“Yes, I am Ankhseram, and I am Jerry’s friend. Since you are Jerry’s colleague, I will take care of you after your death.” Upon seeing this, Ankhseram gave his promise.

Originally, everyone didn’t really believe in the incredible fact that this old man was Ankhseram. But when Ankhseram opened his mouth, they suddenly realized who he was, and all doubts about Ankhseram’s identity disappeared automatically.

This is his power. The moment he says his identity in his own world, no creature born in this world will have any doubts. But it is precisely because everyone believes in Ankhseram, and they sigh in their hearts what kind of person Jerry is, who can actually make friends with a God.

At this time, they also understood that Jerry’s strength was infinitely stronger than the so-called Ten Wizard Saints. Not only can he wave his hand to immobilize Jellal and Trinity Ravens instantly, but he can also become friends with gods.

“Hey, would you look at that?” Just after introducing Ankhseram, Jerry suddenly sighed and turned his head to look towards the south of the island.

He saw that in the cloudless sky, a huge black floating magic ship appeared at some point, and the floating magic ship was flying in his direction at an extremely fast speed.

“Did the Council send someone here?” Seeing the black magic ship, some mages began to make guesses.

Jellal shook his head when he saw this, “Impossible; the Council does not have such a magic ship, and the Council should have been destroyed by now.”

As a former member of the Council, Jellal is quite familiar with the Council.

Seeing everyone was confused, Jerry did not hide the information he knew. Instead, he smiled and said directly, “It is not the Council, but the mastermind behind today’s incident. The Grimoire’s Heart.”

“The Grimoire’s heart?” Makarov had a puzzled look on his face.

There are many dark guilds, and as far as he knows, the most troubling one is probably a guild called “OraciĆ³n Seis”. When the guild masters of the major guilds gathered together, they discussed when to join forces to take them out.

This is the first time he has heard of the Grimoire’s Heart today.

It is obviously not a small dark guild. Most of the guilds can own a priceless large-scale air transport magic transportation like a magic airship. Knowing that no one knew much about the Grimoire’s Heart, Jerry didn’t intend to explain it one by one. He felt that it was better to let them know it themselves in this situation.

Jerry raised his hand and pointed at the airship. Several magics were activated at the same time, and a terrifying light instantly enveloped the airship.

After the light landed, the airship had been destroyed out by powerful energy, and Hades, Blunote, and all members of the Seven Kin of Purgatory were all knocked down on the beach.


“The second guild master?”


“What? Her name is Ultear? My daughter Ultear?”

After all the members of the Grimoire’s Heart fell, everyone quickly met the people behind it.

Mavis and Makarov recognized the Devil’s Heart guild master. It was the second guild master who had been missing for many years. Subsequently, Jellal also recognized his colleagues like Ultear, whom he thought to have been killed. His shout also alerted Ur, and the scene became a bit chaotic.

At this time, Jerry had already expected it and casually drew a portal leading and said to everyone, “Let’s bring them back first and ask them what’s going on. The things involved are very complicated, and they probably can’t be explained in a short while. Ankhseram and I have to leave for a few days.”

Without waiting for anyone to answer, Jerry nodded toward Ankhseram, and they disappeared on the spot.

As for the Grimoire’s Heart guild, Hades and Ultear could explain the situation, and Jerry is no longer needed. What he wants most now is to have a chat with Ankhseram and exchange knowledge on using laws and experiences in creating a world.

Seeing Jerry and Ankhseram disappear, everyone was stunned for a moment. They quickly reacted and, together with all the members of Grimoire’s Heart, crossed the portal and returned to the guild.

They indeed have many questions and doubts that need to be answered.

In the temple of Ankhseram.

After discussing it for three consecutive days and nights, both Jerry and Ankhseram were satisfied.

Jerry has been to too many places, especially the world of Marvel. Where the galaxy system is very big, the world construction and development are more detailed, so Ankhseram has a lot of inspiration for future development.

Jerry felt that Ankhseram’s method of creating a second world and building a special world benefited him a lot.

Especially the creation of the Celestial Spirit World. The Celestial Spirit World is essentially different from the normal world, and the Celestial Spirits derived from it are also unique.

Having figured out the principle, maybe he can also give the same characteristics to his own world in the future.

“By the way, can I ask about your origins?” As the discussion ended, Jerry asked the question he had always wanted to ask.

He has always wanted to know the creators of worlds like Ankhseram. They woke up from the darkness and began to study and create the world on their own. o he was originally born in a certain world. After becoming strong, he breaks away from the previous world and creates his own world outside.

Hearing Jerry’s question, Ankhseram was stunned for a moment and explained, “Before I created my own world, I was just a magician pursuing the truth of magic. Speaking of which, that was already billions of years ago.”

In this way, Ankhseram began to tell Jerry some stories about the world he was born in and how he left the world he originally lived in and came out to create his own world.


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