In the sea, a small wooden boat is traveling. Gray looked at Natsu, who was vomiting, and asked with suspicion, “Natsu, are you leading the way in the right direction? Why is there nothing here? We trust your nose and let you lead the way!”

“Good thing that Lucy went to Jerry for help.” Juvia looked at Natsu.

“It seems that Natsu is seasick again.” As soon as Juvia’s voice fell, a teleportation array appeared on the small wooden boat, and Jerry walked out of the teleportation array.

All dragon slayers have the fatal weakness of riding a transportation. Jerry guessed that it must have been caused by Ankhseram, who deliberately used magic to weaken such a powerful group as the dragon slayers.

Seeing Jerry appear, Natsu seemed to see his savior instantly and rushed over. Jerry reached out and pointed at his forehead, adding a balance spell to him, which helped him get rid of the seasickness.

“I’m back!” Natsu returned to normal and immediately started to breathe out a fire in excitement.

“Jerry, it would be great if you could help.” Seeing that Jerry was coming over, Gray and Juvia suddenly felt confident.

Jerry is a person who can defeat anyone in a fight. He is also proficient in various types of magi and is considered an all-rounder mage.

“This boat is too small. Let me make it bigger first.”

Jerry first cast an Enlargement Spell on the small wooden boat, making it ten times larger, and stepped aside. Mavis leads the way, followed by Makarov, Ur, Gajeel, Elfman, Lucy, and Cana. All the mages who were in the guild at the time came with them.

Originally, Jerry planned to come alone. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a problem to let these guys take care of it. Also, he can take back the magic crystal Jellal has been planning for so many years and get it to add more power to his world.

However, when the guild hears that Erza has been kidnapped, the crowd becomes furious, and they all come over. Although everyone is usually a little afraid of Erza, her status in everyone’s hearts is still respectable.

“Whoever kidnapped Erza, I feel sorry for them.” Juvia had just joined Fairy Tail not long ago, looked at the ship of Fairy Tail mages, and couldn’t help but murmur.

Makarov is one of the Ten Wizard Saints. Jerry is about to become the fourth guild master and can be described as really powerful. Not counting others, they can sweep through any guild on the continent.

At this time, Juvia still didn’t know that the little girl standing next to Makarov was the first guild master president of Fairy Tail until Lucy walked out of the crowd and told what happened after she returned to the guild.

When Lucy returned to the guild, she mainly looked for Jerry to see if Jerry could find any trace of Erza. Because Natsu was seasick, he was really unreliable.

“There’s nothing wrong with my nose. Look, that’s the Tower of Heaven, like those guys said!” At this time, Natsu pointed forward and shouted loudly.

Everyone looked towards the small island in the distance, and sure enough, they saw a strange tower standing there. Besides it, there were many wrecks of ships hanging the flags of the Fiore Kingdom.

“Tower of Heaven, isn’t this the R-System that was destroyed before?” Makarov looked at the strange Tower in front of him with a thoughtful expression.

“Old man, what is the R-System?” Natsu asked curiously.

Makarov thought for a moment and explained. “The R-System, also called the Resurrection System, is a magic developed by the followers of Zeref, the most powerful and evil dark mage in history. Its main purpose is to resurrect Zeref through a large amount of magic power, hence called The R-System.”

“There used to be seven such towers in the world, but the Council and the major guilds later destroyed all of them. Erza was one of the slaves captured by the dark cultists to operate it. “

“Zeref’s resurrection?” Mavis had a surprised look on her face when he heard Makarov’s words.

“What’s wrong?” Makarov saw Mavis’s expression was different and asked quickly.

Mavis looked at everyone and slowly spoke, “I know Zeref. He was once teaching me, Hades, Warrod, and Yuri, but he can’t die. If nothing else happens, he should be still here now in the Western Continent.”

Mavis knew that Zeref also had a curse on him. Before Zeref’s curse killed her, Zeref told her that he was forming a kingdom on the Western Continent.

Everyone took a breath when they heard Mavis’ words. The rumored most ferocious Zeref is actually the first guild master teacher, and he is not dead yet. This news is something.

“He is not as evil as the legend says. He has no choice but to love the life in his heart.” Mavis thought of Zeref, and her eyes showed a hint of sadness.

“But doesn’t he create so many demons and want to destroy the world?” Ur asked with a frown.

Deliora, whom she once froze with her life, is one of the demons created by Zeref, and it is not even the most powerful demon. According to legend, Zeref has an army of demons containing hundreds of powerful demons he created to destroy the world.

“No, he made demons so that powerful demons could kill him, but all of them failed.”

Mavis and Zeref had many exchanges, especially during the last time they met, and the two lived together. She also learned some of Zeref’s past.

“Okay, let’s talk about this more later after we rescue Erza.” At this time, Jerry noticed the strange movement in the Tower in front and interrupted everyone.

At this time, on the isolated island, a large number of dark mages had noticed a ship and began to set up magic crystal cannons, intending to blast them all into pieces.


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