“I just want to remind you that you can take away anyone you want in this world. As long as you don’t take away too much, I won’t stop you from it. But I hope you will have some mercy on these magic powers.”

Ankhseram walked up to the Tower and tapped it gently. The Tower contained 2.7 billion magic powers, instantly shattered, turned into the purest magic power, and returned.

Jerry watched Ankhseram’s movements and did not stop him. He can’t defeat him now, and the magic power of the Tower is not that important to him.

Now that the ring world has been completely built, what he needs more than magic is the further development and expansion of the world. If he really needs magic power, there are many more ways to get it in the main world than in these worlds.

Now that Ankhseram appears, he wants to see if he can get closer to him and if there is an opportunity for him to talk about how to create and build a world. Although Ankhseram is a god of this small world, he is still something and a lot can be learned from, such as the Celestial Spirit World he created.

“Maybe I’m reckless. Don’t worry, brother. I will not take away this from this world. I just didn’t know it before that it would affect your world.”

“Hey, it’s okay because you don’t know it. It’s not that I’m stingy, but it’s not easy for me to develop into it now. I’m not as talented as you, you know.”

Ankhseram saw that Jerry really didn’t seem to act hostile to him and felt relieved. He had been debating for a long time whether to show up to warn him today. Not to mention, his strength is pretty good; even if he would have a hard time defeating him, he wouldn’t take any chance to upset him.

Perhaps after leaving this time, he may be stronger than him the next time he appears again.

“Ah, you’re too much. Compared to you, who built this world, there is also the Celestial Spirit World. I’ve just built my first world, and I’m still far behind you. If you have time, I wonder if you would be willing to discuss things about it?” Jerry flattered him and tried his shot.

Hearing this, Ankhseram rolled his eyes, showing a heart-beating expression. In his opinion, Jerry’s ability to achieve such great achievements in such a short period of time must be something unique. If he can understand something from him, maybe he can really grow further than him.

The panel is anchored in time every time Jerry enters the Fairy Tail world. Anksheram can tell the true age of Jerry’s body and soul, and he is a hundred years at most. A hundred years is already a long life for a normal person, but it’s really short for them, the creators who can create the world.

It is terrifying for him to be able to create a world in just a hundred years.

“Of course, that would be great.” Ankhseram agreed to Jerry’s proposal.

Jerry’s expression remained unchanged, but he was ecstatic inside and smiled, “Okay, give me a minute. I’ll take care of something here first.”

“Take your time. There is plenty of time.” Ankhseram touched his long beard and waved the wand in his hand, and the time of the entire world returned to normal again.

“It’s time to end this!”

Jellal looked at Erza, who was temporarily knocked to the ground by his own magic. He summoned most of his body’s magic power and used his strongest magic.

He wasn’t sure whether this attack could eliminate all the Fairy Tail mages in one fell swoop. Still, it would definitely attract everyone’s attention, allowing him to take Erza back to the Tower to start the sacrificial ceremony.

He saw that under Jellal’s magic, a huge meteorite in the sky was about to crash towards the island. Seeing the huge meteorite appearing in the sky, the expressions of all the Fairy Tail mages changed.

Everything will be obliterated if such a large meteorite hits the entire island.

“Don’t even think about it!” Makarov saw this, stuffed the last bit of ice cream into his mouth, and used his magic to turn into a giant and catch the meteorite with his bare hands.

Other mages also used their strongest defensive magic. Seeing that his plan had succeeded, Jellal grabbed Erza on the ground and activated the magic he had prepared in advance, trying to teleport back to the sacrificial circle on the top of the Tower.

“That’s impossible!” However, after activating the circle, his expression suddenly changed because the circle suddenly failed.

Turning his head to look at the Tower, he realized why the magic failed because the Tower that was supposed to be there had now disappeared. Without it, he cannot do his things.

“Where is my Tower? How come a big Tower like that went missing?”

He still couldn’t find the Tower of Paradise he had carefully planned for many years. Only Jerry was located there, and an unknown old man was holding a cane.

“You! You’re the one who did this!” Jellal was holding Erza and was about to go forward to fight Jerry and the old man when he was suddenly frightened by the old man’s aura on the spot.

“Go back.” He saw the unknown old man holding a cane, walking and chatting with Jerry. He seemed to be aware of the meteorite that was about to fall. He frowned, raised his head, and shouted at the meteorite.

Jellal discovered that the huge meteorite he had cast with most of his magic power suddenly stopped in the air, flew into the sky at a fast speed, and disappeared.

“What’s going on?”

The Fairy Tail mages who saw the large meteorite flew and disappeared were also stunned by this moment. Could it be that Jellal realized something and stopped his magic?

“Okay, now, let’s stop the fight.”

When everyone was confused, Jerry brought Ankhseram back to the Fairy Tail guild side, waved his hand to cast his magic directly, and placed all the Tower members, including Jellal, trapped on the island.


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Published On: March 16, 2024

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