“Hundreds of years ago, the Collector or Tivan discovered this head and occupied it. He asked his men to collect all the organic materials, bones, brain tissue, and spinal fluid in the skull.”

“These organic materials have been found to have many functions. They can be used to cure diseases, strengthen the body and brain, and conduct various biological experiments. As a result, a large number of people from different places in the universe flocked here to purchase the mined materials from Tivan.”

“Now the entire head has been mined, and this place has also become the location of the largest black market in the universe. “

After the spaceship docked at the designated location, Gamora looked at the densely packed spaceships flying through the air from various planets and buildings and introduced them to Quill and others who came here for the first time.

“It seems that you are very familiar with this place. So is that the person who was willing to spend four billion units to hire you to get the cosmic spirit ball is this collector?”

Jerry knew that Gamora planned to sell the Orb to a collector for four billion units and use the money to escape Thanos.

Gamora nodded, “Yes. If you want to find Tivan, I can take you there directly. But I don’t think he may be willing to sell this place. After all, he doesn’t need money. His biggest hobby is collecting all kinds of rare items that are nowhere to be found, including those races that are about to become extinct.”

As a spy, this is not the first time she has dealt with Tivan, and she is quite familiar with his character.

Jerry smiled when he heard this, “I know that he doesn’t need any money, and he has no intention of selling Knowhere now. Our task today is to sell him something.”

Tivan and his brother Grandmaster are both elders of the universe.

The Elders of the Universe are the survivors of the first batch of intelligent human beings to appear after the Big Bang. Their races have reached a very high level of civilization before extinction.

Each of them has eternal life and some special abilities. The powerful ones can reach a universe level, while the weak ones cannot and are, at most, weaker than a heavenly level.

Fearful of losing themselves over the endless years, every Elder of the Universe has developed a hobby to keep themselves sane. Tivan collects various rare items and races that are about to become extinct. The Grandmaster does gambling. He builds a Colosseum and lets the strongest men in the universe fight in it.

The Caregivers likes to nurture; The Astronomer knows all the routes in the universe. The Architect can build all kinds of things in the universe, The Obliterator is good at killing and destroying any race, The Gardener is proficient in all kinds of gardening knowledge in the universe, The Runner explores all unknown areas of the universe, and many more.

Jerry does not want to offend these people, not because he is afraid of them, but because these guys are immortal and can never be killed. In other words, unless one day he is stronger than Eternity, offending them will be very annoying.

Unless absolutely necessary, he will not use force against the Collector, and it would be better to outsmart him.

“Selling something?” Quill, Gamora, and others had puzzled looks on their faces.

“The Orb and The Soul Stone. Gamora, tell Tivan that we want to sell these two things.” Jerry turned to Gamora and said.

Everyone was even more confused when they heard that the items for sale were the Orb and the Soul Stone.

However, what Jerry said next made them all stop, “After we sell these two things. Nebula, contact Thanos and tell him that the Collector bought the Power Stone and the Power Stone from me. Ask him to come over and grab it.”

Everyone knows that Thanos wants to collect six Infinity Stones and destroy half of all life in the universe. Jerry didn’t want to protect the stones in his hands but took the initiative to tell Thanos the news and asked him to get the Stones.

Looking at Quill and the others who suddenly stopped, Jerry shook his head and explained, “It’s not what you think. This is just an excuse to lure Thanos over, and it is also for smoothing the acquisition of Knowhere from Tivan.”

In fact, his plan is very simple. He uses two Infinity Stones to attract Thanos and his army to Knowhere. Thanos is not easy to negotiate, and he doesn’t have many things to say. He will definitely use force to seize the stones from Tivan.

Tivan is not strong among the Elders of the Universe, so he is no match for Thanos and his army. Not only were the Stones going to be robbed, but anyone who dared to resist would probably be beaten to death.

Although the Elder of the Universe is immortal, he will still feel pain when he is beaten, and he will need a lot of time to recover after being seriously injured.

After Thanos beats Tivan, he takes action to deal with Thanos, and Jerry comes to help. In that way, it would be hard for Tivan to refuse his request to acquire Knowhere. He remembered that in the movie, Quill led the Ravangers to buy Knowhere from the Collector after Thanos was killed.

Of course, the worst-case scenario may be that Tivan refuses to sell Knowhere. In other words, finding another planet as a base for the Avengers later is not impossible.

Xandar is a potential candidate.

As for Thanos’s strength, he doesn’t need to consider it at all now. Even if Thanos gets all the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet, he will not be able to fight Jerry, let alone have only two Stones and no Infinity Gauntlet.

He wants to establish the Avengers Base to connect the Avengers on Earth with the universe, which will be more beneficial to their future development. He also wants his sister to gain more experience and broaden her horizons.

Hearing Jerry’s explanation, everyone suddenly understood Jerry’s plan and continued walking towards the building where Tivan was.

Ten minutes later, under the guidance of a red-skinned female alien named Carina, Jerry and the others passed through many floors and finally arrived at a huge exhibition hall.

There are numerous transparent boxes made of special materials hanging in this hall. Each box contains a strange-looking alien. Jerry saw a golden retriever dog wearing a space suit.

“Oh, Gamora, I thought you wouldn’t come over.” At this time, a man with white hair turned around, took off his glasses, and walked toward Gamora with a smile on his face.

Gamora replied, “Tivan, let’s cut the talk short. I brought the Orb you asked for before, and I brought the Soul Stone as well.”


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