“Yes, I can prove that Zeref cannot be killed.” Mavis raised her hand.

Jellal looked at the little girl, narrowed his eyes, and showed an angry look, “You’re playing tricks on me!”

He did not believe that the first guild master of Fairy Tail was still alive, let alone that this little girl with no magic power in front of him could be the first guild master. He felt that they were just tricking him.

However, what he didn’t know was that what Jerry said was true. He couldn’t sense the powerful magic power in Mavis’s body because Mavis was layered by Jerry’s shielding spell.

“Since you don’t believe it, forget it. We won’t play your game anyway. I think we should leave and collect the corpses for you after this place is bombarded to ashes.” Jerry waved his hand and led all the mages to board the ship again, intending to stay away from here first.

“What do we do now, attack them?” Ikaruga slowly drew out the katana at her waist, preparing to attack.

But Jellal raised his hand to stop her, “No, we can’t stop them. We must find a way to get them to stay and fight and find the right opportunity to kill Jerry directly or snatch Erza away while he is busy.”

“To tell you the truth, the Etherion cannot destroy the Tower. It can only provide the Tower with magic power that can resurrect Zeref.” Jellal didn’t believe his lies at all.

The response he got was only a few words from Jerry that he didn’t care, “As long as you are happy.”

At the Magic Council, before the Etherion was activated, Ultear was discussing the plan with Jellal’s other body.

“Sir Jellal, after the Etherion is launched, I will use time magic to make the Council disappear completely, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Using such powerful magic, you may not be able to survive.” Jellal looked at the device that was slowly starting to be activated under the control of many Magic Council mages, with a hint of concern on his face.

Ultear was another member of the Council he met when he disguised himself as Siegrain and sneaked into the Council. After being brainwashed by him, she becomes a die-hard loyalist who is only loyal to him.

“For Lord Zeref, I don’t care about death.” Ultear looked serious.

“After so many years, we have finally reached this point!” Ultear showed a look of satisfaction in her heart.

The Zeref that Jellal felt when he was being tortured was the result of her using magic to distort Jellal’s thoughts. What happened to Jellal later was caused by her. Jellal thought he had brainwashed her, but he didn’t know that she had already planned his life.

“Jellal, what’s wrong with you?” Ultear saw Jellal’s expression that he was confident of winning, his expression suddenly changed, and he suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. ˆ

“Under the magic of that person named Jerry, most of the mages from Fairy Tail Guild came over, and among them was a kid named Mavis who claimed to be the first guild master, saying that Zeref was not dead.” Jellal’s brows furrowed as if he was thinking about something.

When Ultear heard this, she was stunned on the spot. Of course, she knew that Zeref was not dead.

The purpose of controlling Jellal to cause this series of events was not to resurrect Zeref but to cause chaos in the Council. Once the Etherion is released, it will be impossible to release it again without a few years of collecting magic power.

Without threats from the Etherion and the Council, she can fully destroy Fairy Tail, find Zeref, and bring back the dark era. What surprised her was that Zeref was not dead but that the first guild master of Fairy Tail was alive, appeared in the Tower of Heaven, and knew Zeref’s specific location.

Although she didn’t know whether it was true or not, she felt that such important information should be reported to Hades first.

“The Etherion is about to be launched. I’m going to prepare the next step.” Ultear said goodbye to Jellal, who was still frowning and thinking. She quietly went to a remote place and started to contact Hades.

“What? You said that the first guild master of Fairy Tail has appeared now?” When Ultear finished reporting the information, Hades’s emotions exploded instantly.

“Yes, this is the current report, but I think that’s probably untrue.” After following Hades for so many years, this was the first time she saw Hades acting surprised.

Hades’s next words also made her truly realize who this Mavis is in Hades’ heart.

“After dealing with the Council, return directly to the guild. I will go there in person to verify the authenticity.”

“But guild master…” Ultear rarely hesitated about Hades’s sudden decision.

You must know that the Grimoire Heart Guild has been hidden in the shadows for so many years, and no one even has any idea of their existence. Their purpose is to get Zeref at the last moment.

Because of the news about the resurrection of Mavis, he had to change the plan that had been formulated for so many years and make an early appearance without even knowing whether it was true or false. Ultear thought this was something that he shouldn’t do.

“Don’t you understand what I’m saying?” However, Hades was not so rational at this time. He did not give Ultear a chance to speak and directly emphasized his tone.

Ultear didn’t dare to say anything when she saw this. She directly replied respectfully, “Yes, guild master, I understand.”

It was a little hasty, but as long as the Etheriion was successfully launched and the Council was destroyed, it seemed that Hades and others could make a move even if it was completely exposed.

After thinking about it in her mind, Ultear no longer hesitated and continued to act according to the original plan.


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