“By the way, what do you mean by the first guild master?” Erza suddenly remembered the first guild master mentioned by Jerry just now.

“It’s me! It’s me!” Mavis pulled Natsu away, and raised her hand happily.

Erza looked at the little girl and turned her head stiffly to look at Makarov. Makarov crossed his arms and nodded firmly.

“It’s a long story, but this is indeed our first guild master, the legendary mage Mavis Vermillion, who is known as the Fairy Strategist.”

“I died for a reason before, and Jerry brought me back to life.” Mavis explained.

“Resurrected?” Everyone immediately stared at Jerry.

They always thought that the first guild master was not dead but was sealed, and Jerry used magic to lift the seal. Unexpectedly, she had died, and Jerry resurrected her.

The resurrection of the dead is a taboo in magic, and it is also a magic that a mage has never done in so many years. The R-System is the magic invented by Zeref that can resurrect the dead, but it has never been proven. It is understandable that Mavis’ words greatly impacted all the people present.

Jerry saw this and waved his hand quickly, “The guild master is a special case. Her body is intact, her soul is strong enough, and she is not dead. That’s why I can use special methods to get her back to life.”

He did not acknowledge his ability to raise the dead. Because Zeref studied resurrection magic, he was cursed by Ankhseram. This shows that Ankhseram hates this kind of thing. Although he resurrected Mavis and Ankhseram, it did not stop him; if he resurrected too many people who should have died, it would inevitably anger Ankhseram.

Hearing Jerry’s explanation, everyone suddenly realized that it was due to special circumstances. It would be really scary if Jerry could resurrect the dead at will. Mavis also realized that she had said something she shouldn’t have said and immediately changed the subject.

“Your name is Erza, right? Can you tell me who kidnapped you and why they kidnapped you?”

Everyone turned their attention to Erza again. Everyone is coming here to save Erza, but now that Erza has flown out on her own, they want to know what happened.

Her eyes darkened, and she no longer concealed her life experience but told everyone everything.

She was abandoned as an orphan when she was a child. When she was a little older, she grouped and wandered with Jellal and others, who were also orphans. When she was ten years old, she was captured by a mage and used as a slave to build the R-System.

At the age of eleven, she and Jellal led all the slaves to resist the mage and were defeated. Jellal was captured and tortured.

When she awakened the magic in her body and defeated all the mages in one fell swoop, Jellal suddenly changed his temperament and defeated her easily. He expelled her from the Tower alone and told her former friends that she had betrayed everyone.

Now, Jellal has become the same person as the previous mage, leading his brainwashed friends to build the R-System to resurrect Zeref, restart the world, and become a ruler of the world. This was all the things she found at the Tower.

“Welcome to the Tower of Heaven. I am Jellal, the ruler of this Tower. I didn’t expect that everyone would go so much for Erza!” While Erza was explaining her life experience, Jellal was wearing a blue robe and walked out of the Tower with the Trinity Raven, his friends, and other henchmen.

The Tower of Heaven can only be activated with Erza’s sacrifice. If Erza is allowed to escape, all efforts will be wasted. So, he had to bring all his men out and find a way to hold them.

“Jellal!” Seeing Jellal appear, Erza’s eyes showed a complicated look.

She didn’t know what kind of torture Jellal had gone through on her behalf before his personality changed into what it is now.

“Makarov, you can see that this Tower has been completely built, and I will be able to use it to resurrect Zeref in the future. But now I want to play a game with you. I call it the Heaven’s Game.”

“The game itself is to see if you can break through our defenses and go to the Tower to prevent the resurrection of Zeref. If you win, the crisis is dealt with. If we win, Zeref will be resurrected, and the world will be in ruins. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the Council has decided to use Etherion to destroy the Tower of Paradise. You have to hurry up; otherwise, most of the people will die from that attack.” Jellal raised the corners of his mouth and threatened them.

He had nothing to do anymore. Even if he thought that Makarov was not his opponent, after all, he had a large number of people behind him. There was nothing he could do any more in this situation.

Moreover, he also has a mage who is proficient in time and space magic. If he wants to take everyone away, it will be difficult for him to stop them.

“Etherion? You are crazy, Jellal. You can’t even survive under the Etheiron power!” Hearing Jellal’s threat, Erza showed an angry look on her face.

Etheiron is the Magic Council’s ultimate weapon to maintain the magic world’s order. Using the satellite magic array to combine a huge energy bomb with 2.7 billion Edeas of Magic Power, it can accurately launch super-destructive magic anywhere in the world.

However, everyone looked at each other with expressions of confusion, and no one seemed to want to step forward to fight. This situation also stunned Jellal; it seemed to be different from what he had thought.

Jerry saw the scene, so he stepped forward and coughed, “Jellal, Zeref is not dead, and he is now the emperor of the Western Continent. Even if your Tower is activated, it will not have any effect.”

“Zeref is still alive? That’s impossible!” He frowned and didn’t believe it at all. When he was tortured as a child, he clearly heard the voice of Zeref and understood its meaning.

His mission is to resurrect Zeref, restart this world, and gain true freedom.

“Zeref is the teacher of our first guild master. She can vouch!” Seeing that Jellal didn’t believe it, Jerry pointed at Mavis.

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