“Makarov, I am Burgess, the captain of the first detention unit. I represent the newly established Magic Council to arrest your Fairy Tail mages, Precht Gaebolg, Ultear Milkovic, and Jellal Fernandez. The three of them are suspected of destroying the former Magic Council and initiating the Etherion illegally.”

At the entrance of the Fairy Tail Guild, a strong middle-aged mage, with several of his men wearing special unit uniforms, surrounded the entire Fairy Tail Guild. His tone was condescending, not caring at all about the Fairy Tail mages there.

In his eyes, while Fairy Tail is very powerful, no matter how powerful it is, it must be monitored and controlled by the Magic Council. As the captain of the First Detention Unit, he represents the Magic Council, and he has all the members behind him. In this situation, Makarov needs to face him this time.

Moreover, he brought a lot of mages with him this time. Even if the mages from Fairy Tail resisted, he would not be afraid. He even hopes that all the mages in Fairy Tail will take action so that he can scare the others and let all the guilds know that their new Magic Council is not comparable to the previous one.

This is also the real reason why he has been so arrogant since he appeared here.

Makarov stared at Burgess, who had an arrogant attitude and an angry look. He was not a good-tempered person. Although the Magic Council often finds problems in his guild, it is because the mages of the guilds always get into trouble and cause a lot of damage while performing missions.

Most of the time, they are just warnings.

Because the Councils are well aware of the strength of the major guilds, although the status of the Magic Council is higher than that of the guild, the former Magic Council has always been able to get along well with the major guilds.

But the new Magic Council is different now. Their approach is very overbearing. They directly sent units to surround the guild without notifying them in advance and threatened that as long as they dared to protect the convict, they would list Fairy Tail as a Dark Guild and publicly arrest all members without leaving any chance.

Makarov didn’t pay any attention to the people in front of him. Let alone taking action in a group, Natsu and Gray could destroy them all if they cooperated. It’s just that the new Council has deep connections with the country’s top leaders. Once they make a move, Fairy Tail will be defined as the Dark Guild, which will be very troublesome.

“No one can take away our guild members. If you want to take them away, walk over my dead body.”

Before Makarov could say something, Natsu was about to start fighting them. Fortunately, Erza knocked him out from behind with a sword.

“Makarov, because you are the Ten Wizard Saints and the Fairy Tail Guild has also made a lot of contributions, I didn’t take action instantly. But my patience is limited. I’m warning you for the last time: hand over those three immediately, or there will be consequences.”

Burgess’ tone became more and more arrogant; he and all the mages behind him had magic circles raised on their bodies as if they were ready to take action at any time.

“So you’re threatening me? When I wasn’t even born yet, our favorite thing was fighting.”

Makarov laughed angrily at the words of the captain of the unit. He immediately wanted to knock them all down, regardless of the situation. But before he could take action, a voice stopped him.

“Makarov, stop.”

Hades walked out of the crowd behind him with Jellal and Ultear, stopping Makarov from making his next decision. Hades saw that Makarov wanted to object and waved his hand towards him.

“We have corrected our mistakes now; we did a lot of wrong things at the beginning and caused many problems. We should be arrested and tried.”

Ever since came to Fairy Tail and saw Mavis, the darkness in Hades’ heart has disintegrated, and he has returned to the kind-hearted person like before.

Ultear also learned the truth from Ur. It was not that Ur didn’t want her, but because Ur was deceived into thinking she was dead. In the end, the Tower of Heaven members and all the mages in the Grimoire’s Heart joined Fairy Tail.

He didn’t expect that the first thing the new Magic Council did after its establishment was for them to take action to demonstrate their power. In order to prevent the Fairy Tail Guild founded by Mavis from becoming a Dark Guild, he, Jellal, and Ultear decided to listen to the Council’s unit back for trial without resistance.

Hearing his words, Makarov and Mavis had complicated expressions on their faces, but they did not object to anything.

Seeing the Fairy Tail mages gritting their teeth and being silent, Burgess showed a proud look on his face. He waved his hand to ask his mages to come forward, put handcuffs on all three of them, and escorted them back to the base.

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly came from the direction of the gate.

“Hey, I’ve only been away for three days. Why is it now there’s another problem?”

Everyone turned around and saw that it was Jerry, who disappeared with Ankhseram a month ago.

“Three days? Jerry, you’ve been missing for a month!” At this time, Lucy quickly reminded.

“One month? The time flow in Ankhseram Temple seems somewhat different from here.” Jerry realized something.

No wonder that as soon as he returned, he saw that the new Council sent people to hold them. Logically speaking, it could not be completed in three days from the old Council’s disbandment to the new Council’s establishment.

If you think about it, the time flow in the Celestial Spirit World is different from the time flow in the normal world. One day in the Celestial Spirit World is equal to one-third of a month.

Although Ankhseram temple is not located in the Celestial Spirit World, it is above it. It is normal for the time flow to be somewhat different than here.


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