Magnolia Town, Fairy Tail Guild.

“Vice President, good morning!” As soon as Jerry entered the guild, he saw Mirajane standing at the guild bar, smiling and waving to him.

He has not officially taken over as the guild master yet, but everyone already knows that he is the next guild master. Therefore, when some mages in the guild see him, they will call him vice president.

“Long time no see, Mirajane. Is the master here today?” Jerry smiled.

Mirajane was stunned for a moment. She didn’t understand why because she met him yesterday and Jerry said it’s been a long time. But she didn’t pay much attention to it.

“He has gone to the East Forest and said that if anything happens during that time, you will handle it later, and you don’t have to look for him.”

“That old man really‚Ķ.” Jerry shook his head helplessly.

Since Makarov appointed him as his successor, apart from occasionally getting some drinks and chatting, he has been catching up with his old friend Porlyusica in the East Forest. Most of the guild’s affairs are now handled by Jerry.

But it’s not much because Mirajane will solve small things. But the big things come from Natsu’s group, and almost all of them were complained about by the Kingdom and the Magic Council due to the large-scale destruction of public property.

He can solve this by teleporting over there and casting a Mending Charm. Moreover, Natsu and the others recently went to Akane Beach for a vacation, so the guild was still peaceful.

“I have something to go to the basement for.” After saying some words to Mirajane, Jerry walked straight up the stairs to the guild’s basement.

Mirajane thought Jerry was going to the basement library to read again, so she nodded and continued to refill the other’s drinks.

Jerry walked along the stairs to the basement. He did not go to the library, but walked all the way to the bottom floor of the basement, in front of a door hidden by magic. The last time he left Fairy Tail and returned to the main world, he watched the entire Fairy Tail.

He knew the biggest secret of the Fairy Tail guild, which is Fairy Tail’s ultimate weapon, Lumen Histoire, also known as Fairy’s Heart. This is something similar to the Eternal Flame. It has the characteristics of never drying up and can release magic power infinitely.

Getting the Fairy’s Heart, fuse it into the Eternal Flame, and use some magic to give it corresponding characteristics. Jerry estimates that he should be able to create a star similar to the sun. At present, although his world has formed a prototype similar to the universe, there is only one planet that he created himself.

If he wants to develop the ring world into a universe, it is necessary to create planets, suns, moons, etc.

Creating a planet is simple for him now. Creating a planet that can sustain life is a little more troublesome, but it is not too difficult. He has experience creating life, and there are many templates for him to use later. The real difficulty was creating the sun, a huge star with unlimited energy.

Fortunately, he had obtained the Eternal Flame before, an item that Surtr had spent countless years studying the sun and tried to imitate. But even so, there was still something missing to create a real sun in the ring world. He felt that the Fairy’s Heart might be able to make up for this.

Once he can create the first sun, it will naturally be much easier to create the second and third ones later.

“The First Guild Master, Mavis Vermillion!”

Ignoring the defensive magic that was constructed by the second guild at the bottom of the basement, Jerry went directly to the interior of the room and saw the first guild, Mavis, sealed by the purple crystal. The so-called Fairy’s Heart is the body of the deceased guild master.

Or, to be more precise, it is because of Ankhseram’s curse, the creator of this world, a special magic created by accidental mutation combined with the various resurrection magics used by the second guild master for decades.

Hundreds of years ago, Zeref wanted to revive his dead brother Natsu and began studying death’s magic. In the end, he angered Ankhseram and was given immortality. As long he lived, he would emit death magic and kill all living things.

A hundred years ago, Mavis met Zeref, learned a lot of magic knowledge from him, and created a magic. Ankhseram saw the magic because of their special characteristics, and she was also given the same curse.

Due to the curse, the death energy emitted by Mavis killed Makarov’s mother. She could not forgive herself and left the guild alone. Later, she met Zeref again, and the two fell in love. Zeref’s love for Mavis caused the curse in his body to explode, killing Mavis.

Hades, the second guild master, found Mavis’s body and thought she was not dead. He spent decades trying to revive her and accidentally created the Fairy’s Heart.

“I don’t know if doing this will attract Ankhseram’s attention.” Recalling the origin of the Fairy’s Heart, Jerry stepped forward, put his hand on the crystal that sealed Mavis and began activating his own domain.

Because of the completion of the world and his advancement to the universe level, his current power is also different from what it used to be. Once unfolded, although he cannot control all the magic at will like in the ring world, it can greatly improve his strength.

Under Jerry’s control, the purple crystal began to melt, and the special magic structure inside slowly flew out from Mavis’s body, condensing into the shape of a light. He reached out to grab the light, roughly analyzed it, and then threw it into his own ring world.

“If you don’t show up, then I’ll take her away.” After waiting for a moment and seeing that nothing happened, Jerry picked up Mavis’ body and opened a portal.

Jerry can understand what Ankhseram is doing. The creation of his own world suddenly starts to get involved in the place he has, and it is inevitable that he will feel a little unhappy.

Jerry is different, unlike him. People like Mavis and Zeref are not bad in characteristics and have great talents. Instead of cursing and punishing them, bringing them in and training them well is better.

It would be best if Anskheram accepted his offer without any hesitation and became a good helper in the future, granted if he doesn’t do anything bad.

If Anksheram is not willing, then he might take it slowly. But now it seems that it’s not a big problem.


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Published On: March 1, 2024

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