The world where Ankhseram is located is called Andro’s World, which is a fantasy world full of swords and magic. Those who use swords can practice their spirit and be called fighters. The powerful fighters can even break a mountain with one sword swing.

The use of magic is called a mage and is divided into elementary, intermediate, advanced, and magister. The destructive power of forbidden magic used by a powerful magister is far greater than that of a fighter.

Ankhseram was the most powerful magister in the Andro world at that time. He devoted himself to studying magic, hoping he could one day explore its true meaning.

Until one day, he finally broke through the limit that mages had never broken through, mastered the mysteries of life and death, and used magic to resurrect family members and friends who had been dead for hundreds of years.

Even later, he began to realize the true meaning of magic and created an independent world that he could completely control. At that time, Andro, the creator of Andro’s World, appeared in front of him.

The creator did not reward him for his achievements. Instead, he accused him of being a shameless mortal who stole the power of the gods and needed to be erased forever.

Although Andro defeated him at that time, he still had the power to protect himself. Taking advantage of Andro’s underestimation of him, he blocked Andro with the magic he invented, broke through the world’s shackles in time, and entered a place outside the world.

“What is that place?” At this time, Jerry interrupted and asked.

Ankhseram paused and explained, “All the worlds created by the gods exist in the Dark Land. The Dark Land has no beginning and no end. I am not particularly clear about the details. Even the name of the Dark Land is the name given by another God itself.”

“If you do not use space magic to locate coordinates and teleport directly to there, but instead break the barrier of your original world, you will need to go through the Dark Land itself.”

Hearing his explanation, Jerry understood instantly. Just like in the universe, you have to drive a spaceship through space when entering from one planet to another. If you know the specific space coordinates, you can directly jump there.

When going from one world to another, there are no coordinates. You need to go through an unknown place.

If Jerry wants to, he can break out of the barrier and enter the Dark Land outside to find a fixed location to place the world he has, just like Ankhseram now.

However, he felt that it would be better to stay in the Marvel world first. The Marvel world is the best world he has. It is very docile and can accommodate many things for him.

“After escaping Andro’s pursuit, I wandered in the darkness, encountering many worlds and many Gods like Andro. Some of them are friendly, but most of them are not. They want to kill me and take my magic power to strengthen themselves, especially those Gods who are more powerful than me.”

“I experienced a lot of things later and became a lot stronger. I secretly returned to Andro’s world, killed Andro, and merged his world with the world I created, forming the world you see now. “Ankhseram’s story ended, and Jerry fell into deep thought again.

He knew that Ankhseram had glorified himself to a certain extent when describing his own experience, but he didn’t care. What he cared about was that Ankhseram didn’t know the panel’s creator.

The creator of the panel must certainly be a powerful being far beyond anything. As for who is stronger than the creator of the Marvel world, it is hard to say. Of course, Jerry gained useful information after learning about Ankhseram’s experience.

It means that he now knows that he can not only rely on his own power to enter other worlds in the future but also no longer needs to rely on the panel to help him in any way. As long as he is brave enough, he can enter the Dark Land by himself to find a new world that may exist in it.

But there is also something he must remember. According to Ankhseram, the gods in the Dark Land are hostile. But even if there is danger, he will definitely have to set foot in the Dark Land in the future.

Because if he wants to enter that place and create a new world on your own, it will be time-consuming and may not be completed in just a short moment. He thought it would be much faster to integrate the world that already existed and merge the worlds he had with it.

“We had a great time here. I’ll come back to you for more when I have time.” Feeling that it was almost done, Jerry stood up and said goodbye to Ankhseram.

Ankhseram did not try to persuade him to stay. He just said with a hint, “I hope that you and I will not be enemies in the future.”

“Don’t worry. I have many friends in this world, and I hope you have time to visit them in the future.” Jerry knew what Ankhseram meant and gave his answer sincerely.

This is indeed the answer he gave from the bottom of his heart. He and Ankhseram didn’t really have any grudges. At most, they just used each other to exchange some knowledge.

But he has a good friendship with everyone in Fairy Tail. Even if his strength exceeds Ankhseram’s in the future, he will not go to war with him and force this world to be included in his collection. This includes the world of Harry Potter and the world of the Socerer’s Apprentices.

After feeling Jerry’s assurance, Ankhseram was finally relieved.

Jerry has never let go of his vigilance since he first appeared. He has been worried that his world will be consumed one day because he has done this kind of thing before.

In this way, after bidding farewell to Ankhseram, Jerry returned to the Fairy Tail Guild.


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Published On: March 19, 2024

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