“Guild master, what’s the problem now?” Knowing that a month had passed, Jerry came to Makarov, and Makarov told Jerry everything that had just happened.

After hearing this, Jerry stretched out his hand to stop the mages who wanted to put the handcuffs on Hades and the others and said to Burgess.

“Sorry, we won’t listen to your order. You can go back.”

“So that’s how you wanted it to be, Jerry. It doesn’t matter what you said, but we will take them away no matter what.”

Burgess knew Jerry and knew that this was the guild master of Fairy Tail. Many of the accidents caused by Fairy Tail before were solved by him. Makarov would be someone they could handle, but they have doubts about how to handle this next guild master.

“Take them away? Where do you get your confidence?” Jerry chuckled lightly and waved one hand. The magic circle that Burgess and the other mages behind him had just lit up was instantly dissipated. They stood frozen in place, and it became extremely difficult even to move a finger.

“How is this possible?” Feeling the disappearance of the magic power in the body and the stiffness of the body, Burgess’ face changed drastically.

However, before he could question Jerry, he heard words from Jerry’s mouth that scared him half to death.

“You guys can kill all these people and give the New Magic Council a warning. Might save them from thinking about making trouble every day to us.”

In Jerry’s opinion, except for the people in the Fairy Tail guild, everyone else is no different from ants. They will be fine if they don’t cause him any trouble. If they dare to cause trouble to him, he’ll just erase them.

“Forget it, Jerry. They are only following orders.” Makarov and Mavis were shocked when they heard Jerry’s words.

Jerry did not object when he heard this but smiled, “Just kidding, I don’t mean it. But in order to prevent them from making trouble, I still have to do something.”

After thinking for a moment, Jerry raised his hand again and released a magic.

The terrifying magic wave bypassed all of Fairy Tail’s population and spread instantly, covering the entire world. At this time, what Jerry cast was not a normal Forgetfulness Charm but a global spell with extremely wide coverage, just like the spell he cast on Earth.

It’s just that this time, he made everyone except several people forget about Hades, Jellal, and Ultear.

From today on, except for the mage who has the Fairy Tail emblem on his body, they wouldn’t know any information about Hades, Jellal, and Ultear.

“Wait, why am I here?” After Jerry’s magic passed, Burgess was stunned for a moment, looked around, and was confused.

“Mr. Burgess, I want to know why you are here and why you are here with so many mages surrounding our guild. Is the first thing your new Magic Council will do to destroy the guild? It looks like you’re misusing your authority without the permission of the Council.” Looking at Burgess, who was confused, Jerry directly questioned him.

Hearing Jerry’s words, Burgess’s expression changed, he quickly waved his hand and explained, “This is just a misunderstanding; I didn’t mean it like this. We were just passing by; yes, we were just patrolling. Everyone, follow me!”

Burgess’s memory has no memory of Hades and others, so they didn’t know what they were doing here.

His memory was that he suddenly summoned all the mages from the unit today, urgently used the teleportation magic left by the Council, and led them to block the entrance to Fairy Tail guild.

Although he can’t figure out why he did what he did now, he knows this behavior must be against the rules. With so many people coming to the guild and if Jerry was a little bit pissed, they would not be able to walk away easily.

So he immediately apologized and quickly left with everyone.

All the Fairy Tail mages were stunned. They couldn’t understand why his attitude suddenly changed.

What kind of magic did Jerry just perform?

“It’s okay. I just cast a forgetting spell on the whole world. From today on, you can start a new life with peace of mind or just retire.” Seeing that all the Council mages had left, Jerry explained his magic to Jellal and others.


The third day since Jerry returned from Ankhseram Temple, in the Fairy Tail guild hall.

Jerry took Mavis and told Makarov, “Guild master, I want to go to the Western Continent with Mavis to find Zeref.”

“Now? But tomorrow is the festival!”

When he heard this, Makarov was sitting at the bar table, almost spitting half of his drink.

Tomorrow is the Harvest Festival, and it is also the day when he is expected to step down as a guild master and pass the position to Jerry. Jerry wants to take Mavis to the Western Continent on such an important day to find Zeref.

“Don’t worry, if we’re quick, we’ll return tonight. If we’re slow, we’ll probably be back tomorrow morning.” Jerry waved his hand and assured.

Although he is no longer interested in the position of Fairy Tail guild master and has already thought about how to deal with it, he still plans to spend the Harvest Festival with everyone.

Makarov felt relieved after hearing Jerry’s words that he would be able to come back early. Jerry knows space magic. As long as he is willing, he will definitely be able to come back from the Western Continent in just a moment.

After saying goodbyes to Makarov, Jerry opened a portal leading directly to the Western Continent and stepped through it with Mavis.

Of course, Jerry proposed to go to the Western continent to save Zeref, and Mavis was determined, but she hadn’t seen Zeref for so long and was still nervous.

Besides, according to Jerry and Hades, there is a child there that she and Zeref had.

The first time she heard that she had actually given birth to a child, she was also very confused. But she thought that it was pitiful that her child had been alone for so many years, and she wanted to fulfill some of her responsibilities as a mother.


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