In the sky above a certain sea, inside a huge airship.

Hades looked at the dimmed crystal ball and couldn’t help but close his eyes and murmured, “Mavis, is it really you?”

In high spirits, he went to Tenrou Island with Yuri and Warrod to search for the most precious Tenrou Jade. That year, he met Mavis and fell in love with her. Mavis is beautiful, lively, kind, and smart. Like him, he likes to read magic books, study and create magic.

It’s a pity that he is not as handsome as Yuri and lost one eye during a battle. He thought he was not worthy of Mavis, who was as perfect as a fairy, so he hid his love in his heart.

Later, Yuri got his own lover. He thought he had a chance, but he didn’t expect that Mavis suddenly disappeared when Yuri’s son was born and his wife died. He appeared again a year later but was carried by Zeref and thrown at the entrance of the guild, becoming a half-dead person with only weak signs of life.

He spent three years trying to save Mavis, only to find that Ankhseram cursed Mavis. He didn’t know how to tell Yuri and Warrod the news, so he had to declare Mavis’ death and build an empty tomb for her on Tenrou Island, where they had met before.

He secretly studied a lot of dark magic, tried every means to lift the curse, and tried to resurrect Mavis. During this period, he discovered that the weak signs of life in Mavis’ body at first did not come from herself but because of her pregnancy.

After separating Mavis’s child from her body, he had very complicated emotions and decided to abandon it.

Years later, Yuri died of depression due to the death of his wife and Mavis. Warrod became more and more silent, and he was the only one left to run the guild.

Decades later, after countless attempts, Mavis’ body failed to be resurrected and mutated into the Fairy Heart. At this time, he finally understood that with his current level of magic, it was simply not enough to resurrect Mavis.

He passed the guild master position to Yuri’s son, Makarov, and traveled alone, hoping to find the magic to resurrect Mavis. Twenty years later, his life was about to come to an end, but he still could not find the magic to resurrect Mavis. His thoughts began to go to the extreme method.

Only then did he realize that with his own ability, he would never be able to resurrect Mavis. Only by finding Mavis’ teacher, Zeref, who had lived for hundreds of years, could he resurrect Mavis.

He began to form the Grimoire Heart Guild and began to recruit dark mages to complete his plan step by step. But today, someone said that Mavis was resurrected. Although he thought this was impossible, he could not ignore it.

“Gather the other members and set to the Tower of Heaven!” Hades slowly opened his eyes and ordered to the side.

A very strong figure wearing a white coat walked out of the shadow, “Yes, guild master. I have told you before that you don’t have to worry so much. With just one order, without you taking any action personally, I and the Seven Kin of Purgatory can bulldoze anyone in the way.”

“Go.” Hades waved his hand and didn’t explain much.

“It’s coming!”

On the ship near the Tower of Paradise, Jerry and everyone watched the Etherion, which was about to hit the Tower of Heaven, from a distance, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

The power collided with the Tower, and a dazzling light lit up, instantly making everyone unable to help but close their eyes. When everyone opened their eyes, they suddenly realized that the Tower was not damaged as Jellal had said before. Instead, it had turned into a magic crystal tower full of magic power.

“Jerry, what do you think we should do now?” Makarov asked Jerry for advice.

Although he is the current guild master, he has basically handed over the power to Jerry, so he feels that it is more appropriate for Jerry to make the decision in this situation.

“Let’s find Jellal.” With a wave of his hand, a gust of wind directly dragged the ship up from the sea and landed on the island again.

The Etherion has been completely used. There is no need to waste time talking nonsense to him but to knock down Jellal’s group of people and remove the magic from his mind.

Seeing that Jerry and others turned back, Jellal no longer hesitated then and directly gave the order to attack. The final form of the Tower has been completed, and all it takes is the sacrifice of Erza to resurrect Zeref.

“Jellal!” Erza roared loudly, held two big swords, flapped her wings, and rushed towards him.

Other mages followed closely behind, each using their magic to fight. In the end, only the three guild masters walk slowly behind.

Because of Jerry’s words, Mavis did not dare to use magic, so she did not go up to cause trouble. Makarov simply felt that the current situation was not serious and that he did not need to take action. Besides, there was Jerry beside him.

As for Jerry, his current goal is to take care of the Tower. As for the fight between the two sides, he would just leave it to the others.

Most of the mages in this world rely on combat to improve themselves, so opportunities like this are rare. Jerry felt that even if he didn’t take action, Fairy Tail’s mages might win.

Although Jellal and Trinity Raven are on the opposite side and are on par with S-Class mages, Fairy Tail also has Ur, Erza, Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, Juvia, etc., who are also on par with S-Class mages.

Moreover, there is a traitor on Jellal’s side who has long seen through Jellal’s plan.


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Published On: March 12, 2024

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