It has been quite some time since he got the Darkhold, but Jerry has never decided to read the contents. He is afraid of Chthon, an ancient god who may have a multiverse level of strength. Chthon is an evil being who likes to get people to destroy the world through the Darkhold to gain power.

Each Darkhold is connected with Chthon’s world. The reader can see any knowledge they want to see through the Darkhold. If Jerry wants to enter his dimension or place completely, he must complete the remaining 30% of his ring world and fill it with enough energy.

He currently has 1.5 billion red stars, which should not be a big problem, but it was very troublesome. At present, only Fairy Tail world he has not visited, but even if he understood all the laws contained in Fairy Tail world, it would be a little bit of a problem.

Because there will be a lot of advanced ones that he might need to know about, and he barely scratches the surface.

“I guess I’ll go to Strange to get the Time Stone first.” After determining the number of the red stars he had, Jerry went to find Stange again, borrowed the Time Stone, and returned to the ring world.

He must be fully prepared since he has decided to obtain advanced knowledge through the Darkhold. With the six infinity stones, his ring world, and everyone in the east and west continents of the ring world united together, he didn’t believe Chthon’s influence could consume him.

One week later.

Jerry floated on a huge magic circle and began to slowly open the Darkhold in his hand. This huge magic circle took him a week to draw based on the rules of the ring world. It can assist in strengthening his power in the magic circle.

When he opens the Darkhold, all the believers in the Western Continent and in the Eastern Continent can convey their power to Jerry through this magic circle to help him resist Chthon.

At the same time, most of the laws of the ring world have been transformed into spiritual laws, which are connected to Jerry’s spiritual world. If Chthon tries to attack Jerry’s spiritual world, he must first break through the spiritual law barrier.

Secondly, he must break through the joint spiritual defense formed by the magic circle. Facing a being like Chthon, he had to be fully prepared. Even when he does all of this, there are still risks. But sometimes, some risks don’t need to be taken seriously.

The moment he opened the Darkhold, Jerry saw countless things he needed emerging one by one from the book. He immediately concentrated on understanding and digesting the contents of the book.

The information that emerged from the Darkhold at this time is just like the Infinity Stones and Clow Cards. They can be understood quickly. So Jerry digested the information very quickly.

While he was digesting the contents, he was waving his hands. While at it, he was filling and creating the magic that he just knew about it to the ring world.

The perfection of his world is rising rapidly from 70%, 71%, 72%, 73%…

However, it did not last long. When it reached 80%, Jerry felt an extremely terrifying, powerful, and evil spiritual intent. He looked at the Darkhold across countless times and spaces; he could feel it now.

“Get out of my way!” Jerry did not stop at all and was still racing against time to continue understanding the contents of the Darkhold.

He does not need to fight with Chthon’s spiritual will, and he is not his opponent. He will accomplish his goal if he delays him for enough time and understands all the contents. The sky above the entire ring world changed, and a huge red head appeared above.

It was so huge that when the residents on the continent looked up, they felt that the head had already occupied more than half of the sky. As soon as the head appeared, it was about to rush towards Jerry but was blocked by a transparent barrier.

However, it didn’t seem to be surprising, and it started to hit the barrier non-stop. Once, twice, three times, fifty times, one hundred times. When it hit one hundred and twenty times, the barrier finally could no longer hold up, and cracks began to appear.

Seeing that the head in the sky was about to break through the sky, all the residents on the east and west continents knelt on the ground, calling Jerry’s name and hoping to be saved by their god.

When the barrier was completely broken, Jerry temporarily stopped and pushed upward with both hands. The huge magic circle rose into the sky and connected with the barrier that was about to be broken.

Because of the magic circle, the barrier finally stopped breaking and continued to hold on. The head was a little surprised by Jerry’s magic, but he was not angry. Instead, a smile appeared on its huge face.

Then, it continued to hit the barrier. Because it knew that Jerry’s magic was just a desperate act, and it was impossible to block its attack.

At this time, there was a little cold sweat on Jerry’s forehead, but his eyes remained focused as he continued to digest all the contents within and keep on improving his ring world.

90%, 91%, 92%, 93%, 94%, 95%. Just when there was still 5% left to complete, the huge head finally broke through the barrier and the magic circle.

“Submit to me, surrender to me. Become my servant; you will gain infinite power and get all your wishes.”

Words sounded in Jerry’s mind. Jerry felt that Chthon’s was tempting him. Once he succumbed, he would eventually become Chthon’s puppet. However, he gritted his teeth and did not stop doing his thing. The perfection of the ring world had progressed.

“It’s useless. Even if you accomplished doing it, you can’t have that much power to fight me. You can’t resist me. Surrender and kneel down now. Rather than destroyed, it’s better to enjoy the power I will give to you. “

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Published On: February 26, 2024

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