“Hey, Mirajane, give me a glass of wine!” Makarov jumped up to the bar and sat down with his hands behind his back, his face full of relaxation and comfort.

Mirajane filled a large glass of wine, handed it to Makarov, and said with a smile, “Guild master, you seem to be in a good mood since Jerry agreed to take over the guild.”

“Because I no longer have to listen to the nagging of those idiots in the council, and you don’t have to worry about the guild’s funds. How can you not be happy? By the way, where is Jerry?” Makarov took the glass and drank the wine in one gulp.

Mirajane pointed to the stairs leading to the basement, “He went to the basement and might be in the library to read magic books again.”

“Ah, good to know that he’s the next guild master and does not wander around much. At his age, I would venture out almost every day. If Hades hadn’t fooled me, I wouldn’t have been the president for many years ago.” Makarov couldn’t help but sigh after hearing this.

Thinking about it back then, he had a more fiery personality than Natsu. When he became the guild master, he was restrained due to the responsibilities he had to take.

“Jerry has been presiding over the guild’s affairs during this period. Is our guild’s fund looking good?” Speaking of this, Makarov showed a trace of worry on his face.

When the guild affairs were left to Jerry, the guild’s savings were low, “Don’t worry about that; our guild has sufficient funding for the next few years.”

Mirajane narrowed her eyes, took out a book, and handed it to Makarov. Makarov opened it, and his eyes suddenly widened.

“Why is there so much?!”

“With Jerry here, the guild no longer needs to pay the Council and the Kingdom about property damages. On the other hand, he said that he didn’t need his money, so he gave it all to the guild.” Mirajane explained with a smile.

Makarov closed the book and sighed from the bottom of his heart again, “Choosing Jerry to be the fourth guild master is really the wisest decision of my life!”

As soon as Makarov finished drinking, he saw Jerry’s figure revealed at the top of the stairs leading to the basement.

“Oh, Jerry!” He was just halfway through his greeting. He jumped off the bar in fright as if he had seen a ghost.

“Oh, is this Yuri’s son, Makarov? You were just born when I saw you last time, and now you are already an old man!” Mavis followed Jerry, saw Makarov running over with bare feet, and happily touched his forehead.

At this time, the guild mages who were drinking, chatting, and discussing their missions in the hall were shocked when they saw a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl touching their guild master’s head like a child.

“Jerry, what is going on?” Makarov certainly knows about the basement and the Fairy Heart.

When Hades passed the position to him, he had already told him everything.

“I am Mavis Vermillion, the first guild master and the founder of Fairy Tail, and I’m the one who gave your name when you were born.” Mavis pinched her waist, raised her hand, and patted Makarov on the head.

Jerry stepped forward and explained to Makarov, “I sensed a very powerful energy in the basement, discovered her, and restored her to normal.”

“That easy?!” Makarov twitched his mouth speechlessly when he heard Jerry’s explanation.

He planned to tell Jerry about the Fairy Heart in the basement after he officially took over as the guild master. Unexpectedly, Jerry discovered it himself and the entrance that Hades had set up with the strongest defensive magic was broken through.

The body of the first guild master was sealed inside, and Hades could not resurrect her for decades. But now, Jerry broke the door and resurrected her easily.

From Jerry’s tone, it didn’t sound like he had done something as earth-shattering as becoming the guild master. Rather, it seemed like he was saying that he had just gone to have a meal. Sometimes, he really felt that Jerry’s magic might be stronger than his.

“Mavis, I am the third guild master, Makarov Dreyar. I didn’t expect Jerry to be able to resurrect you. It’s really a surprise.” After confirming that the person in front of him was indeed Mavis, Makarov started to bow.

The founder of the Fairy Tail Guild, the creator of the Three Great Fairy Magics, the Fairy Tactician, and also Makarov’s idol when he was a child is in front of him right now.

“No need to act like that; I created Fairy Tail just to create a guild that feels like home so that people can trust and rely on each other like family. I heard from the fourth guild master that you did a good job on it, and I am pleased.” Mavis waved her hand and praised Makarov.

Makarov was excited to be recognized by Mavis. If it weren’t for the fact that there were many mages in the guild, he would have shed his tears. Next to him, Mirajane and the other mages in the guild were completely confused about the situation.

The first guild master? Is that little girl in front of them the first guild master? Is she the mage with the title of Fairy Tactician who founded the Fairy Tail Guild? But Fairy Tail has been around for a hundred years. Is this little girl a hundred years old?

However, before Makarov could explain to everyone, a spatial fluctuation flashed by the bar, revealing Lucy in a red evening dress.

“Erza was kidnapped!”

“What? Erza was kidnapped? Lucy, are you joking?”

Everyone had not yet recovered from the incident involving the little girl who was their first guild master, and they were shocked by the words of Lucy, who came back using the Portkey given by Jerry.

Erza is a powerful S-Class mage. Who would kidnap her?

“Yes, a group of people claiming to be Erza’s former companions appeared and kidnapped her. Juvia, Gray, and Natsu have already gone after her. Uh, who is this?” Lucy quickly told what had happened and was about to ask Makarov to give an order, but she looked at the little girl touching Makariv’s head.

“Lucy, this is our first guild master, Mavis Vermillion.” Jerry kindly introduced.

When Lucy heard this, her expression suddenly changed.


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