Thousands of magic cannons sounded at the same time, and they attacked directly toward the wooden ship. When Mavis saw this, she was about to use magic to defend them, but Jerry reached out to stop her.

“You have a shielding spell on you. Let me do it.”

Jerry stretched out his hand and made a stroke, and a circle of fire immediately appeared in front of the ship. Countless cannon projectiles entered the circle of fire and disappeared. When they reappeared, they were back on top of the island.

For Jerry, this kind of magic is the easiest. He can just return their attacks.

The dark mages on the island looked at the projectiles falling from the sky and were so frightened that they quickly used their best magic defense. It’s a pity that most of them are not strong, and they suffered heavy casualties in a round of bombardment.

“Tell Lord Jellal that a strong enemy is attacking the island, and we may not be able to defend it!” After resisting the bombardment, one of the slightly stronger mages looked at the wooden ship, getting closer, and shouted loudly to the person next to him.

The person beside him quickly turned around and rushed toward the Tower behind him in fear. At the same time, Jellal was using his magic to clone himself in the Council building to trick the Council into launching an attack on the Tower. When he heard the sound of magic cannons ringing outside, he had a slightly surprised look on his face.

He thought that Natsu and the others would choose to sneak in secretly, but he prepared gifts for them.

“Lord Jellal, a big ship is coming from outside. All the shells fired by our cannon were thrown back, and many of our men were killed.” A mage in a black uniform hurriedly rushed into the hall to report.

When Jellal heard the report, he couldn’t help but murmur, “It seems that Jerry Carmen, who is an expert in space and time magic, is here. This is getting more and more interesting!”

“Just leave it to the “Trinity Raven” to defeat that strong enemy!” At this time, next to Jellal, a ghost-like mage holding a guitar said with a smile.

The Trinity Raven was an elite trio of mages from the Assassin’s Guild Death’s Head Caucus. In the eyes of the mages of the Fairy Tail Guild, Jerry must be someone from the Ten Wizard Saints, and even in the eyes of Makarov, Jerry may be much more powerful than him.

But in the eyes of most people outside, Jerry is just a pseudo Ten Wizard Saints and a more powerful S-Class mage. They feel that the battle between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord mainly depends on Makarov.

“Since Vidaldus is so confident, I will leave him to you. I will personally bring Erza back and use her as a sacrifice to resurrect Zeref.” Jellal stood up from his seat, exuding powerful magic that made them tremble.

“I have heard about the Fairy Queen’s reputation for a long time. If possible, please let me fight with her before she is sacrificed.” At this time, an adult woman with cherry blossom hair, wearing a white low-cut kimono and holding a samurai sword, took a step forward among the trio.

She is Ikaruga, the most powerful one among the Trinity Raven. She is best at using Magic Sword, claiming that she can cut off anything with the sword.

“I don’t mind with that.” Jellal nodded.

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud shout outside the Tower that made their ears hurt.

“Listen, the Fairy Tail Guild has surrounded you. Put down all resistance and release Erza. This is your only way out.”

“We have here the first guild master, Mavis, the third guild master, Makarov, Ur, Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, Lucy, and Juvia surrounding you. Also, Jerry Carmen is here to apprehend you.”

“So, stop what you are doing as it is futile. This is not a warning but a kind reminder! “

At this time, Vidaldus no longer had the arrogance he had before, with a look of disbelief on his face. Jellal was originally confident of winning and finally began to change his expression.

“Are you sure this will work? I don’t think these guys will listen.” Under the Tower, near a pile of mages that had been knocked down, Natsu said to Jerry, who was shouting in front of him.

After they had just landed ashore to clear away the mages guarding the Tower, they were about to split up and go to the Tower in front to look for Erza, but Jerry stopped them.

“Of course, they won’t listen. I just want to tell Erza that we are here!” Jerry stopped the Amplifying Charm, turned to Natsu, and smiled.

With Erza’s strength, of course, she would not be kidnapped so easily. But because she was kidnapped by her former friend and planned to enter the Tower alone to deal with Jellal, she did not fight back much.

Jerry shouted this to let Erza know that all the mages from Fairy Tail were here, so that she would come down to find them first. Besides, the people in the Tower are not evil. They were just deceived.

Sure enough, as Jerry’s voice fell, a window halfway up the Tower suddenly opened. Erza flew down wearing her armor and carrying a yellow-haired boy.

“Jerry, Guild master, why are you all here?”

“Ah, Erza! It’s great that you’re okay. I used Jerry’s magic device to go back to the guild to ask for help. Everyone came over when they heard you had been kidnapped.” Lucy saw Erza appear and immediately hugged her excitedly.

Before returning to the main world, Jerry did not know about the Tower. But at that time, in case of an emergency, he gave Lucy a portkey in case she needed something. The purpose is to notify him that Natsu and others had done a lot of public property damage and prevent them from being held accountable by the Council.

“Everyone…” Erza looked at all the members of the guild.

She thought this was her private matter and did not want to involve the guild and hurt her friends because of her. But she didn’t expect that everyone was so concerned about her, and when they heard she was in danger, they all came over.

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