“I’m not going to be caught by you and get out of here!” Jerry shouted, and the six Infinity Stones suddenly flew out of his body. Together, they burst out an extremely powerful force, expelling Chthon’s spirit from Jerry’s body.

It turns out that Chthon broke through the spirit barrier, meaning Jerry temporarily connected with the current world. This means that Jerry can finally use the power of the Infinity Stones. The combined six Infinity Stones can unleash a power that even Chthon can’t do anything about.

“I got these six stones, but they’re useless. They can’t stop me for long.” Chthon is a multiversal level being, and the stones can only temporarily stop him at most. It won’t be long before they can be destroyed and forcibly dispelled.

“It’s enough to stop him for a while!”

One minute later, when the six Infinity Stones were shattered, Jerry shouted again, and a terrifying force so powerful that even Chthon erupted from his body. After the delay, Jerry perfected his world to 100% by absorbing the contents from the Darkhold, forming a complete dimensional world.

The moment it was perfected, he started to use the red star conversion to fill the world. The powerful energy that just erupted from his body was the energy converted from the red stars. The 1.5 billion red stars were enough for him to complete all the energy he needed to complete the world, and it didn’t even require 1.5 billion at all.


Due to the world’s perfection, a complete dimensional space began to form. The space of the entire ring world was like the Big Bang, extending outwards as if there was no end. The force formed when the world was first formed and forcibly expelled Chthon’s spirit. No matter how hard he tried, he could not enter the ring world at all.

As the ruler of the ring world, Jerry has benefited greatly from this. From spirit to body to magic power, he is constantly rising in power. At this time, he is advancing to the universe level.

A universe level power is a being that can already create a single universe, and now his ring world is a universe that is currently being formed.

The universe is endless, so after the transformation of the ring world is completed, its space will be endless. Currently, the initial thing is that only one planet was created by Jerry and Ego’s planet, which moved in. To form a real universe and countless planets in the future, he still needs to work hard to create it.

When he can turn the ring world into the current universe, he will have reached the peak of the universe level and can advance to the multiverse level.

Chthon never expected that Jerry had not even perfected the rules. But now, he has directly advanced to the universe level. His true form is not here because Vishanti guards the Earth. It can only come over through the connection of the Darkhold.

If his prey is only at the heavenly level, or even if they are at the peak of the heavenly level, they will never be able to withstand his mental temptation. But if the prey reaches the universe level, then even he couldn’t do anything much about it. Since the universe and heavenly levels are no longer the same level.

“Lucky you, we will meet again in the future!” Seeing that Jerry was about to advance successfully, he could no longer break through to Jerry’s world. He snorted, smashed the Darkhold, and disappeared.

Jerry slowly opened his eyes. Feeling the powerful magic power in his body that had increased a hundred times, and looking at the completely formed ring world, Jerry smiled.

“Well, the risk is worth taking.”

If he didn’t risk being tempted by Chthon this time, he didn’t know how long it would take to advance to the universe level. Odin has lived for so many years, and despite the efforts of his predecessors, he has not yet advanced to the universe level.

“I guess there is still a long way to go for me.” Jerry looked at the empty area outside and couldn’t help but shake his head.

The Celestials have a group called the Eternals to help them create planets and life in each single universe, but he does not have it. If he wants to improve his strength in the future, he will have to find a way to make one.

“Wow, I lost a billion!” After finishing everything in the world, Jerry opened the panel again and found that there were only 500 million red stars left on his panel. It cost him one billion to advance to the universe level.

He felt a little distressed, but he didn’t care much. Instead, he clicked on the other world option and selected the Fairy Tail World.

Before, he had always been afraid of the so-called Ankhseram or Life and Death God in the Fairy Tail world, so he hesitated and did not go in. Now that he has advanced to the universe level, his strength has improved much more than before. Even if he fights against Ankhseram, he feels there will not be much danger.

Although Ankhseram may be at the multiverse level, he has reached the universe level and knows about the difference in strength. Like the heavenly level, a heavenly level being with its own dimensional world is more powerful than the heavenly level without a dimensional world, such as Odin and Thanos.

Thanos without the stones is also a heavenly level being, but he is definitely no match for Odin.

Jerry belongs to the universe level with its own dimensional world, while the Celestials belong to the universe level without its own universe.

Of course, Jerry is still new. If he encounters a universe level being at the peak of their power, he will not be able to defeat him. But he might have a chance if they are also new or at least have improved a little bit.

The same is true for the multiverse level, but because Jerry has been to other worlds, he also discovered something. Which is the multiverse level being in other worlds is not much different.

Because their way of developing power is just to create new things rather than opening up universes one by one, the difference between them and him is not that big.

Like the Ankhseram in the Fairy Tail world, although the limits of that world are high, higher than those of other worlds, Jerry feels that even though he cannot say that he can definitely win against him, he can still win it. At most, he could escape from him if the situation was not on his side.

Unlike if he met Eternity and Chthon now, it would be difficult to escape even if he wanted to.

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