would take the normal way.

It is better to be polite, ask for a formal meeting, and explain the reason clearly. It will also be better to get to know each other.

“Fairy Tail?” The guards guarding the door are unfamiliar with these two words.

Jerry saw them react like this. Zeref’s plan for other parts of the world and Fairy Tail must be only known to the empire’s top officials, but these people don’t know anything about it.

He stopped explaining and directly used the Imperius Curse to control the guards and let them go in to report the situation.

“The first guild master of Fairy Tail? Didn’t you’re the majesty say that she is dead?”

In the palace hall, Invel, the imperial consulate and one of the twelve strongest mages in the empire called Spriggan 12, listened to the guard’s report with a puzzled look on his face.

“I think they are fake or have evil intentions. Don’t disturb him with such trivial matters. Let me take care of them.” At this time, a young man with dark skin and a bare upper body spoke with a cruel look on his face.

Invel frowned when he heard this and ordered, “Ajeel, don’t kill them first. Ask them clearly about their identities and their purpose of coming here.”

Although Ajeel was more cruel and would kill anyone, his words were not unreasonable.

Now is the time when their empire plans to launch a war to help Zeref regain the body of the first guild master of Fairy Tail. Suddenly, two people claiming to be Fairy Tail mages appear, and one also claims she is the first guild master. No matter how you think about it, there is something wrong with them.

He planned to wait until he figured out the identity and purpose of the two people before considering whether to report to Zeref. If there were just two liars, there would be no need to disturb him. Zeref had just returned from a trip.

“Don’t worry, I’m good at torturing people.” Ajeel licked his tongue, his expression becoming more and more weird.

Two days ago, he took the initiative to lead some troops to attack other parts of the world, but unfortunately, he was directly rejected by Zeref. Now, two mages who called themselves the Fairy Tail mages came over.

At the same time, outside the palace gate, Jerry said helplessly to Mavis, “It seems that it is not that easy for us to see Zeref without any problem.”

When he cast the Imperius Curse on the guard, he also left a trace of his mind on the guard, so he heard all the conversations in the hall.

The Spriggan 12 are the twelve strongest mages serving Zeref, as well as the two super powerful individuals, August and the Queen of Dragons, Irene. They surpass that of the Ten Wizard Saints.

Ajeel was coming towards them and was the cruelest and easiest to kill among the Spriggan 12.

“Jerry, you don’t have to do all of the hard way. Just act according to your normal way, I believe you.” Possibly sensing that Jerry seemed to be a little more worried about doing things because of her, Mavis told him something.

She knew that Jerry’s strength should have been on the level of Ankhseram, which was far beyond her imagination. If he hadn’t cared about her feelings, he wouldn’t have to restrain himself like he is now.

Jerry smiled when he heard this, “Since you don’t mind, let’s use a more efficient method.”

Mavis and Zeref are an extremely talented pair. Like Clow Reed, they both have such an amazing power level and the potential to reach the universe level in the future.

They are his helpers to help him build and develop his world, so naturally, he has to do something to get their favors.


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Published On: March 19, 2024

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