“Oh? It’s Lord Thanos. I wonder what Lord Thanos needs to come to Knowhere? If you want to buy something, you ask me directly. I will definitely send someone to deliver it to you directly. Why do you need to come here in person? It’s such a hassle.”

Just when Jerry and everyone were approaching Thanos, Tivan came out of his building with a large number of his men.

When Thanos saw this, his eyes showed a little disdain, and his tone was very oppressive, “Tivan, don’t play with me. I know that the Power Stone and the Soul Stone are in your hands. Hand them over, or there Knowhere will cease to exist.”

“What? The Soul Stone and the Power Stone? Lord Thanos, are you mistaken? I don’t have anything like that.” Tivan stiffened and immediately denied it.

He didn’t know how Thanos got the news so quickly, but the Soul Stone and Power Stone were his most precious collections now. He couldn’t just hand them over so easily.

Besides, as the Elder of the Universe, he is an immortal being, and he also has a large number of men. Among the Elders of the Universe, there are many who are stronger than Thanos. He felt that as long as he didn’t admit that he had it, there was nothing Thanos could do to him.

But when it came to the infinite stones, Thanos would act differently because that’s what Thanos wanted to get.

Besides, Thanos’ goal is to collect six Infinity Stones and eliminate half of all life in the universe. It doesn’t matter if he dies once this goal is achieved.

Sure enough, hearing Tivan’s answer, Thanos didn’t hesitate at all and raised his hand. The densely packed fleets that were stationary in the sky suddenly moved towards Knowhere.

Tivan was shocked when he saw this and warned Thanos, “Thanos, think about the consequences of attacking my Knowhere!”

“My informant saw a person called the Wizard the two stones to you. Find them and give them to me before it’s too late. You are a smart person and should know what’s next.” Thanos looked at Tivan and said coldly.

When Tivan heard this, his face turned pale with anger. He backed away and waved his hands to the men beside him, saying, “Activate all the defense systems for me and knock down all his fleets. I want him to know that Knowhere is not something to be messed around with!”

As the largest black market in the galaxy, Knowhere has the most indispensable resources for various powerful high-tech weapons and mercenaries willing to sacrifice their lives for money.

Tivan’s biggest hobby is collecting rare things. If Thanos wanted to take his Infinity Stones, it would be better to kill him. Even if he can’t do it in the end, he won’t let Thanos have an easy time getting away with it.

“If you go against me, I will have no choice but to send you to death.” Seeing countless combat spaceships rising across Knowhere, Thanos knew that Tivan would not surrender. He threw out his double blade in his hands.

Thanos’ strength is incredibly strong. Tivan had no time to react before the sword pierced his body and was firmly nailed to the wall of his building.

Tivan did not die even though he was nailed to the building. Instead, he struggled to pull his body out of the sword and quickly escaped into his building.

Thanos’s army is almost always in a state of aggression and war, but they could easily take down the group of interstellar mercenaries under Tivan’s command.

Except for a slight stalemate during the landing, when the fight started, it was basically a one-sided situation.

Some of Titan’s elite men wanted to behead Thanos directly, but in the end, they were easily dealt with by Supergiant, Corvus, and Proxima without Thanos taking action.

Obviously, Tivan still underestimated Thanos and his army.

“I will deal with all Thanos’ army in a moment, and you will deal with Thanos and his three men. If you want to gain a name in the universe, you must do things for yourself.” Jerry looked at the one-sided battle below and said to Tony and Steve next to him.

To take control of Knowhere, the Avengers must have proved their worth; Thanos and his three men are the best stepping stones for it.

“Understood.” Everyone else responded in unison.

As long as Jerry can deal with Thanos’ army and leaves Thanos and his three men, they are still confident in fighting them.

“Don’t underestimate it. What you will fight soon will not be the current Thanos, but the Thanos with the Soul and Power Stone.” Jerry reminded them.

Jerry didn’t think it would be a big problem if it were Thanos and his three men below. Quill, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and Aisha join forces, which is enough for Thanos to have a little trouble.

Thanos will be very frustrated when faced with Quill and three mages. After his three men are dealt with, the rest will be easy. But once Thanos has the Power Stone and the Soul Stone, he will have long-range attacks, and his strength will be doubled.

Thanos is very knowledgeable about the stones. He can use them skillfully with his hands and exert most of their power.

Half an hour later, the entire Knowhere was in ruins under the attack of Thanos’ army. Only some businessmen and children who did not participate in the battle were spared because they did not put up any resistance.

All of Tivan’s men he paid to hire were almost wiped out. Thanos is now torturing Tivan himself in front of his collection room. Finally, under the control of Supergiant’s mind, he took out the Power Stone and Soul Stone.

However, as Thanos stepped on Tivan and admired the two infinity stones in his hand, a voice full of surprise could be heard from a distance.

“What’s going on, Mr. Tivan? Why are you being stepped on? Who are you? How rude of you to humiliate him like this.”


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Published On: February 20, 2024

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