“Very interesting magic.”

After handling the situation, Jerry came to Jellal, released magic on Erza, who was knocked unconscious, observed it for a while, and chuckled. The magic on Jellal is not the kind of forced control magic he learned before, unlike the Imperius Curse. It’s more of a psychological hint kind of magic.

This type of mind control is more terrifying than forced mind control. As the strength of the controlled person increases, the control will gradually become weaker, and the controlled person is likely to break away.

But the magic that Ultear cast on Jellal could not be lifted even though Jellal’s strength had reached S-Class level and even surpassed Ultear. He had not even noticed that there was something in him or that he was being controlled. This is what Jerry finds most interesting.

At his level, most battles focus on understanding the magic and the use of energy. So, learning a novel and unique magic is something to him.

“What? Jellal is controlled by a magic?” Erza heard Jerry’s words, quickly jumped out of Jellal’s arms, replaced the armor, and moved toward Jerry.

She knew that there must be a reason why Jellal became like this; he had turned evil.

“Yes, I will help him free from this magic first.” Jerry nodded, stretched out his right hand, and touched the center of Jellal’s eyebrows. Powerful magic instantly rushed into Jellal’s heart and erased the magic left by Ultear.

“Alright!” The moment he retracted his hand, Jerry freed all the island mages.

However, after being lifted, all the mages in the Tower did not dare to make any further moves. After all, the moment Jerry immobilized them, they were scared.

“How could this happen? How could I ever do those things?” At this time, Jellal had been released from being controlled and returned to usual sense. Thinking back to the things he had done over the years, he knelt on the ground and shed tears.

Erza knelt down when she saw this, held him in her arms, and comforted him in a low voice. Jellal returned to normal, and the battle against the Fairy Tail guild ended. Erza’s former friends understood everything now.

“Well, now that everything has been explained clearly and you have nowhere to go, how about joining our guild?” After everyone calmed down, Jerry smiled and invited Jellal and others to join the guild.

With his strength, he will not stay in this world for long. If he leaves again, he may not come back next time. So he hopes to recruit more people on Fairy Tail.

In the original work, Jellal and Ultear formed the Crime Sorcière to make up for their sins, specifically to deal with the Dark Guild. But Jerry doesn’t think it’s necessary. It would be great for them to join Fairy Tail to deal with the Dark Guild, as they will have more people to work with.

“But the Council probably won’t let us go and join Fairy Tail.” Hearing Jerry’s invitation, Jellal was excited because Erza was in the guild. But he knew that the Council would not let him go easily based on what he had done.

He feared that he would eventually be sentenced for their crime after joining Fairy Tail.

“Don’t worry, I will solve the problem later.” Jerry waved his hand.

If he remembered correctly after Ultear used her magic to control the entire Council, the people lost trust in the Council, and all the remaining Council members were forced to resign. The newly established Magic Council has a people.

In the end, Jellal and his several friends became the new members of Fairy Tail.

“By the way, Jerry, you still haven’t introduced us to this person.” After handling Jellal’s matter, Makarov pointed at Ankhseram, who had been standing there the whole time, and asked Jerry cautiously.

He has no objection to Jerry inviting Jellal to join the guild. Although he is still the guild master, everything has been given to Jerry, so he will not interfere with Jerry’s decision.

He wondered who the old man who suddenly appeared next to Jerry was. For some reason, this old man gave him a scary feeling. Even Mavis seemed to be afraid of him and told him that she sensed a dark power in him.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce you. This is my new friend I just made, Ankhseram.”

When Makarov asked, Jerry remembered that he had not introduced Ankhseram to everyone. It was mainly because he felt that Ankhseram was unlikely to have any interaction with everyone.

Ankhseram nodded slightly when he saw Jerry introducing himself. To him, these people are all mortals who grew up in the world he created. Their status is not worthy of his attention. If Jerry hadn’t introduced them, he would not have nodded.

“Ankhseram?” Makarov had a puzzled look on his face. He felt that the name seemed familiar.

“It’s Ankhseram!” Mavis reacted faster than Makarov, immediately revealing Ankhseram’s true identity.

Because she has the curse from Ankhseram on her body, she is more sensitive to his aura. She was a little suspicious, but now it was confirmed by Jerry, and she immediately thought of it.

“What? God Ankhseram?” Hearing the words, everyone present was stunned to the spot.

Ankhseram is the most powerful God in the legends of this world. He is the God of creation who is in charge of life and death in this world. There are statues of Gods in many places, but he is one of the gods that most people believe in.

“It really looks like it.”

At this moment, everyone suddenly discovered that the old man’s appearance was very similar to the statue of God Ankhseram that they knew.


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