“Well, I can’t afford to offend you.” In the gap between time and space above Magnolia Town, an old man wearing a black robe and looking like a skeleton looked in the direction of the Fairy Tail Guild and shook his head.

This old man is none other than Anksheram. How could Anksheram not know about Jerry, an alien from another world? He had already noticed it as soon as he appeared in this world.

But he didn’t dare to make any move because his existence was something that he couldn’t afford to risk over. As long as he does not do too much in this world, even if he is unhappy about it, he will not take action against him.

Tenrou Island, in front of the tomb of the first guild master, Mavis, Jerry slowly appeared while holding Mavis’s body.

He knew that after Zeref’s curse killed Mavis, while the second guild master took her body away, her soul remained on Tenrou Island, sleeping in the building built for her by the second guild master.

“Hades must be deeply in love with Mavis at that time.” Jerry thought to himself, looking at the exquisite tomb in front of him.

In the beginning, Hades, Warrod, and Yuri, Makarov’s father, were all treasure hunters in the Sylph Labyrinth Guild.

The three of them went to Tenrou together to find the S-Class secret treasure called “Tenrou Jade”, where they met Mavis. The four experienced a series of adventures together, and all learned powerful magic from Zeref.

Finally, after Mavis founded the Fairy Tail Guild, the three decisively left the Sylph Labyrinth and joined Fairy Tail. In the stories he read, the three of them seemed to have strange feelings for Mavis. Only Yuri recognized the reality and married a wife and had children, while Hades and Warrod both stayed single their entire lives.

He felt that if Hades had not loved Mavis deeply, he would not have spent decades studying how to resurrect Mavis.

“Who are you?” Possibly feeling her own body, Mavis, who had been sleeping in the tomb, gradually woke up and slowly flew out.

Looking at Mavis’s soul appearing, Jerry smiled and began to introduce himself, “Hello, first guild master. My name is Jerry Carmen, the Mage of Fairy Tail and the fourth guild master of Fairy Tail.”

“Has the guild reached the fourth generation? It seems that I have been sleeping for a long time. Hey, you look pretty strong.” Mavis is like a little girl. She hears Jerry say that he is the fourth guild master and immediately starts to look around him with great interest.

“But why are you holding my body here?” She looked at her body being held by Jerry, showing a puzzled expression.

Jerry directly stated his purpose, “I have mastered a special magic that can resurrect you. I came here to resurrect you.”

“Resurrect me?” Mavis’ soul was floating in the air, with a surprised look on her face, and said to Jerry seriously.

“Do you know that resurrecting a dead person is a taboo thing? Even if you really master the magic, don’t do it, or a terrible magic will curse you.”

As Zeref’s apprentice and lover, Mavis has some understanding of what happened to Zeref. She knew that both she and Zeref had violated the taboo and were cursed by Ankhseram. She had created the Fairy Law, and Zeref had violated the boundary between life and death.

So she didn’t want the fourth guild master to be like them and end up with the same fate.

“I know about that; you are talking about Ankhseram’s Curse, right? But it doesn’t matter. I have a way to deal with him.” Jerry was not frightened by Mavis’ words.

The reason why Ankhseram can curse Zeref and Mavis is because the two people were born in the world he created, and they are easily affected by the magic in this world. Coupled with the huge gap in strength between the two, it is possible for them to be cursed that badly.

But Jerry is not from this world, and as a universe level being, he has his own world and power. It is difficult for his magic to have a direct effect on him.

Seeing that Jerry’s eyes and tone were very sure, and the magic wave emitted by him was indeed powerful. It was so powerful that even she couldn’t see clearly how big his power reserve was. Mavis had two or three reasons in her heart and believed that what Jerry said could revive her.

But even so, she still shook her head, “No, I don’t want to be resurrected.”

Mavis knows that there is a curse on her body. Her current state will not be affected by the curse, but once she is resurrected, the curse will be activated again. She doesn’t want to let many innocent lives die under her curse because of herself.

“I found a way to lift the curse on you.” However, what Jerry said next made Mabius completely stunned.

“What? You said you found a way to lift the curse. Is that true?” Mavis flew in front of Jerry, grabbed his head, and shook it excitedly.

She was desperate because of the curse that was being put on her. The wife of her best friend just gave birth to a child, and she was invited to name the child. But as a result, the curse activates and kills her friend’s wife because she realizes the true meaning of life.

After leaving the guild, she wandered away, but wherever she went, all life disappeared, and even the small lives around her deteriorated.

“You will know when you come in and see it with your own eyes.” Jerry grabbed Mavis, holding Mavis’ soul in his left hand and Mavis’ body in his right, and entered his world.

Ankhseram’s curse mainly comes from the law of death in this world. As long as Jerry brings Mavis into his own world, he can isolate her from the curse’s influence. Of course, it is only temporary.

“Where are we?” Mavis was held by Jerry, curiously looking at the buildings around her.

“This is a place called Ego, a planet where I created the world. Ankhseram’s curse cannot have an effect in here, so you will be fine.” Jerry put down Mavis’ body and soul and explained.

Mavis knew much about the concept of planets, but she did feel that the curse in her body had disappeared.


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