The Fairy Law is one of the most powerful magics that Jerry learned in the world of Fairy Tail. Unlike other types of magic, which use the power of the sun, moon, and stars to ruthlessly kill enemies, Fairy Law is a type of magic based on the regularity of cause and effect.

Theoretically, as long as it is an enemy, this magic can forcibly obliterate it according to the concept, whether it is a person or a soul. It’s just that using this magic will cost you your life. The stronger the enemy and the more violent the resistance, the greater the cost of your life.

Jerry improved it many times after research and finally changed it from paying the price of life to paying the price of magic power. Now, he will use the Fairy Law magic to forcefully wipe Ego, who is asleep and unable to resist, leaving only the entire planet and the power contained within the planet.

Because Ego’s soul is too powerful, if Jerry wants to achieve his goal completely, he needs ten seconds to gather the power of the entire ring world for assistance. This is why he asked Mantis to hold him for ten seconds.

All the chains that originally tied the Ego star started dissipating, and Clow Reed and the other’s powers were all condensed in Jerry’s body.

Ten seconds later, Jerry opened his eyes. Two complex magic arrays formed on his eyeballs, and a powerful white light shined directly on Ego’s brain.

“No!” Ego’s desperate voice resounded throughout the planet; it became weaker and finally disappeared.

“It’s done!”

Sensing that Ego’s soul was completely obliterated, Jerry closed his eyes and dispersed the power gathered on his body. With Jerry’s current strength, if he had a tough fight with Ego, he would definitely win. Unlike Odin and Ancient One, Ego’s main weakness is his brain.

As long as Jerry breaks through to the brain and destroys it, both Ego and his planet will disappear.

But that is not the result Jerry wants. He needs the power of the planet to supplement his ring world. He needs to bring a moon to the ring world. Now that Ego’s soul has been completely erased, it will take at least millions of years for Ego to appear again.

By then, his ring world will grow to an unimaginable size.

“I have to deal with Ego’s planet. It will probably take a while. You guys can go to Knowhere, and I will go there when everything is done.” On the Dawn, Jerry explained to Quill and others.

“Knowhere?” Quill, Gamora, and others all had blank looks on their faces.

 “Are you going to sell Ego to the Collector?”

In the eyes of Quill and others, the Knowhere is the largest black market in the entire galaxy, and the leader of this black market, the Collector, has a hobby of collecting all weird and rare things. They felt that when Jerry wanted to go to Knowhere, he most likely wanted to sell Ego’s planet.

“Do you think I am a person who is short of money?” Jerry spread his hands.

“I am not going to sell Ego’s planet. His planet is useful for me. On the contrary, I am looking for the Collector to buy Knowhere.”

“Buying out Knowhere?” Quill, Gamora, and others stared with wide eyes.

Jerry nodded and smiled, “Yes, do you want a base? Aren’t you going to continue your adventures in the galaxy? It would be best if you had a place to rest and stay.”

“Oh yeah, please do. We would love that.” Quill almost jumped up on the spot.

When they first met Jerry, they made a lot of money from Jerry. But compared to the entire region of Knowhere, it was just a drop in the bucket.

“And you wanted to give us that easily?” Gamora is calmer than Quill. She knows that Jerry will not do useless things with no catch. If it weren’t for other reasons, she wouldn’t believe that Jerry would go to the Knowhere just to give them a base.

Jerry looked at Gamora and nodded. He is indeed the smartest Thanos’s spy. She even found the location of the Soul Stone, which even Thanos could not find by himself.

“Of course, we need to deal with Thanos in Knowhere and build it into a new base for the Avengers on Earth so that they can roam around the universe.”

Ego is dealt with, and the next target is Thanos, who wants to destroy half of all life in the entire universe. Although Ego has injected seeds into thousands of planets in the universe, not all planets will become his clones if they grow.

Don’t underestimate the strength of some planets in the universe, just like the Earth. If Ego’s seeds begin to grow, Kamar Taj, Odin, and various other forces on Earth will not sit idly by and watch things unfold.

There are also planets like Xandar where the Kree lives. Their technology cannot be underestimated, and they may be able to drive away Ego’s seeds. In the end, the planets that Ego can transform are only those planets with a low level of civilization or that are not protected by other forces.

Besides, there are more than a few thousand planets with life in the entire universe.

Looking at it, Thanos will gather six Infinity Stones and directly erase half of all life in the universe. The damage caused was far more destructive than Ego, so Thanos should have given him more red stars.

It just so happens that Jerry plans to connect the Avengers with the universe, but it will only be limited to the Avengers. This must be kept secret from the governments and several institutions on Earth. Knowhere is the best choice to accomplish these things.

After explaining to Quill and everyone else, he entered his ring world again, where there was still Ego’s planet that he needed to deal with. Swallowing the planet and erasing Ego’s soul does not mean that the planet can be integrated into the ring world. It is only a planet, unlike Dormammu’s clone, which is pure energy and a living being.

So he needs to do a lot of things first.

As the ring world gradually improves, Jerry is upgrading the entire world. The space of the ring world is constantly enlarged by him using the laws of space, and it continues to extend outward.

Followed by the expansion of the two continents and the ocean. If the land and sea were small, Jerry had expanded them into bigger sizes.

If you fly high enough, you can find that the two continents on the east and west and the ocean in the middle have been completely connected, forming like an actual big planet.

The Eternal Flame hanging high is the sun, and it is far from being able to allow the world to have a day and night cycle, given the whole size of the world is small.

But now, it has been revolving around the world, creating a day-and-night cycle.


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Published On: February 19, 2024

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