This time, he went to Fairy Tail not to collect things that he needed. The dimensional world was complete. He no longer needed more things, at least not from here. What he needed was something more profound.

He went to Fairy Tail world because many of the magics in the Fairy Tail world, especially Forbidden Magic, are quite unique. In addition, he needs to add more truly strong people to his dimensional world.

His world is too empty. If he builds it by himself, it will take him years and months to reach the current universe. He also people like the Celestials. Although it is impossible for him to get a bunch of universe level beings to enter his own world, it is still helpful to get some heavenly level and close-to-heavenly-level beings.

Facts have also proved that sending more powerful people to the dimensional world will also benefit him. Like battling Dormammu, Ego, and Chthon, Clow Reed and Yuuko played a significant supporting role.

If Ankhseram has a certain intent toward him, it would be best if everyone discusses the situation they will face.

As he clicks the button to enter, the scenery in front of him changes, and the panel opens the teleportation to the Fairy Tail world. But this time, Jerry made some discoveries.

After advancing to the universe level, his mental power has been greatly improved, and his understanding of magic has also taken a big step forward. At this time, it is obvious that he could feel something.

If he had gone to the other world before, he could do nothing and could only be teleported to the world he wanted to go to by the panel.

Now, he felt that the teleportation magic acting on him was no longer as powerful as before. With his ability, he could completely interrupt It. The teleportation magic on the panel would not be able to force him to go to the other world.

Even after being teleported to the small world of Fairy Tail, he could vaguely locate his previous location in the main world. In other words, even if he does not return through the panel, he can use magic to return to the main world.

Moreover, he also felt a strong time magic when the teleportation started. That kind of magic anchors time and anchors a point in time.

This made him understand that every time he moved between the world, the so-called time being stopped did not really mean that the time of the entire world was frozen, but just anchored a point in time. Each time he returns, the panel will send him back to a time that was anchored before, creating the illusion that time has stood still.

Similarly, if you want to stop the time of a certain place, that’s okay. But stopping the time of the entire universe, which is a powerful ability, and the energy that needs to be consumed is even more terrifying.

“Huh, even if I don’t need a panel, I can travel between the worlds with my own abilities.” After realizing this, Jerry’s face suddenly became happy.

Every time he travels through the world, there is a month of cooldown, and he is worried that the panel will suddenly disappear one day, and he will never be able to go to another world again. But if it goes as he expected, he can learn all their coordinates as long as he wants. In the future, he can go and go back as he wants without being restricted by the panel.

“Maybe I should try it first.”

Standing in his own room in the Fairy Tail world, Jerry did not open the panel this time. Instead, he relied on his own ability to sense the coordinates when he just left the main world. He concentrated all his energy and slowly drew out a super long-distance portal.

He raised his legs and stepped through the portal, taking a look at the surrounding environment. It was his Queens villa, and he returned to the main world. Only this time, he completely relied on his own magic to travel through.

“It actually worked!” He successfully returned to the main world on his own, letting Jerry know that his guess was not wrong.

He looked up at the clock in the main room. The time displayed by the clock was not the time when he left, but two minutes had passed. If he travels through by himself, there will be no time anchor for the panel to initiate. But it is not a problem for him now because he can also do it now by anchoring time.

As long as he leaves again, anchor the time in advance, and when he comes back next time, it will naturally be at this point in time, and time will not move. The most important thing now is the coordinates. Once he masters the coordinates of all the worlds, he will be able to stop completely relying on the panel to go there.

“It will take a month to go to other worlds to obtain coordinates and anchor the time. I guess let’s go to Fairy Tail first.”

Now, he only has the coordinates of the main world and the Fairy Tail world that he just went to through the panel. He does not have the coordinates of other worlds, so he cannot go there by himself. When the one-month cooldown ends, he can enter other worlds through the panel, remember the coordinates, and anchor the time.

Therefore, he decided to follow the original plan, enter Fairy Tail world first, and go to other worlds. It just so happened that this time, he entered Fairy Tail through his own ability without the help of a panel so that the one-month cooldown would not start.

In the past, every time he returned to the main world, the panel had to cool down in the main world for a month before he could travel again, but this time, he relied on his own ability to go to the Fairy Tail world.

Staying in Fairy Tail for a month is the same as staying in the main world for a month. A month later, he will use his own abilities to leave the Fairy Tail world and return to the main world. He could immediately use the panel to enter the next world, get the coordinates, and repeat the same thing.

After four months of doing the same, he can remember all the coordinates of the other worlds and enter and exit them at any time. Even if there is no panel or red star in the future, it will not affect him at all.

“It seems that I am one step closer to the truth.” Opening the portal and appearing in the room in the Fairy Tail world again, Jerry was in a good mood.

The panel is a powerful thing, and it also has its limitations. Only by gradually getting rid of the dependence on the panel can he figure out the truth about his appearance in the main world one day.

At the universe level, he has cracked the teleportation principle. Does reaching the multiverse level or even higher mean that he can face the being that created the panel?


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