“Guild master, you know about the Celestial Spirit World, right? If you don’t understand anything it here, you can think of this place as a place I created similar to the Celestial Spirit World.” Jerry saw that Mavis didn’t understand, so he gave an example from this world.

Mavis’ soul flew into the air, looking at the wonderful scenery around her, and she couldn’t help but sigh, “I didn’t expect that the fourth guild master would be so powerful.”

He created a world that even Zeref, the most powerful wizard in her mind, could not do. Could it be that while she was sleeping, the magic in the world had developed to this point?

“Guild master, take your time and look at it later when you have time. I’ll resurrect you first.” As soon as Jerry stretched out his hand, he instantly sucked in Mavis’s soul, and she was picked up by the collar again.

After struggling for a while, Mavis said angrily, “Although I look like a child, I’m actually old!”

“I’m sorry. Even though I know about that, I still treat you as a child when I see you. I’m sorry.” Hearing this, Jerry quickly let go of Mavis and let her stand next to his body.

Mavis’s parents were mages from the Red Lizard Guild on Tenrou Island. They died during a mission, leaving Mavis to work in the guild. Mavis loved reading magic books since she was a child. When she was six, he memorized all the magic books in the guild.

That year, the Blue Skull Guild attacked the Red Lizard Guild, and all members were wiped out. In the end, Mavis survived. After seven years of living on Tenrou Island, Mavis merged the knowledge of the magic books in her memory, became a powerful mage, and defeated Hades, who came to look for the “Tenrou Jade”.

The four of them became friends without knowing each other and went to Magnolia Town, where the Blue Skull is located, trying to defeat them. However, the leader of the Blue Skull was very powerful, so the four of them were beaten and fled back to Tenrou Island to get the Tenrou Jade.

In the same year, the four of them met Zeref and became his disciples, and their strength was greatly improved. After that, the four of them fight the Blue Skull again and defeat them. However, due to Yuri’s carelessness, a dragon was released from the Jade.

In order to save Yuri, Mavis used the Fairy Law that had not been completed at that time, causing her body to no longer grow and stay at the age of thirteen. However, Jerry knew that although Mavis’ real age was not thirteen, she was not as old as she would have thought it would be.

Calculating the timeline of events, Mavis was more than one hundred years old. But given she had been in a comatose state for so long, at most, she would be in her mid-twenties.

“I’m going to start!” Before Mavis could say anything, Jerry activated his magic and quickly merged her soul and body into one.

As long as there is a soul, Jerry can resurrect her. What’s more, Mavis has a soul and a fully preserved body, which is even simpler for him. Under Jerry’s control, Mavis’s soul completely merged with her body in less than ten seconds, and she opened her eyes again.

“I am actually resurrected.” Mavis jumped up and down, feeling her body again, and screamed with excitement.

Although her soul is powerful and can even taste the taste of food, compared with her real body, it is definitely much better.

“Hey, you said I will not be affected by the curse in this world, but will I still be affected by the curse if I leave here, right?” Mavis immediately thought of something.

Jerry thought for a moment and replied, “Theoretically, yes. Because as long as you return to the outside world, your curse will reappear, and I cannot completely remove it. However, although there is no way to cure it completely, there are ways to treat the properties.”

He was not lying about this because unless Anksheram took the initiative to lift the curse, Mavis would definitely still be affected by the curse as long as she returned to the Fairy Tail world.

“So, do you have any solution?” Mavis asked.

Although it would be nice to live here after being resurrected, Mavis still wants to see how the guild she created has developed, to see if her former friends are still there, and where the person she loved has gone.

“I can cast a powerful shielding spell on you to temporarily block all your aura so that Anksheram curse cannot affect you, but the premise is that you cannot use too powerful magic out there.”

Jerry can’t change the laws of other worlds or doesn’t want to do it. That may touch Anksheram’s magic territory, but it would be much simpler just to block Mavis’s magic. As long as Anksheram turns a blind eye, there will be no problem with it.

At this point, Anksheram has not shown up yet, and he feels there is a high probability that he will not trouble Jerry over this small matter. Jerry has been testing him from the beginning to now, and the results are obvious.

He doesn’t know whether it was out of fear or because he didn’t want to antagonize a powerful being like Jerry, but Anksheram didn’t react to him at all. Jerry is happy to see the outcome of this situation. After all, with hard power, Anksheram cannot defeat Jerry easily.


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Published On: March 5, 2024

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